Friday, September 1, 2017

Confessions of a Dirty Mind: Ginger Squirt's Fantasy #3 - The KONGa Line at 15th Ave. Adult Theater w/PICS! - Her Version`

Doc here, a man who some say doesn't fully understand the forces of nature, but one force of nature he does understand is the amazing Ginger Squirts!

Ginger is back with Fantasy #3 - The KONGa Line. And it's Part 1 of 2 Reports, as Master Thom has his version coming later today at The Journal.

FYI... Ginger Squirts will be attending Saturday night's Secret Room 2125: Pimps N Hoes Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room

Here we go!

Hi Doc,

I wanted to thank you for continuing to provide the most appropriate environment from which fantasies are born, bred, and become real!

"Ginger's Fantasy #3 - The 'KONGa' Line"

Friday, August 24th, 2017 was a very long busy workday for Ginger and an even longer sexually fulfilling night! By the time it was over, recovery time took the entire next day and night of Saturday and even a portion of Sunday morning. Ice bags galore if you've been following Ginger's posts in Twitter at @gingersquirts50 from Friday night.

The initial reason Ginger and Master Thom made a surprise visit to 15th Avenue Theatre was to meet two new friends of ours, Master Eric and his sub sexyslave. Chicago traffic was heavy and slow moving and shot to hell our projected 8:30 p.m. arrival time, and pushed it back to more like 9:30 p.m.

When we arrived, we noticed a lot of cars parked in the street. I thought, "Oh my goodness, they are packed tonight. I wonder if my Twitter friends did actually show up for me?" There were a few parking spaces left in the lot, thank goodness. 
Ginger Squirts
We parked and as I was gathering up my bag to take inside, men started to form a small group around trying to gain a closer look to see if Ginger had arrived. It felt very Hollywood to me...all the attention before I even took my first step towards the building. Smiling faces were greeting me as we walked closer to the bookstore door. I smiled back as if to say, "Yes, we finally made it!" 

Once inside the bookstore, Master Thom paid our entrance fee and our private 2 hour room fee, and we exchanged our car keys for the room key. As we headed for the private room, I heard a voice say, “I think Ginger’s here,” and there appeared to be some quick shuffling going on behind us as if to catch a confirmed glimpse. Just the thought guys are starting to recognize me as someone who came here for them gets me really turned on!

We got into our private room, and I was so very excited to be there. I needed to change into my outfit, so I took a couple shots of liquid bravery and put on the mini black leather skirt and the black and red laced heals. Master Thom placed my purple collar around my neck, and the purple wrist and ankle restraints on and pulled me in for a long, wet kiss. I love the feel of the collar around my neck. It takes me out of my own zone and quickly places me in my submissive space. Something about a hand or collar around my neck sets off the all the nasty, dirty, forbidden thoughts that fill the corners of my mind. When the wrist and ankle cuffs go on, then I realize that I have no where left to run and hide, that I have to relinquish my will to my Master Thom, as I prepare myself to obey his every command.
Ginger Squirts
As it has become customary, Master asked me to suck on his cock before we left our private room, and I eagerly did just that. I wrapped my lips around his cock and stroked and sucked it as only I can do and he finally said, “Enough. More later. Let’s go show off my little slut.” As he opened the door, he pulled me by the chained collar around my neck then pushed me backwards against the wall and told me not to move. There were a few men standing outside the private room waiting for us, and they looked at me with wonder on their faces if I was okay being slammed up against the wall such as Master did to me. I looked over and smiled as to say, “It’s okay. I’m okay.” Master Thom locked the door and grabbed my leash and pulled me around the corner and down the small hallway.

We headed straight to the theatre and Master Thom opened the door. He ordered me to start walking down the middle isle and all eyes turned to me and started following me down to the front of the theatre. I didn’t realize how many men were there because I kept my head down for the most part, trying to be the obedient submissive that I am being trained to be. Master told me to sit in the first row and to place a leg up on his leg so that the boys could have a good view of what he might offer to a few chosen ones.
Ginger Squirts
Now there were a few guys who crossed into the couples only section, and Master reminded them that if they were not a couple, they needed to go behind the line on the other side. While they did back off, most still ignored that rule and some got behind me with their cocks out. Master just wanted to make sure we had enough space around us to move freely. When I looked up, more and more guys were forming a circle around me.

I asked them how many were from my Twitter account, and about a dozen hands went up. That made me smile. Since there were two guys behind me, both with their cocks out, I started sucking each of them, turning my head to the left sick and sucking and trying to take as much as I could down my throat, and then I turned to the right side to the other guy, sucking and licking him equally as the first guy. Both guys were in an awkward position so I did not feel I was doing a very good job giving them a blow job. While I was busy with those two guys, my Master started playing with my pussy and trying to get me to squirt. I quietly reminded Master that I didn’t want to squirt too early; I wanted to wait until the end to really show them what I can do.
Ginger Squirts
Then Master stood up and announced the rules. He said, “If you haven’t been with Ginger before, there are a few things you should know. First, no ass fucking, no touching her ass, no inserting anything near or up her ass. That will kill the scene and we will walk away. Second, refrain from kissing Ginger. We are not on a romantic date here. We are here to get her well fucked. Third, if you don’t have a condom, you don’t get to have Ginger. And forth, if you are not close enough to fuck her, please step away so that another can have a chance. And with that last statement, I looked at the crowd and said, “Wow, that not too hard to remember! No kissing…Check! No ass fucking…Check! No condom, no pussy…Check! Don’t be an asshole or the scene ends…. Check! I’m cool with those rules, too. So let’s do this!”

And with that, Master Thom led me into the room behind the theatre screen. I was so excited as this was my second time in that room, and I remembered how much fun I had back there the first time. The room has great acoustics for screaming and moaning. It does get a bit hot in there with a lot of other people, but there is plenty of room for a lot of people at one time. I could feel my pussy starting to twitch with happiness as I saw so many men with their cocks out in their hand stroking them, and pleading with me to take theirs first!
Ginger Squirts
Master Thom handcuffed me behind my back, which I don’t like because I feel I have no control over falling forward, and that is exactly what happened. Of the two guys who were standing behind me when I was sitting in the theatre seat, he had told them that they would be the first two that I would finish off before I was allowed anyone else to touch me. It was like the beginning of a football game. A virtual coin was tossed in the air and heads or tails was called to see who would be the first one I would finish off. 

The guy from my right side won, so I bent forward to attempt to start the descent of his blowjob, when I tipped right over on the table. I looked up at Master Thom and said, “Told you, hands need to be cuffed in the front of me!” Quickly Master changed around the cuffs and now my hands were cuffed in front of me which gave me full advantage of touching cocks, guiding them into my mouth and also to pull back once they started face fucking me too hard. I’m guessing making me gag on your cocks is a wonderful feeling?

Within a minute, the first guy came. I swallowed his cum and let a bit run out the side of my mouth. Then I swung around and opened my moth for the second guy, and I sucked and licked him until he was ready to pop, which he did, on my face, and I happily rubbed it all over my face and chest and said I felt like a glazed donut! It was so much fun and it was a first for me! (Thank you Klaleesi & Khal for the inspiration to take it like a real woman should, face fully loaded with the sticky substance that is oh, so good for us!)

Master laid me on my back and had me move down to the end of the table. I looked up and saw all the hungry cocks sticking out in front of me. Master offered my eager mouth to the men around the table as he prepared my pussy for some overdue attention.

I lost count of the number of men I gave a blow job to that Friday night. I do remember that one of the guys was extremely thick, and my pussy was screaming to be filled, and I lifted my head and said to Master Thom, “Master, may he fuck me?” and Master asked me which one, and I said, “This one.” And to the surprise of both my Master and the guy I had chosen, both acted on my request right away. Master made sure the gentleman had a condom, which he did, and he started to fuck me. I was tight, and he was excited, and unfortunately, it did not last very long, as he had some trouble staying hard at that point, and excused himself from the scene, apologized for his short comings, and promised me that he would be ready next time. No apologies necessary. We all go with the flow of the moment. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it does not. There will, more than likely, be a possible next time, so never worry, Sir.

I returned to giving blow jobs to the guys closest to me, but there was one older guy that was insistently calling for me and pulling me away from those I hadn’t had a chance to get to. I came back to that guy twice, but by the third time, I didn’t know how to avoid him. With that many guys in the room, please be polite, and if I’ve spent an exceptional amount of time (and effort) on you, then please step back and let someone else that I may be asking for have time with me. I just wanted to stop doing blow jobs all together at that point, but I kept going because I knew it was the right thing to do, hoping all along that older guy would just leave.
Ginger Squirts
Master Thom suggested I take a break, but I was insistent to keep going. I should have listen to my Master and taken that break. There was some guy standing next to Master T and he was chanting to me, “Come on Ginger, let’s see you squirt. Come on girl, squirt already.” Master T. had just placed my favorite wand vibrator on my pussy, but with this guy’s voice in my head, and the pressure to ‘perform’ I simply could not squirt. I was too uptight and I didn’t like being hunted down with this guy’s voice and eyes and body language piercing thru my pussy waiting for the big rain fall to take place. 

So I said to my Master that I was just too tired, and that I was sorry. The guy said something about, “Well isn’t that why you call her Ginger Squirts, and she doesn’t squirt!” And Master Thom jumped right in and said, “Oh yes she does, but not under the pressure you are putting on her.” And then Master T. sat me up and closed down the scene. The guy left the room.

(ed. note: What is it about certain guys who cannot keep their pie-hole shut at 15th Ave. lately?  I wonder is this was the same rocket scientist that almost spoiled Khaleesi and Khal's last #35orBust scene at 15th Ave?).

It was at that moment when Kong appeared out of nowhere. I was taking a break, and I raised my head, and looked up, and there he was. A monument of nothing but cock and a great smile stood in front of me, stroking himself, waiting for my attention, and I was in awe of the glorious vision! It was the biggest cock I had ever seen in my entire life. Master grabbed a bunch of my hair in his hand and forced my head to keep in alignment with Kong and then my Master said those three words every submissive slut wants to hear. “He is next!”

That attractive T-girl that I met in the bathroom the night of the Doc's Luau Party was standing by Kong watching me the whole time, and when we locked eyes, we greeted each other with hellos and good to see you again words, and then she said “You gotta fuck him. That’s the anaconda.* I remember feeling my blood pressure rise as I thought to myself, “Oh my God. I can’t believe Anaconda is standing right before me and he’s next!” (Only to find out much later, that it was just the name some of the people there were calling him because of his size. His real name is Kong.)

Kong stepped between my legs, pulled me down to the edge of the table, and then fed his huge cock into my quivering pussy. It was the most fulfilling feeling I had ever experienced, and I kept thinking that Kong was going to rip me in half with each thrust. I thought I was going to pass out, but I thought this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so I took all of him the best that I could. I could feel my g-spot exploding all over him with each thrust, and each time he pulled out, I gushed out after him. I repeat, each time he pulled back, my juices followed him! Master asked me several times if I was okay to continue, and Kong was very attentive to reading my body language, and watching my eyes to make sure that I was still there with him. I pushed onward!

Kong fucked me for what seems like hours! I lost track of time, place and space. I was in my own little world. Kong and I connected so well together, I swear we had our own nonverbal conversation going back and forth between each other. I reached up and stroked the sides of his face to assure him that he was doing a fantastic job on my pussy. Kong finally said to me that he was ready to cum and where did I want it. I immediately said in my mouth. Kong lost his load and I swallowed his cock as if I was a porn star, and his cum was dripping from my lips and onto my chest. How fucking erotic of a scene did we just create!

Master instructed me to get off the table, towel off myself and start walking back to our private room. When I stood up and started to leave the room, I noticed Master Eric and his sub standing along the back wall, with a few other couples. I stopped to say hello to both of them, shook Master Eric’s hand (gosh is he a handsome man) and Master Eric said to me, “Well done, Miss. You created a fantastic scene for everyone. Very well obedient and sexy.” I thanked Master Eric and said that we’d chat later after I got dressed.

I walked out of the theatre and down a short hallway past the arcades, and I pushed Master T. into the last arcade booth and as I sat quickly before him, I said that I wanted his cock in my mouth to end my evening properly. Some guy opened the door on us at the end. I was so tired; I didn’t even notice the guy. I started to slump over to the side of the wall because my body was giving out on me. Master Thom told the guy the scene was over and he left. Master helped me to my feet and led me back down the hallway and to our private room. I was glad to finally be alone in behind a locked door where I could spread out for a few minutes on the table before we had to leave the bookstore completely.

Back in our private room, Master challenged me to a round of ‘truth or dare.’ Truth was revealing if I was completely spent, or was she hiding a little in reserve? Dare was to show him what, if anything, I was holding back. I chose the dare so that my pussy would be challenged. Never let a pussy think it is done for the night when you know darn well there is ALWAYS more to give!

Master placed his fingers deep inside of me and forcefully drained out what might have been the end of Gingers juice. I changed into my street cloths and my Master reaffirmed that I did very good job, and that I've left a lot of guys hungry for more. I was pleased to hear that.

We gathered up our belongings and walked out of the room. Some of the guys were waiting outside our door. They walked with us to the theatre, and we ducked inside one last time just to see if Master Eric and his sub were there. They were not, but Kong was, and he was receiving a great blowjob from a petite blond girl. We sat two rows behind them in the couples section, and cheered on the blond who was gagging on Kong. He lifted her up, asked if she was okay and bent her over and rammed his massive cock into her pussy. Grabbing her hips, he banged her against him as she took each stroke like a pro. I jumped on Masters lap and started grinding into him. I was smiling a big, naughty smile, and some guys noticed and asked why I was so pleasantly happy and I said because I know what she is feeling with Kong deep inside her, and then I released the very last of my Ginger juices all over the floor underneath us! Master Thom could not believe there was anything left of me to give!

We quietly got up and left the theatre, retrieved our car keys at the bookstore counter, turned in our private room key and walked out and to our car. Kong was already outside the building, and we stopped and I gave Kong a big hug and thanked him for such an amazing evening. He said his twitter handle out loud, but I did not retain what he said. He said he was known by several names, and said a few, but again, I could not remember anything by that time of the night. Master Thom said that he remembers the name Kong, and that’s what I came to realize later on of who I was really with. (Sorry Mr. Anaconda/Mr. M….) I guess Mr. Kong, being as massively gigantic as he is, can call himself or be called by others, anything at all. He is unforgettable!

By the time we were passing the side of the building, Kong and a group of other men had formed, all waiving at me, so I rolled down my window and shouted out a big “Thank you Gentlemen!” and blew them all kisses. Smiles surrounded everyone.

What a great evening at 15th Avenue Theatre. Thank you, to all the wonderful men who came out specifically to see me, and for those who were there who got to meet me for the first time. I look forward to creating Fantasy #4 with you sometime in the near future.

Until then my friends



Doc here again... Good Lord, where to start?

Many, many thanks to my good friend Ginger Squirts on another great report!  I find it very exciting to bear witness to a growing adult theater legend, and Ginger is hitting on all cylinders!

A reminder that Ginger Squirts will be attending Saturday night's Secret Room 2125: Pimps N Hoes Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater's Party Room!  Attend and get a peek at this force of nature!

Next up: Master Thom's version of this evening, with more pics. Stay tuned!