Friday, July 8, 2011

Flash Report: The Captain Drops Anchor @ The Art Cinema in Hartford

Doc here with a new report from that crusty old sea dog himself, The Captain. It seems Cappy has returned to a familiar port, Hartford, and it's Art Cinema. Lady Luck has usually followed him into this theater...Will she again?

So here is The Captain, dropping trou anchor at the Art Cinema in Hartford.


Ahoy Good Dr!

The Captain here reporting in after a long voyage at sea. I found myself coming in early off the Atlantic and docked for some much needed shore leave in Hartford, CT.

Being a Friday before a holiday weekend, I knew it was a crap-shoot, but I've taken bigger chances in my life! Encouraged by hearing reports of action that week and my own early arrival time, I tossed the bowline to the dockmaster and made a bee-line for the Art Cinema (255 Franklin Avenue, Hartford, CT).

As I walked through the door about 7pm, I saw a group of 3 men sitting in the lobby talking with the cashier. This is a bad sign for a single guy coming to Art on a Friday night. The couples usually start to arrive between 6:30-7:30 with another few coming around 9pm.

I paid my admission ($12) and headed in with my hopes already waning. After about 10 minutes waiting for my eyes to adjust, I could see in the theater was only 3 guys plus myself. About 15 minutes later five more guys came in and my hopes lifted that the couples would soon be there.  I hung in there until 9:45pm, rubbed one out into a tissue and headed for the door. No couples this Friday. Even The Captain hauls in an empty net every now and then!

The Art is still a great place and I'm sure something will happen soon that can bring the spirit of adventure that the Good Doctor's Journal is known for!

The Captain


Doc here again... Even the best Captain can get lost at sea once in awhile.  If it's any consolation Cappy, it was a much slower weekend across the country as compared to the weekend before.  Action notwithstanding, great job on your report, sir.  Go get them next time, with the lead pipe, in the study.

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