Thursday, March 30, 2017

Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Hits the Berlin News Agency in NJ, and Gets to Periscope Depth on 3/22/17

Doc here, a man who some say put the "Mac" in the "Macarena", with an outstanding Flash Report from senior reporter Dry Clean Only (aka DCO).  

DCO made a lengthy stop in one of my favorite adult theaters in the country, the Berlin News Agency, in Berlin, NJ. BNA is an awesome stop in this thing of ours, and luckily for all of us, DCO's stop was a good one.

Take it away, Dry Clean Only...


Hi Doc, 

With winter and spring business travel upon me, I started planning in advance to take advantage of the driving routes and destinations. I tested the waters with the Twitterverse to see if there were any new haunts out there in Central PA, Baltimore, and Greater Philly for us couples-fans, but it looks like The Journal's Database is fairly complete, and no new spots were suggested. I did make a stop at Adult Video & Gift Outlet (3184 Susquehanna Trail, Duncannon, PA 17020), only to find once inside that the theaters were marked closed, though it was a friendly, clean, well-stocked store. We need another visit, and I regret not having asked the clerks about theater status.

So that brings me to one of my favorite places to visit while on the road: Berlin News Agency. It's never convenient for me to make it there, but the extra hour each way has typically proven worth-it for me, and I only ever go there mid-week. There are a lot of descriptions of BNA on The Journal in my two previous submissions to The Journal, and from others, but if I had to sum it up after visiting other places, I'd say it like this: down to fuck. There's no couples section. There's no grand architecture. There's just a clean, sexy, well-appointed facility for couples-fun.
The Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
So I got there at about 5:30pm on a Wednesday. I thought there may be some on-the-way-home-from-the-office play going on, and when I pulled in and saw a bunch of cars in the lot, I thought I had hit paydirt. I walked in and struck up fast conversation with Paul, whom I believe is the General Manager. I hadn't seen Paul in a year or more, but he remembered me readily and we quickly got into great conversation. That's the thing in this thing of ours, the people are great. (ed. note: Paul is awesome!)

Turns out the cars in the lot belonged to the other guys, who, like me, figured there was a chance for an early evening display of affection by a commuting couple. Paul had told me that every day, they have couples, with Friday-Sunday bringing in as many as ten couples in a day without even a themed event going on. However, as Paul told me, today it probably wasn't to be until after dark, because of the unusually sunny and warm March day in NJ. 

So, the horny hopefuls and I roamed the dark hallways and nooks of the theater section to pass time. I eventually got bored, and, ever-the-optimist, I decided to go check out the arcade side of the building, as perhaps a lovely woman on her way home from work had dropped in for a little booth play. Again, nothing exciting going on over there. I had forgotten that entrance to the Arcade at BNA did not allow for free viewing like The Westwood had, but I was prepared with some small bills and fed the machines for a bit, while I tweeted some of my favorite friends on Twitter about my progress thus far.
That got a little old, so I headed out to call home and grab a quick bite to eat. On the way out, Paul had told me that 7:30-8pm on a weeknight is the typical start of evening excitement. Perfect, that gave me an hour. So, I did the NJ u-turn shuffle a few times, grabbed a frosty, and noticed another theater almost within line of sight from BNA. There were tons of cars in front. I figured that must be where the couples were tonight. I dropped in to find that this place was, in my estimation, a strictly a guy-on-guy place. 

It was a long arcade, hallway, with a theater at each end. One with couches and a small stage and a stripper pole. The other was more of just a theater. Plus, there were a few rooms that could accommodate 5-6 people, but no doors. It was buzzing with activity. I walked the halls, and found the majority of the crowd gathered in one of those 5-6 person rooms, where it was indeed a guy-on-guy affair. 

You might ask why I wrote about this in a Journal Flash Report, but I wanted to let couples know that unless guy-on-guy is their thing, they shouldn't be tempted by a "competing" establishment with a full parking just a minute's drive' from BNA. I love to see a woman completely enjoying herself in the company of other men and women, but I think that would be a small sideshow compared to the main attraction this place (The Red Barn) usually hosts. Plus, it's cleanliness is not up the standards of places like 15th, The Art, or The (late) Westwood.

Once again, the NJ u-turn shuffle, and I'm back at BNA. I walk in and Paul greets me with a smile. Ten minutes after I headed out for my frosty and to call home (and misadventure down the road), a couple came in and headed straight back into the arcade. And, as Paul had predicted, they had arrived at about 8pm. They spent an hour back there in the arcade entertaining themselves and the fellas from what I'm told. 

BNA's is a very clean and low-lit arcade with 80's and 90's music from the overhead speakers. Low ceilings. About 30 booths and a very large selection of porn to watch. Don't forget to bring some small bills. The booths are "changing-room" style booths, unlike other establishments where the booths have full doors on them; these leave about the first 18" or so open so you can get a feel for what's going on behind closed doors --- I love that! The TV's are tube, and there are only a few glory holes from what I could tell. 
BNA - Main Theater
However, they've installed some new "peep booths". I didn't know what this was, but learned that they have a window in the wall that divides two adjacent booths. It's a good sized window, perhaps 20"x36", and is configured so that each party can watch the other party and the TV in the other party's booth. That's fun. (In fact, I know a lovely lady who would like to fuck her guy in one of those while us pervs enjoy the show! Hi, Eve!)

After talking with Paul, I quickly headed back to the theater. Sure enough, there's a couple enjoying themselves on the 30" high 6' diameter padded table in the back nook, and about five guys crowded into the open space. It's always fun to happen upon a scene like this. Who's who? Is there a line? What's been established between the couple and the crowd thus far? Are they a hands-off show, or looking for more? What is that cute 40yo Asian woman doing walking around with a big handbag, fully clothed, and without a guy? Did these guys know this couple from a previous encounter? How long will they stay? What have I missed so far? What will they want to do?

As a veteran now in this thing of ours, I made my way through the guys to the backside of the table for a front-row perch, along the high-backed benches, and enjoyed the view. She was ass-up, face-down... a big, beautiful, woman --- about 5' standing --- with long, natural, red hair and tits that swing as well as any couple in this thing of ours. Her bearded husband had his face planted in her so deep we couldn't even see his ears! They must not have been there too long, as only one of the choir boys was stroking, and nothing had been said. 

As the husband came up for air, I asked if it was ok to touch, and, as he caught his breath, he told us "Sure! but her pussy's mine only". Clearly this was not their first time at BNA. I find folks are so nervous to say anything in these situations, but a kind word, a request for permission, or even a naughty compliment goes a long way with putting everyone at ease and lightening the mood for all. 

After permission had been granted, the guys stepped in a bit, and started caressing and rubbing, commenting, and a few more dicks came out to greet this lovely lady. She became more vocal, and asked if she could stroke the guys. She took two cocks in her hands and stroked them, as guys stood at the edge of the table, shirts pulled up a bit, pants dropped down a bit. 

There were two very muscular black guys in the crowd who were particularly enjoyed by this redhead. Now, her husband has returned to periscope depth, and she is moaning and panting like crazy as he is both delivering his oral best, while also watching her stroke cock with both hands. 

Now, things get more interesting, and she turns over onto her back. She pulls her knees up and continues to take a good tongue lashing from her husband. I offered to hold her left leg up, and she quickly accepted my offer. I nodded to another fellow who moved in for the right-side assist. I love that! We're holding her legs up and letting her press her high heels into our shoulders... what fun! Between breaths, she asks if she can have more, and hubby quickly approves. I think all the guys have their dicks out now, and about three more have arrived. The guy standing next to me is a late 20's, good looking, slender guy who is the first to enjoy a nice blowjob at the table's edge. 

While performing my chivalrous duties of holding up a leg so she could enjoy great oral, I happened to have a great view of this young man's load being delivered across her lips... the silhouetting of it from the TV's light made for an Emmy-worthy visual. After he popped his cork, she turned to her right and began blowing one of the two aforementioned muscular guys, whose cock she had in her hand while she was sucking off the first guy. 

This scene went on for a bit more, and she then changed over to all fours, and began sucking off each guy in line while her husband returned to "20 Leagues Under the Sea". Another guy moved in, stripped down to nothing but socks, and impaled himself in her face while he chatted with her! This conversation was pretty hot... the whole time she would verbalize how lucky she was that her husband allowed this, and she told us all what a good little sub she is. 

All in all: They lasted about 90 minutes in the theater --- after about an hour in the arcade before the theater --- and called it a night by 10:30, as I recall. Because BNA now closes up shop at midnight, I stuck around for another half-hour hoping to catch the late show, but it wasn't in the cards. I hopped back in the car, never regretting once the two extra hours of drive time BNA added to my day!

More spring travel is coming for me to ChiTown, Michigan, and, most importantly: to The Art Cinema on both a Monday and a Thursday in the same week.

Having paid my theater dues, and with a Guardian Lizardo always on my shoulder, I remain optimistically...

Your dependable Field Reporter in this thing of ours,



Doc here again... Many thanks to Dry Clean Only for a great report from the front lines of the Berlin News Agency!  I am way overdue to visit the great folks at BNA (Hi Guys!), and will definitely make those plans should the next time I am near Philly.

DCO has had quite the week, and I am sure there are another 1 or 3 reports in the hopper for us in the near future.