Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Flash Report! Anaconda's Close Encounters of the Cinema 309 Kind with Holly Go Darkly & Lacey (w/PIC) on 5/24/17

Doc here, a man who some say is often referred to by the Pennsylvania Dutch as "The Dancing Man in White", with a star-studded Flash report from senior Journal scribe Anaconda.

The stars aligned at Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, PA, and meeting our intrepid reporter inside the adult theater was my good friend Holly Go Darkly, along with her partner in crime, the lovely Lacey!

It is here where we pick up our report...


Hey Doc,

So, I'm keeping you busy and it looks like it may continue for a while with my upcoming schedule. So, I wanted to report to you on an interesting night I had on Wednesday @ Cinema 309 in Wilkes Barre, PA.

Let me set the stage a bit for all the readers to get a full sense of the serendipity involved in this meeting. I do communicate with Doc regularly, mostly via Twitter, and consider him a friend rather than just a source of info on this thing of ours. Since I had been making slightly more frequent stops @ Pasttimes in recent months, I had inquired to Doc about the whereabouts of one Miss Holly Go Darkly. I absolutely loved the reports she had submitted about her experiences there and she was a big part of me being inspired to try out Pasttimes, always in the back of my mind thinking I might run into her there. 

Doc informed me that Holly had been on a bit of a break recently. Well, not long after that, I saw a post on an swingers website about none other than Miss HGD, looking for some potential playmates at Cinema 309 on the days I would be in that area before my Vegas trip. Well, you can read about what actually happened THAT night in my other recent report, and unfortunately Holly had gotten busy with some other obligations and never made it to 309 that night, but I had made contact and wan't about to lose touch!! 

So, much to my delight, Holly let me know she would be back in NEPA a couple weeks later, and.....she was bringing a friend!!! Her friend is the lovely Lacey who would be visiting from the left coast. Oh my...things are looking up. Also in attendance would be Holly's gentleman dom, D. I chatted with all 3 of them leading up to the big night, and the plan was set. 
Holly Go Darkly & Lacey
I arrived at 309 around 7 PM in anticipation of the arrival of Holly, Lacey and D around 7:45-8PM. Here's the crazy thing...another couple showed up right after I walked in shortly after 7 PM. The guys in the theater tonight were going to be amazed to see not only 1 woman show up on a random Wednesday, but 3!! Anyway, the female 1/2 of the couple wasn't really for me, but they did try to play a little. They sat on the right side close to the front and guys came over to sit near them. A couple of guys got BJ's from her and 1 tried to fuck her from behind, but she (apparently unable to whisper very well) announced that the guy couldn't get it up. Poor guy. Anyway, they weren't getting much attention, so they left after only about 30 minutes.

So, shortly after that, in walks the 2 sexy ladies and their escort. I watched to see which seats they would pick and immediately approached and introduced myself. Holly gave me a huge hug and said, "I knew it was you!" I also got a very nice hug from Lacey and a handshake from D. One guy was polite, if a bit forward and asked to follow them down and sit next to Lacey, although he wasn't one of the pre-arranged meets. So initially that guy was on the end next to Lacey, then Holly, then D, then me. I chatted with D for a few minutes and he indicated that I should move down one seat and he'd have Lacey come sit between us. THANK YOU!! 
Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA
So, Lacey came to sit between D and myself, and the other guy moved over one to sit next to Holly. As the gentleman dom and escort to both ladies I absolutely let D set the pace, and followed his lead. It wasn't long before both women's breasts were out and receiving attention from both me and D. I asked Lacey what she liked and she replied that she liked her nipples pinched...hard. So, I did my best to make her feel good, taking her verbal and non-verbal cues as to what was good and what was a bit TOO hard alternating between her gorgeous breasts with my fingers and my mouth/teeth. 

At this point Holly had been giving D a very hot looking blowjob, and I asked Lacey if she might be interested in some similar activities with me. She said she wasn't really into exhibitionism, and that's ok, I was having fun regardless. So instead, I just continued to caress her body and worked my way to her pussy which had become quite wet, checking in with her at each step. She gave me the green light, so I slid a finger into her to get slick with her juices and proceeded to massage her pussy and clit. 

While I was working on Lacey, Holly had stood up and was now backing that booty up onto D's lap and riding him reverse cowgirl. After a while of my manipulations, Lacey was very clear with me to NOT stop what I was doing as she approached her orgasm. It hit her nice and hard and she forced my hand away as the pleasure swept over her and her body became extra sensitive. I let her recover, but continued to caress her breasts and thighs and watch what Holly was doing. Now, she was back off of D's lap and kneeling between his legs and was working double duty with each hand, one on D and one on the guy who was sitting on the other side of her. D excused himself for a couple minutes and Holly continued to give the other guy a creative and sensual handjob. It looked very good, not your typical "grip it and rip it" technique. Dave returned and took his spot on the other side of Lacey from me. 

Now, I had been pretty pleasantly surprised up to this point at the behavior of the crowd, since the guys at 309 can be a bit...forward. One guy came up from behind and went right for Lacey's boobs. I swatted him away and told him sternly that he needed to ask permission before touching. He backed off, but not for long, after only a few minutes he swooped in again from behind trying to cop a feel. I admonished him again and he only responded by walking around the row of seats over to Holly and tried to touch her and had to be reminded a 3rd time!! 

Now by this time there was a crowd gathered to watch but only that one guy was really causing a problem. He asked me FINALLY if he could touch, although he did sound pretty irritated, and I told him he needed to ask D. He tried to, but at the same time, Holly checked in with Lacey and it was clear that she had become pretty uncomfortable. That was that, the party was over. I asked if I could walk them out to their car, which I did. We made a pit stop in the "foyer" to the theater to let the girls use the bathroom to re-dress and freshen up. While there chatting with D, several other men came up and introduced themselves as others who had known of their visit from the advertisement. 

After walking outside, I got an invitation to dinner with the three of them which I gladly accepted. We had a couple of drinks over a late dinner, had great conversation about the lifestyle and "vanilla" life alike. Let me tell you, these are 3 of the nicest and most genuine people you'll ever have the opportunity to meet, and we'll definitely be keeping in touch and there will be future encounters.

As a matter of fact...as a teaser for ANOTHER upcoming report...I'm planning a trip next week to another adult theater with these 3 that will be a bit better suited to everyone's needs for comfort/boundries, yet still provide ample opportunity for some steamy action. 

Also, please enjoy the pic of Holly and Lacey provided by the ladies with permission to share it with you good readers of the Journal! Stay tuned...you'll be hearing from me again soon.