Friday, March 17, 2017

Multiple Field Reports on the St. Louis Area by Mr. & Mrs. Moe

Doc here, a man who some say gets further with a kind word and a cannoli than with just a kind word, with a lot of bang for your buck in this great report from Mr. & Mrs. Moe!

Mr. & Mrs. Moe hit several St. Louis area adult establishments, and have submitted Field Reports from the following locations.

Sit back, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this great report from Mr. & Mrs. Moe!


Mr & Mrs. Moe here with a variety of STL and nearby reports:

Colony II / Kisses Reopening (Washington Park, IL)

For one thing, it's technically just across the city line, in East St.
Louis. It is now known as "Bella's". Site is
. Yes, that's ".co", without the 'm'. Door is $40 for couples, $30 for
single males, $10 for single females. Format at the moment is more
swinger's club than theater, in fact, there were no adult videos
anywhere. My guess is the crackdown that closed Kisses using an
obscure city no-adult-videos law is still a factor.

And "no vids" is a problem. The night we were there, apparently single
males have nothing to do other than drink, smoke and cruise couples.
While not the only couple there, we were the only couple doing any
sort of teasing or playing, and the pressure from the stags was
enormous. MrsMoe says, "Every time I got the slightest bit sexy, the
guys magically appeared in droves, like cockroaches. We paid $40 for
the privilege of being the entertainment." By far most of the crowd of
30 or so was not there for any sort of playtime, apparently paying the
steep entry price for the privilege of a bar with an indoor smoking
area, illegal in IL.

Bar was poorly stocked, but to me that's excusable when you're
starting from scratch. However, door charge included three - that's
right, *3* drink coupons. For a couple? You're kidding, right?

The smoking was oppressive. I normally don't gripe about it being that
it's part of the "all sins" tolerance of the lifestyle, but it was
really bad. Doubling the problem for us is the smoking room is also
the dancing room (with stage), and we love to sexy-dance to slow
tunes. Wasn't going to happen this night.

New owner, "Bella Ciao", has embarked on an optimistic remodel project
on this sow's ear of a building, so all of the theaters were
cordoned-off, excepting the old couples theater, which was filled with
beds, not sofas. Wow, that's cutting to the chase. :-( Main area was
under demolition... no construction had occurred yet.

So, in summary, no vids, torn up for remodeling, NOT a sexy crowd,
smoker heaven, excessive male pressure. Not fun at all, and we left
early. We will try again in maybe a couple of months while she gets
her bearings, but we're not hopeful.

PT's Show Club, Centerville

Surprised this is not on your list, it's been a known quantity "on the
Illinois side" of the STL area for several years. Not a theater per
se, this is a strip club. However, Friday and Saturday nights cater to
"our thing" with a discreetly screened couples area where anything
goes, including adult videos on three or four TVs. $20 per couple,
singles allowed in the reserved area only if they are with a couple,
with a (friendly!) bouncer tending the entryway.

Next door to the now-closed Pyramid of Pleasure, we had tried twice
before, only to be turned away at the door because of reservations
required for the couples area. Apparently the crowds were, at least at
one time, too dense on Saturday nights, but Fridays are "come on in".
Call first regarding Saturdays.

There were several couples playing the Friday we were there. Lounge is
attractive, clean and nicely appointed. Too much activity going on to
pay much attention to the videos, but they seemed to be higher quality
than most, with attractive actors. Sorta couples-friendly in their own
way, too.

Summary: a comfortable, well-presented place to play if you're a
couple who's OK with strip club head-banging music in the background
punctuated by the stage announcer introducing the dancers.

Sinful Sensations, Springfield, IL

Just a quick hit - we checked it out several months ago and chatted-up
the shift manager. The tiny theater had six or eight office chairs and
was lit to surgical levels. About as un-sexy as possible. Which may
have been the idea, as the affable young lady at the desk said that
any more seats invoke oppressive "theater" rules in Springfield, and
they were pushing the limit.

Mr. Moe


Doc here again... Many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Moe for their outstanding intel report from the front lines of this thing of ours!  Great insight that will help shape future visits!