Monday, March 20, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Simply M, her Daddy, and their Friend "J" Hit 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on March 9th, 2017

Doc here, a man who some say was locked in a 4 hour budget meeting while the following scene was playing out at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.  The belle of the ball, my good friend Simply M, had invited me to the adult theater luncheon, but the short notice killed my chances (and my erection). But, that didn't stop me from remotely lighting The Lizardo Lantern (and reciting The Oath), so that my gorgeous red headed friend had playmates on this warm-ish Thursday afternoon in March.

Ladies & Gentleman, please welcome back to The Journal, "Simply M"


Hi Doc,

We got to 15th Ave. around 12:20pm-ish. We (
Me, Daddy and our friend "J")  went into 15th Ave. and used our coupon we got from your Snow Bunnies Party in January. . We headed back to the locker room and got changed. I wore the pink sexy dress from the Valentines party (ed. note. This dress is OUTSTANDING).

This trip was about Daddy getting getting pleasure from watching me have fun with any guy ready, willing, and able to play with me. 

With that being said...

Once changed we headed into the theater for a short "get the nerves out" time. "J" and I giggled at some of the scenes in the movie, as Daddy was sitting between us (and is the luckiest man in the room with two hot chicks on either side of him). Daddy starts playing with my pussy and getting me all relaxed, and we decide to head to the private room we rented (we got Room # 4, the cold, big room for all the fun we planed to have).

They laid me down and J starts enjoying my pussy. Now J, who is a beautiful woman, has an amazing mouth that sends me to multiple orgasms with flicks of her tongue and the magic she does with it.

Soon Daddy opens the door and invites the guys lining up outside to come in one at a time. It takes a little while, but finally someone steps up to the plate. And then another, and another, and a couple more. I got some really good poundings, and a few giggles after saying thank you to each gentleman that enjoyed my pussy. As I was ass up and head down with eyes closed ( I prefer it that way), I have no idea who was who as Daddy did the deciding and making sure all rules were followed.

We then left our room and went for a steam to relax, enjoy some conversation, and just be together. Some guys joined us in the steam room, but no play was being had in there.

We go back to our room and cool off, and of course J starts back in on me (by the way she has been eating me on and off between guys the entire time, which I loved completely as she made me cum hard and a lot). 

Anyway, I am sucking Daddy's cock while she eats me, and then Daddy decides he wants to pound me a bit. He also then decides it is time for J to have his cock too. I love watching Daddy fuck another girl, as it is hot as hell! I clean her juices off Daddy's cock and he gets dressed again and the door gets opened once again. Another line has formed, and after a few minutes and another round of J making me cum hard, a guy steps up to the plate. 

A total of 10 guys fucked me, in between J and her magic mouth and my Daddy having fun with me. It was an amazing day and I must admit I was a little spacey the rest of the night. But the play turned my Daddy on so much watching all those guys fuck me that he fucked me 3 more times that night.

Thank you to the guys for being such gentleman and making my visit to the bookstore an awesome time. I will be back again soon.

~Simply M~


Doc here again, kicking myself for not finding a way out of that useless budget meeting, and jumping into the fray that was this scene starring Simply M.  I hope she will issue me a rain check.

This was a great job by Maggie, as not only was she the center of attention, but also had the presence of mind to recount all the licking, sucking, and fucking going around. And dear readers, we all benefited from this recall by Simply M. 

This is just a peek behind the curtain of what can happen at an adult theater at Noon on a given Thursday. It is also a call to action for all readers of The Journal to follow my Twitter timeline. It was there that I got out the notice of this visit by Simply M.  

So pretty please, with sugar on top. Follow my fucking Twitter feed