Saturday, September 2, 2017

TONIGHT in Buffalo, NY! Visit Announcement and a PSA! Montana and Hancock Visiting Video Liquidators in Buffalo, NY Saturday 9/2/17!

Doc here, a man who some say was once named Western New York's #62 "Bachelor Heart Throb" in 1993 by  Buffalo Spree Magazine.

Oh,my old stomping grounds of Western New York. The Bills, the Sabres, incredible food, and at one time, several rocking adult theaters (Niagara Falls Cinema, Good Time Charlies, The Capri Art, Talk of the Town, etc.). Anytime I get an e-mail from "back home", I get excited. 

I would like to introduce to a great couple from "back home": Meet Montana & Handcock!  Montana & Handcock are semi-regulars to Video Liquidators on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo. This hot couple would like nothing more than to venture to the "boys" or "singles" theater and have Handcock fuck as many guys as possible. She's craving it. She wants it. 

But, sorry to say, there is a problem. And they will describe it in detail to you.

Please say hello to my little friends, Montana and Handcock!



We're readers of your blog. LOVE IT, its what started us (couple) in "this thing of ours". We've been to couples night at VL (Video Liquidators) on Elmwood Ave. in Buffalo a few times, and had had fun with a few couples. 
Video Liquidators
Buffalo, NY

My wife has been very interested in the, what we call "boys theater". She wants to get fucked by a bunch of men and I want to see her get fucked. 

Nothing has ever happen with the "boys". Why? Because the guys in these theaters are DISGUSTING. I'm not talking looks, I'm talking clothing and personal hygiene...etc.

PSA to the "Boys" in Buffalo

1. Don't come to the theater looking like you just got off the construction job. Paint on your jeans, with your best carhartt jacket. 

2. Women and smells. They HATE smelly anything. Shower.. please SHOWER! 

3. Shave your balls. No really this is not 1976.

4. If you walk with a cane and are over 60... I'm sorry, I'm not trying to be a jerk. You can sit back and watch. Its just not going to happen.

5. Clothing, do you really think showing up in your best cargo shorts, ripped affliction t-shirt and sandals is hot? REALLY? 

We're not picky, trust me. This is about sex. She honestly does not even care what you look like. She just wants your dick, and lots of them. I'm not saying show up in a suit. I'm not even saying show up in your best jeans. 

Show up CLEAN, shaven, brush your hair & teeth and wear nice clothing. Nice meaning, washed, not ripped, pants, shirt underwear and shoes / sneakers. Pretend like you give a shit what you look like. 

My wife really wants to come to the theater and is willing to do just about anything. She is not overweight, or ugly at all. Not even close. She comes dressed in slutty outfits, heels, and ready. 

You know what happens every time we are in the "boys" theater? She is so wet she drips on the floor. She wants to fuck & suck until she cant take it anymore.

We leave.. with nothing ever happening. Then men in the theater are disgusting. Truly. There is always one guy that she is willing to play with but the rest ruin it for him. 

We're going to try again this weekend. Saturday 9/2/17 sometime between 9pm and 10pm is set for our arrival. Couples Theater, then Boys Theater. We'll see what happens. 

Thanks Doc!



Doc here again... Many thanks to Montana and Handcock for the PSA, plus the Visit Announcement for this Saturday night.

Guys in Buffalo...In the name of God and the Baby Jesus! Shower, open up a fresh bar of Dial, put on decent clothes, and guess what? Fun will ensue with Ms. Hancock!  Don't be a scrub. Be a Lizardo!