Friday, September 1, 2017

Confessions of a Dirty Mind: Hurricane Gingers Blows into 15th Ave on 8/25/17 - His Version

Doc here, a man who some say has a high pressure front (in his pants), with the "His" version of Ginger Squirts last Flash Report in her "Confessions of a Dirty Mind" fantasies. 

Master T will now give us her point of view on a crazy evening, with the eye of the hurricane squarely on Ginger Squirts.

Take it away, sir!


Hurricane Ginger Blows into 15th Ave.

8/25/2017 as told by Master T

Being a Dom has been my path for the last 20 years, always keeping 3 or 4 submissives in training. That came to an end, and happily, when I met Ginger. (@gingersquirts50)

What can you call a beauty with an appetite for sex that matched my own? I call her Ginger, A woman who craves to be exhibited and the center of attention. A fiery challenge who keeps the surprises cuming and where do you take her to indulge in our mutual kink for bondage and exhibitionism. The theatre at 15th Avenue serves nicely.

We have gone to a few parties in the secret room. Good times that Im sure Ginger has tweeted about. I especially enjoy the non party nights we make our own fun. Ginger isn’t the most experienced or trained sub, but she has the right stuff to be the one most likely to leave an unforgettable impression on everyone who has the pleasure of experiencing her. This warm Friday night would be a step in that direction. Let’s get down to it. 
Ginger Squirts
Ginger is HOT - she works at it and it shows. The prettiest innocent face on a fuck me body. This night she is wearing tight leather look pants and top. She looks like something out of the Matrix movies and I am salivating at what I know is going to be an amazing show. She has been tweeting about this appearance and neither of us knows how many men will show up to see her. As we get to the parking lot, I’m noticing a lot of men standing around with an expectant stance. Are they here to see her? I get the vibe that they are.

We park and take our time getting organized. Guys trying to act casual and failing are walking past the car and trying to catch a look. We finally enter the book store and the men there are moving like a swarm in Gingers wake. I’m watching this and smiling to myself. She’s mine, but I do like to share.

We always get a private room in the spa. It’s great to have a space to escape to, a place to decompress and get ready for what’s about to go down. The swarm is following. Those who have access to the spa are filling the hallway. After a couple of gulps of something alcoholic and the addition of a leather collar, long chain leash and wrist cuffs, Ginger is ready to take the walk. 

I couldn’t be prouder of my little Ginger as I lead her through the packed hall, through the arcade toward the theatre. The swarm of hopeful men parting like a cloud around us. The murmurs of the voices expressing the horny disbelief of what they are seeing. Once in the theatre I lead my sexy slut down the center isle to the front row. The couples only rule is tossed out the window as the men press in and around. They are too close and I have to take control of the situation by saying your too close. Give us some space.

We sit and watch the movie. It’s all a charade. We have no idea what’s happening on screen. We are aware of the 30 or so horny men with their eyes on Ginger. More than a few are already stroking their cocks in expectation. They have no idea that my Ginger will not disappoint.
Ginger Squirts
In our room Ginger has slipped on a tight leather skirt. She sits against me with her legs over the arm of the chair next to us. We are kissing as I fondle her and boldly rub her pussy. It’s already wet. I love how responsive the lips of her pussy are. As I finger her the men move in again. I let it happen. Two men in the row behind her, one white and one black. Younger and attractive, they have their cocks out and growing. I know Ginger will not be able to resist. 

I love watching her swallow cock and wile I finger fuck her soaked pussy, I turn her head to within an inch of the stiff black cock. She takes it in with a hunger on her face that’s hard to describe but easy to imagine. Ginger takes the cocks in turn working both well hung men. The crowd gets a bit rowdy and impatient and I have to tell them to back off and follow the rules. I mention that one asshole can fuck it up for everybody and the scene will end at any bad behavior.

We are continuing to enjoy Ginger but it’s time to move into the room behind the screen. There’s a leather covered table there and I can really put Gingers talents on display. After arraigning her on the table, hands cuffed. She’s visibly panting with lust. Her top has been pulled down and her tits are swinging free. Her ass is naked and pushed in the air, her smooth shaven pussy glistens with her own juices. 

I tell the crowd to step back and make some room while I play with her. I tell the two men she had been sucking that she will finish them. She wants her hands freed and I allow it. She won’t be escaping this table anytime soon. On her back now she takes the two cocks and works them. I allow others to handle her. I know how much she loves being handled and used. She is visibly losing it. I can see that she has entered her slut space. It doesn’t take long for the two men to cum. They are immediately replaces by 3 new men. One is in her mouth and she jacks the other two.

“Master? Can I fuck him?” she indicates the man who has just been in her mouth. He’s not too good looking but his cock is large and hard. I give my permission and he moves to the end of the table. Ginger has to move to his cock and in a few moments he is pumping away and Ginger is screaming. All the time she is held down and more cocks find her mouth and hands. Over the next hour the players change a couple of times as Ginger gets them off. She looks amazing, Shiny with sweat and cum.

I have her take a short break and she sits on the edge of the leather table, smiling. I notice a very good looking young black man who has been patiently stroking the hugest cock I’ve ever seen. Ginger hasn’t even noticed yet having been a bit distracted and on her back. I take a handful of her hair in my hand to draw her attention and say “He’s next”. An attractive T girl who has been eagerly watching pipes in “You gotta fuck him. That’s the anaconda.*” The look on Gingers face is an incredible mix of hunger and disbelief. I help her position herself on the end of the table. As he steps in to feed her his huge cock I thought she would pass out. Ginger fucked him for what seemed like hours. I almost stopped the scene a few times but Ginger signaled that she was good and wanted more. When the young stud finally lost his load she swallowed his cock in a scene that was more pornographic than any movie - cum dripping from her lips and down her chest.

Exhausted we ended the scene to the sound of comments of disbelief from the crowd. We heard many Thank you Ginger’s as we headed back to our private space to get ourselves together. Before we got there though Ginger pulled me into an empty arcade booth and sat before me taking one last cock. Some guy opened the door on us at the end. Ginger was so exhausted, she just leaned up against the wall of the seated area and I told the guy that the scene was over, and he left. I lifted Ginger up and helped her back to our private room where I took one last drop of Ginger juice from her sweet pussy, then had her get cleaned up and dressed. Our intention was to go into the theatre and see if we could find Master Eric and his sub, and talk for a while.

As we left our private room, the men we passed greeted Ginger again and conveyed another round of “thank yous” and hoped to see her again soon.

We did enter the theatre, and Mater Eric and his sub were no where to be found. However, Kong was in there banging a pretty blonde girl. We sat two rows behind them, and Ginger jumped on my lap and visually gave herself one last squiting orgasm which ran down my pant leg. I told Ginger it was late and we needed to go. As we returned our room key to the bookstore attendant and received our car keys, we headed towards the parking lot. 

As we exited the bookstore, Kong was already outside waiting to say good bye one last time to Ginger. Ginger walked up to Kong and threw her arms around him and thanked him for a fantastic evening. Kong said she could contact him on twitter and gave her his handle. Ginger was exhausted and incoherent by this time, so I know she did not hear it correctly. So, Mr. Kong, if you are reading this, please contact ginger on twitter @gingersquirts50 . I know she would love to see you again.

NOTE: *There is some dispute If this was the real “Anaconda” what we do know is that he was a very polite, handsome guy with a really BIG Cock who deserves the name.

Master Thom


Doc here once again... Let me clarify the whole "Anaconda" & "Kong" debate once and for all.  "Anaconda" is a white senior reporter for The Journal.  Great guy and a real stud, who is an honorary member of my own Black Sox GB Crew.  Ladies, you need to check this guy out on Twitter at . 

"Kong" is a dynamite African-Amercan gentleman with an engaging smile, great sense of humor, and a weapon of mass destruction between his legs. Ginger's encounter was with "Kong". Keep in mind a lucky guy like him has a ton of nicknames, thus the confusion. (If I had his Twitter, I'd link it here).

Many thanks to Master T for the great report, and for escorting Ginger Squirts to 15th Ave!  We will see you Saturday Sept. 2nd for The Secret Room 2125: Pimps n Hoes Party in the party room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater.