Friday, July 8, 2011

Blast From The Past: Tails of Dogging by LoveSloppyThirds

Doc here with a slightly different type of Blast From The Past report: How about a good old fashioned dogging tale? 

I'm in!

First time contributor, LoveSloppyThirds, has submitted this story of public sex under the sun.  It's a good one folks, so sit back and enjoy.


Reminiscence is the best we can do sometimes, so I offer a story in response to a story about "this thing of ours" that occurred in 1994 that only five people are aware of: the participants. (And my wife.)

I had gone on a brief vacation and stopped at Rooster Rock State Park, a legal nude beach on the Columbia River in Oregon. I had spent the better part of the day there and my tan was quite dark since this was late summer. My blanket had been in the same spot all day; the sun was getting low on the horizon but it was still quite warm. A young couple showed up, flopped out their blanket and picnic basket, and stripped nude. It was obvious that neither of them were serious nudists because they were pale. She was short, a natural blonde (read that: the carpet matched the drapes), small breasts, tight belly, beautiful butt and legs. She was actually quite cute! Her male friend was a nice looking man. They laughed and talked and dug out a couple wine coolers and walked over to the edge of the river. (It was low that year.) I wanted to cool my feet and walked closer to them so I could at least see her up close. Suddenly, she walked over to me and exclaimed what a nice tan I had and sidled up next to me, wrapped her arm around my waist, and pulled me up close to make a closer comparison. The feel of her skin sent an electric charge through my body. She felt wonderful. I looked down her front and noticed she had small B breasts and her pussy hair was full. Gorgeous legs, my assessment rushed when she backed away and spun. I wanted to be naughty with her big time. What a sexy ass.

Anyway, conversation drifted to sex (everyone talks about that!), and we talked about some of our experiences on the beach. They asked if I wanted to play. Sure. Let's pull our blankets together. I told them I would gather my stuff and be right over to their spot. We had located ourselves in a slightly secluded location and thankfully there were not many people in view. By the time I collected my books, water, cooler, blanket, and clothes, they were already fucking doggy style. So I sat next to them watching and getting erect. She reached over and grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her. I slid within range and she started sucking my dick like a pro.

I asked if I could make myself comfortable and they said sure, so I slid my head underneath her hairy pussy which was being poked (bareback) rather furiously. She sucked my dick and I licked her clit. Suddenly the flavor changed and his cum ran out of her pussy. She rolled onto her back and opened her legs, his cum running out, and then asked if I wanted her. I did not need to be asked twice, and being one who lives for sloppy seconds this was heaven. I slid my bare cock to scoop up his cum and slid it into her pussy and pushed into her very deep. Semen is a wonderful lubricant, so I began to ride her wet. She had a couple orgasms and I tried not to blow too soon into her hot pussy. I had not noticed, but her main squeeze had wandered down the beach and gathered up another couple. With everyone seated on the acreage of blankets spread on the sand, I had an audience of three when I shot my full load of cum deep into her quite tight pussy. I held myself deep inside her while I got soft and leaked every drop I could into her vagina.

My dismount was one of being totally spent, but what happened next was a jaw-dropper and defined my perfect afternoon of risky fucking: the guy of the new couple went down on her and ate her to two orgasms, then he mounted her bareback and fucked her silly. He came in her, too. So when he dismounted, I sat between her legs looking at three loads of semen leaking out of a hairy tight pussy, delivered directly by three different men, all strangers. It was a significant puddle under her ass.

While I have had many multiple guy one woman experiences, this remains the hottest. Why? Because she was married to someone else: this was her boyfriend and he was going to take her home to her husband - with three men's loads running down her legs.

When I told my wife about this some years later, she confessed to having had a threesome that very same day. She fucked two guys bareback! Her story has not changed in the ten years since she revealed it to me. The only reason I was unhappy was because I missed the event in person. Since then, we've been involved "in this thing of ours." (Sloppy thirds with pussy other than my wife is still really my favorite. Yes, we test regularly and come out clean.)



Doc here again... Thanks to LST for an outstanding first-time report for the Journal.  There are more tales to be told by him, and I for one cannot wait.  Thank you sir!

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