Monday, April 11, 2011

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: National Welding Month Edition

When we last left the Good Doctor, he had just removed his paws off his damn dirty ape...

Good day to you and to all the ships at sea.  Welcome to this week's edition of "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".  To the uninitiated, here how this works:  I will have a lead story, followed up by some adult theater related nuggets, maybe an opinion or two, and lastly a photo of The Good Doctor himself in a public place.

Let's get started, shall we?

The Lead
Tampa's adult theaters are hot, and not in a good way. 

Earlier this week, regular contributing reporter Enzyte Bob submitted an I-Team report (HERE) on LE activity at Fantasyland I and II in Tampa.  This is a pure case of here we go again... Just when this thing of ours in Tampa is primed to make a comeback, a damp towel is thrown over the theater scene in Tampa.

We here at The Journal of Adult Theaters (OK, me) and our intrepid field reporters in Florida (Enzyte Bob and JaxBchBum) will keep our eyes peeled and pants up for the latest from Tampa.  As of right now, I'd recommend Tampa as a no-fly zone. 

When things change there, we will be the first to sound the all-clear. Keep an eye on The Journal and also The Good Doctor's Twitter feed @lizardojournal for new info from Tampa.

The Nuggets
  • As always, I am always in need of new adult theater reports from you, the good readers of The Journal.  In the past few weeks we have added some quality new field reporters, like Tom Austin, Darkangel, floyd, and several others.  Join the ranks!  Be the next Brent in Portland, Bob in Biloxi, JaxBchBum, The Captain, Old Marine Corps Guy, or OldBeatNik.  Just e-mail The Good Doctor HERE, and I will put together your Flash (recent) Report, your Blast From The Past, or your Field Report (adult theater profile).  It's easy, and you will like yourself in the morning.
  • Sounds like Portland, OR had a great week of adult theater fun.  I will re-post the best of what Brent has to offer this week. Stay tuned.
  • My good friend and colleague Major Voyeur reported a slow week in the Arch City of St. Louis for this thing of ours.  Check out his great blog, The World of Major Voyeur, and keep current with the happening on both banks of the Mighty Mississippi.
  • Thanks to the people who responded to my request for assistance in the Dallas area.  The information was passed on, and hopefully a connection will take place at the Lido sometime soon. 
  • My long delayed House Call Report will go up this week... I made some changes to it, but it still needs some polish and some buffing.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll feel as though you were there. The Good Doctor is a picky sort, but it will be worth it.
  • I am always looking for reports from the hot beds of this thing of ours.  Here are the cities that I always can use reports from: Chicago, Baltimore, Atlanta, Dallas, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Buffalo, Wilkes-Barre, PA, and Tuscon, AZ.
Thanks again for reading The Journal of Adult Theaters.  Without you, I would be just another doctor in another valley near another small women's liberal arts college.  With you, I'm your newest bestest buddy and big toe.  And everyone needs a big toe (Sgt. Hulka).

Have a great week, play safe, and hug a welder this month.