Friday, June 2, 2017

Hawaiian Eyeful Friday - Part 2: Hawaiian Eyeful Visits Secrets in Des Moines, WA In April 2017 w/PICS!

Doc here, a man who some say once donned a wingsuit and dove off Seattle's Space Needle, soaring high above the Pacific Science Center, only to be plinked out of mid-air by some kid with a pellet gun. 

We continue America's newest adult theater holiday, Hawaiian Eyeful Friday, with Part 2 of this magnum opus from my good friend, Ms. Eyeful.  Not only do you, the good readers of The Journal, get a hot, dirty, and naughty Flash Report, you get a bunch of brand new images of The Hawaiian Eyeful playing that night at Secrets in Seattle. (Remember to Click the Thumbnails to ENLARGE them!)

Take it away, Hawaiian Eyeful!



A couple of months ago, we (Mr. Eyeful and myself) headed up North to attend some family activities. As it so happens the venues were situated near Secrets in Washington. After hearing so much about them, we decided it would be a good chance to check it out.
We arrived about 8:00 pm to a very clean establishment where patrons should they choose, could enjoy themselves. We were greeted by a very friendly, warm, professional and courteous staff. The front of the store had two rooms, one was a theater setting with a platform with a strip pole, the other was considered a “dark room” with neon lights. We then were given a tour in the back where there were two more theater settings. There was also a much bigger room where they planned on renovating for entertaining couples. Returning to the front, my hubby asked them to post the “Hawaiian Eyeful” flag.
Cumming from the Portland Area which is more liberal, I felt a bit over-dressed entering the adult store. We were greeted with the most well-behaved men who were almost too polite, making me feel a bit awkward at first. Not knowing exactly what could be permitted in Washington, I proceeded cautiously. Wearing high heels, leggings and a dress/top with a plunging neckline, I settled myself down in the front row of a back-theater room. 

Removing my heels, I stripped off my leggings and thong panties. Next, I exposed my girls for much easier access. Almost immediately, Mr. Dawgman sat down beside me and asked if I was the “Hawaiian Eyeful”. A little surprised, I answered in the affirmative. It was then that I realized my husband had also activated our SLS account, letting members know that I was in the area. He was the first SLS patron of the night to enjoy my succulent melons. 

Taking his hands, he cupped my melons to his mouth for his enjoyment. As he sucked my tits, a circle of men began to form. With prompting from my hubby, I soon felt a hand edging up to my clit. Moaning in ecstasy, he continued to finger me, a few moments later I felt his mouth sucking the juices flowing from my pussy. Realizing there must be a more comfortable place to continue, I got up, grabbed my clothes and heels and headed back toward the front. 

Entering the strip pole room, I was offered a massage table. While the men eagerly and hurriedly set up the table, I kept them entertained, slipping one hand down my leg and began playing with my wet and dripping pussy. Situating myself onto the table and being the cock-whore that I am, I grabbed a couple of cocks. Lying down, I began taking turns enjoying each cock held in my hand. Cupping and playing with each man’s balls while sucking and licking each cock, many came and went. 

As I enjoyed the cocks in my mouth, my sweet and tasty pussy juices continued to flow into the mouths of the horny men. There were tongues plunging in and around my most sensitive areas, heightening my orgasms where I began spewing like a volcano. Moving into a different position, I mounted a gentleman, setting my wet and dripping pussy onto the patron’s face. He began thrusting his tongue in and out. And at times, his swirling tongue would hit my clitoris and before I knew it, he was swallowing my eruptions of cum, one right after the other. For those that know me, I enjoy giving head as well as having my pussy eaten out. The harder you become, the wetter my pussy gets. 

Changing my position once again, I was able to enjoy the succulent meat around me, with my mouth around each shaft, I continued sucking and licking and swirling my tongue around each head, until they could take it no longer. By the end of the evening my body was covered in cum.

Ripe and ready for fucking and with my juices flowing, I was past ready to be mounted. The first man covered his cock and entered my pussy, pounding me hard and long till he could last no more. The next man wanted me doggie style. Mounting me from behind, he continuously thrusted his cock in and out til he himself was drained. Straddling the next big cock, I let my boobs bounce up and down teasing him, until he pushed his face into my hot and sweaty cleavage. From one man to the next, I could feel each man’s excitement as their manhood grew. From one position to another, each man enjoyed my wetness till we could cum no more.

Finally calling it a night, I got dressed and conversed a little bit more with the gentlemen there. As we departed, I remember one last gentlemen’s kind comment, “This was his best night ever, as never before, had I ever had someone squirt and taste so sweet. Your orgasms and squirting made me feel like a young man.”

Thank you all for my first night of remembrance at Secrets. It is a pleasure to be pleasured. I look forward to my next visit.

Until the next time – Continue to Enjoy This Thing of Ours

The Hawaiian Eyeful


Doc here again... Many, many thanks to the Hawaiian Eyeful (and her hubby Mr. Eyeful) for the great report, awesome pics, and for making this first Hawaiian Eyeful Friday something truly special!  

More Hawaiian Eyefull yet to cum come!