Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi: "Saved by the Catholic Schoolgirl" (w/pics!)

Doc here with this week's "Cruising The Coast With Bob in Biloxi".  Being the Lenten season, I think it is very fitting that Bob's Saturday night was salvaged by a Catholic Schoolgirl.  I guess I am old fashioned that way (as well a ruggedly handsome).

Without further ado, hailing from parts unknown, weight unknown, here is Bob in Biloxi:


Hey Doc,

Well had I known it was Black Spring Break on the beautiful Gulf Coast this weekend, I would not have gone. Nothing against the kids having a good time, but the way Biloxi is laid out; traffic on the main drag is jammed solid with silly ass kids. And that’s not good for players trying to get to “this thing of ours” for a Saturday night of playing.

Bob in Biloxi
That said, there were 5 couples attending the Gulf Coast Theater, 2 couples checking out the ABS. No audience action, some played in the seat by them-selves, some just watched the show. One lady, a short big bosom blonde, she flashed the small crowd of discrete onlookers with both her bountiful boobs and shaved pussy. But that’s as far as they ever go.  When a lurker would show up, she would cover up, get a fucking clue huh?  A friend did tell me after I left to go down the street she gave her hubby some head; that was a first, so maybe she is progressing?

One new couple showed up, she was blonde but they never sat down, there were so many lurkers standing up (they never “get it” do they Doc?) and staring at them, plus one idiot regular can’t sit still more than 30 secs. I’m sure that fucked with their head as well. So they left, but came in the ABS and looked around some, then left.  My ex once told me, men run off more pussy with their mouth than anything else they do. I now disagree with that; the creep factor figures in big time in the this thing of ours too.

Bob's Catholic
One couple, I’ve written about in the past showed up at the theater for a few minutes, she is a tall slim blonde (see pics) and dresses in a Catholic School Girl outfit with high heels. But they just flashed the crowd and were leaving when I pulled up in the front. I have a bumper sticker that says “Show your tits” so I held that up and got a giggle from her and of course she flashed her perky tits. I then asked them if they were going down the street to play. I didn’t really get an answer, so I backed out and left. They soon arrived at the ABS. They went in, but the clerk was busy and they seemed to be frustrated at waiting so they left. Out in the parking lot I asked her if I could snap a picture of her beautiful ass, so she posed and I snapped! LOL, hope you enjoy them.

High and dry this weekend, no pussy, no suction jobs, but based on the circumstances of this weekend; it may turn out much better next weekend. And there’s not a fucking thing on TV, so I will take this kind of show anytime.



Doc here again... Even though Bob did not strike pay dirt, he did give us the gift that keeps on giving: 2 racy pics of a Catholic Schoolgirl.  Only Bob can snatch victory from the hands of defeat, and for that we thank you sir.

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