Sunday, December 25, 2016

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits L'Instant X Cinema in Adge, Southern France in August 2016

Doc here, a man who some say either was integral to the French Resistance during WWII, or was integral to using French dressing at TGIFridays, depending on who you speak to. 

Just when you thought The Traveler, The Journal's newest Senior Reporter, couldn't outdo himself from his last report on Kino Labyrinth in Vienna, he submits this whopper of a report. In this report, The Traveler visits L'Instant X, an adult theater inside of Cap d Agde, a naturist village located in the south of France. At the evening in question, the adult theater action was white hot, and the women there even hotter!

So as part of The Journal's Christmas Sextravaganza of Reports, please welcome back The Traveler...Take it away, sir!


L’ Instant X – Cap d Agde

This is a review I wasn’t sure I wanted to write, I just didn’t know if I wanted to share this amazing place with you guys (and girls). When I first met the Good Doctor we were discussing the many good adult cinemas in the United States. He asked me which cinema I liked the best and I told him L’ Instant X. I went on to tell him why I chose this special cinema. Where can you find an adult cinema that is filled with attractive single women and couples every night? A cinema where most of the women and couples who walk thru the door are already nude or scantily dressed. A cinema where no one is just browsing, everyone comes to play. There is such a place and I have decided that I will share it with the Good Doctor’s readers. Well here it is, the review that will give you the key to unbelievable sexual adventures every night you pay your 12 euros and go to L’ Instant X.

L’ Instant X in located in a small village in southern France called Agde, more specifically it is in the naturalist resort which is located in that village. You will have to use Google Maps to find this place, as it’s not well known to Americans, and in fact for the three weeks I stayed at the resort I didn’t meet any other Americans. However, it is a favorite vacation spot for those in the lifestyle communities of Europe and is one of the largest swinger resorts in all of Europe. The naturalist resort is gated and requires a fee to enter but once you’re inside you have a variety of interesting opportunities. 

(Brouchure on Cap d Agde's Naturist Community HERE)

The resort is a no clothing environment both day and night. Some couples ware very daring and sexy evening outfits but during the day be prepared you will be around several thousand naked people. I suggest that during the day you enjoy the nude beach where thousands of swingers sunbath nude. This is not your average nude beach, here you can watch random sex that occur between many of the beach goers. Don’t fall asleep, the action builds throughout the day. 

Cap d'Agde (and the Naturist Village)
Southern France
If you are looking for more intense action, you can walk the dunes just behind the beach and partake in the gang bangs that happen frequently each day. If you would like to see more about what happens on the beach at Cap d Agde just Google “Cap d Agde beach videos” but just a warning, you will find lots of links to porn sites so use caution. 

After a day of watching sex or participating in gang bangs, if you’re looking for more adventures, you have lots of options. As the sun goes down, you can chose to go to one of a dozen or more swingers clubs or see a porn movie at L’ Instant X.

L’ Instant X is located in the commercial area of Port Ambonne, a shopping center like facility in the middle of the naturalist village. The theater is only open three hours a day so don’t go early and don’t go late. The club opens at 10:00 pm and the couples begin to arrive by 10:15. I know, three hours seems like a very short time but the amount of action that occurs in those three hours is amazing.

You have to look closely to find the theater, there is a sign on the wall next to the entrance but if you are not careful it can be missed. The lovely couple who operate the theater will be sitting at a small cafĂ© table by the entrance and will welcome you in French. But if you’re like me and don’t understand French, just smile and say hello. Once inside, you will find a wide isle that leads to the front of the theater. There is seating for about 60 patrons with additional seating on couches at the front of the theater. The couches are generally where the gang bangs will occur. This is a fairly modern theater with a bathroom inside the theater to the right of the screen.

On a Thursday night in late August, I arrived at the theater at 10:05 and greeted the French couple with the few words of French that I knew. They were always smiling and welcomed me. I walked into the theater and found there were already a half a dozen people filling the seats but no couples or single women yet. I took a seat in a back row so I had a good view of people coming into the theater.

Several more men came in, followed by an attractive couple. I recognized this couple, as they had been in the theater almost every night for the last week. She was always dressed in a very reveling outfit often with her beautiful breasts exposed, and she always wore a garter belt that held black stockings on her shapely legs. As soon as they sat down her husband began to scan the group of men in the theater, he would select the men she would play with each night. Finally two men were selected and the husband approached then and spoke quietly to them, telling them what his wife wanted to do with them. They both agreed and followed him back to where his wife sat. 

The men took their cocks out and she began to stroke them with her hands. I had watched on the first night this couple played, and she was reluctant to touch the men’s cocks. But her shyness dissolved during the week and now she was eager to get the cocks in her hands, rubbing them against her breasts and thighs. I watched but didn’t try to become involved. She was still reluctant to give a blow job or allow the men to fuck her. She wanted each man to cum on her black nylons, and would rub the cum onto her beautiful legs. As I expected, she jerk each man until they deposited their cum on her incredible thighs. Wearing her new prizes, she left with her husband.

It was very early in the night but several couples had entered the theater while I was watching the show. Each couple had drawn a small group of men and were starting to play. I got up and walked over to the action to get a better look at the couples and to see what was happening.

Both couples were in their 40’s and attractive. An attractive brunette had her head in her husband's lap and was sucking his cock. A second brunette was being stroked and penetrated by stranger’s hands and fingers while her hands jerked several cocks. I could have pushed my way into the action, but decided to stand back and observe for a while. The first brunette stood and bent at the waist so she could continue to suck her husband’s cock. In doing this, she exposed her pussy to the men surrounding them. Hands and fingers continued to stroke and penetrate her now wet hole. It took about a minute before the first man stepped up and pushed his cock into her cunt.

He pounded her hard and she struggled to keep the cock in her mouth. Her husband placed his hand on the back of her head and pushed down so he could force more of his cock down her throat. Before long the man fucking her started to moan and shot his load. She seemed to suck harder as he ground his cock into her pussy as he came. As soon as he was done his replacement stepped up and pushed another cock into her cunt. A line of men had formed and were standing ready to take their turn.

I turned to see what was happening with the second couple. They were a couple of aisles away but I could see that the woman was still sitting where I had last seen her but her husband was no longer sitting beside her. She was sitting in the middle of a tight circle of men. Her head was bobbing back and forth so I was pretty sure she was sucking cock and at least a dozen cocks were being pushed at her by the men in the circle.

I took a position where I could watch the sitting brunette as she sucked one cock after another into her eager mouth. I located her husband, he was standing just outside the circle watching his wife while stoking his own cock. The circle was so tight that I had no way to join so I waited to see what happened. A heavy set man with a large belly was pushing his cock into the brunette’s mouth for several minutes when he started to moan. He grabbed her head and forced his cock further into her mouth and let go with his load. She continued to suck him until he finally pulled his cock out of her mouth. She let her head drop forward and opened her mouth to let the cum flow from her mouth onto her breasts. The man had shot a very large load. She massaged the cum onto her breasts for a few seconds and then took another cock into her mouth.

I could have been patient and waited for my turn, but just then I caught sight of a beautiful tall blond as she walked into the theater. She was dressed in a chain neckless and nothing else. Her naked husband walked behind her as they eyed the action. When they got closer I was able to get a good look at her face. She had high cheek bones and beautiful eyes on a face that could have belonged to a model. Her hair was pulled back from her face to accentuate her beauty. Her breast rode high on her chest with pink nipples that pushed out from her firm globes. I had found the couple I wanted to play with.

They stood in the wide aisle that ran the length of the theater just watching. I moved closer but wanted to wait to see what they would do before I got too close. The husband leaned his back against the wall and his wife stepped in front of him and leaned against him with her beautiful butt pushed against him. I moved closer.

They ground into each other for a few minutes and it would not be until latter that I found out that he was pushing his cock into her ass. As this continue her husband began to massage those beautiful tits and pinched her hard nipples. By now I was close enough to see the lips of her hairless pussy. I took my cock out and began to stoke it.

This couple was starting to draw attention from the other men in the theater so I moved in front of the blond so I was in position to play with her. I placed my hand on her breast and pinched a nipple. She moaned and I moved my mouth to suck her nipple while I let a hand drop to her pussy and began to stoke her wet hole. It was then that I discovered that her husband’s cock was buried in her ass. I pushed a finger into her cunt and her head rolled back and she moaned. I added a second finger and began to stroke her.

I felt her hand grip my cock and stoke me while I was fingering her pussy. I used my free hand to loosen my shorts and I kicked them off. Her hand pulled me closer and I felt the head of my cock make contact with her wet pussy. I leaned into her and could feel her husband pushing her towards me. The head of my cock pushed into her cunt, it was amazing.

I was now pushing as much of my cock into her cunt as I could but in our standing position my access was limited. She solved that problem by lifting her right leg and opening her pussy for my cock. I grabbed her leg and raised it as far as I could giving me full access to her cunt. I leaned into her pushing my chest against her tits and we began to kiss passionately. I was able to push the full length of my cock in her cunt and I began fucking her hard. Her husband began to increase his stroking as I increased mine. Her head rolled back again and I felt her pussy contract around my cock as she orgasmed. That pushed me over the edge and I buried my load in her wet pussy.

By now this beautiful couple had drawn a large group of men and my replacement was waiting in the wings to take my spot. I was spent so I kissed her goodbye and stepped back. I picked up my shorts and went to the bathroom to freshen up. I had burned a lot of energy fucking her in a standing position so I needed to find a seat and watch the action.

I had been relaxing for a little while and was starting to feel some strength return when I watched three couples enter the theater. It was obvious they knew each other and were here to play. The group went directly to the sofas at the front of the theater and took seats. I was not fully recovered but at least I could watch so I moved to a seat near the front of the theater.

The couples began to play with each other as soon as they sat down. The men played with each woman for a few minutes but then two of the women moved away and a short curvy blond became the center of their attention. She was in her 30’s, attractive with long blond hair and a few extra pounds. The three men started to focus their attention on the blond and the action got more intense. Then two of the men moved away and took seats in the theater. Now the blond and a man I assumed was her husband sat on the couch. The blond started to survey the crowd of men that surrounded them. She pointed a finger at one of the men and beckoned him to the couch.

He approached her with his cock sticking out of his jeans and as he got close she took it in her hand and drew it to her mouth. Other men moved forward and began to stoke and massage her breasts and body as she sucked the stranger’s cock. After a few minutes of sucking his cock she pushed him onto the couch and mounted him in a cowgirl position. This allowed her to take another stranger’s cock into her mouth. She was sucking one cock and fucking another with an energy that only comes from someone who loves sex and this woman did. She sucked and fucked nonstop for almost an hour. What was initially a very large crowd when she started was now down to a half dozen men still waiting a turn.

I considered getting in line but for some reason I decided to wait. There were now very few men sitting in the theater watching this show. I hadn’t paid much attention to newcomers in the theater and was surprised when a very attractive woman followed by her husband moved past me to take a seat in my isle. She selected a seat next to the guy that a sitting a few seats down from where I sat. I ended up sitting next to her husband.

She had a very athletic body, firm breasts and very attractive long legs. Her hair was a reddish brown and shoulder length, it outlined a very pretty face. The only clothing she wore was a short leather skirt (no panties).My attention was immediately drawn to this new couple.

I watched as long thin fingers with bright red nails surrounded her husband cock and began to stroke it to life. I was watching intently as she worked his cock. I raised my eyes to look at her and she was looking directly at me with a smile on her face. She liked being watched.

The stranger sitting next to her had lowered his pants and was stroking his cock. She turned her head and looked at him and then down at his cock. I saw one of her hands reach out and take his cock. She was now stoking both her husband’s and the stranger’s cock. This continued for a few minutes until she slipped off her seat and kneeled in the aisle and faced the stranger. She lowered her head and took his cock in her mouth. This beautiful athletic woman was taking his cock deep in her throat. She moved between the man’s legs and resumed her sucking. As the man began to moan she took her mouth from his cock and lowered her head further so her mouth could reach his balls. I was close enough to see her suck his balls in her mouth. She was really enjoying his balls but she wasn’t done. She stood again and turn so her back was to the stranger. She sat down on the stranger’s lap and guided his cock into her hole. I wasn’t sure which hole he was in, it took a few moments for her to get his cock buried inside her.

She rode him for quite a while. With her athletic body she was able to grind her hips on his cock for a long time. Finally he bucked his hips and gave her his load. She sat on his cock for a few minutes enjoying his orgasm, then she stood and allowed the stranger to leave. Instead of taking her seat, she moved to her husband and sat down on his lap and guided his cock into a hole. I was now sitting next to her as she ground on her husband’s cock. I had my cock in my hand and was now fully recovered from my earlier action. She looked down at my cock and smiled. I stood and took a step closer to her. She took my cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Her warm hot mouth engulfed my cock and began to suck and lick with a sense of urgency. She wanted to have cum in her mouth and I would not be able to hold on very long with the skills she was using on my now rock hard cock.

I could feel the start of what would be an explosive orgasm. My balls contracted and my cock started to harden even more. It was starting to have the small contractions that come before I explode. She took more of my cock in her mouth and sucked me using her tongue and throat. I couldn’t hold back. I filler her mouth with hot cum and she took it all. She held me in her mouth for a few moments slowly sucking the last of the cum from my cock. I placed a hand on the back of a seat to steady myself. It was a huge load and I was now completely drained.

I sat in the theater for a few minutes watching this beautiful athletic woman leave with her husband. I hoped I would see them again. I walked back to my apartment. It had been a wonderful night.

Note: L’ Instant X is only open from early May until the middle of October. The resort is not very active during the winter months so if you’re planning on a trip to Agde you should try to arrange to visit during the summer months.

~The Traveler~


Doc here again... It looks like we all need to book a trip to the south of France, and soak in the splendor that is L' Instant X.  No wonder it's The Travelers favorite theater he has ever visited. 

Below is a link to more information of the naturist village:

Many thanks once again to The Traveler for another outstanding report... Each one keeps getting better and better!