Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flash Report! Kitty in Portland @ The Paris Theater (with Pics!)

Doc here with another naughty adventure by Kitty in Portland.  Kitty is ramping up for her Bukakke Blast in a couple of weeks (details will be shared @ The Journal later this week) at The Paris Theatre.  Part of her training program is visiting The Paris for some extra circular activities.  And by activities, I mean having guys fist her, fuck her, and cum all over her. 

That's The Kitty Way.

Here is her latest report... And remember to click the pics to ENLARGE them.  They are hi-res.


Hi Doc,

I arrived and did the standard meet and greet in the lobby area of The Paris Theatre.  Then the natives (guys) were getting restless and anxious.  So I finished my coffee, got naked and locked my things up.

I went to one of the couches and it no time was surrounded by most of the theater.  Some just wanted to jack off and watch, and some jumped right in on the action.  Immediately I was being rubbed with multiple hands.  At one point my ass and cunt was being fisted, and within no time I had to cum.  Damn if the orgasm was so good it made me lightheaded. 

Eventually, there were a few ready to fuck me with condoms on, and I took on the first gentleman that was so thick.  He pounded me very nicely and reached depths that I thought was going to pop my cherry again. 

Then the next guy was a nice young black man, that fucked like a jack rabbit.  While he was making me cum another man was jacking off onto my neck and shoulders.  You know I am going to sleep with that jizz all over me.  More orgasms while my body and breasts continued to be caressed.  One guy continued to talk to me, like he was expecting me to carry on a conversation (really, shut the fuck up). 

Anyways, I fucked a few more and slowly the guys turned to the couples section.  The thick cocked gentleman brought me towels to wash up...nice guy.  I got dressed and mingled a bit more with some guests before having to head home to sleep on my cum covered neck and shoulders.



Doc here again... Kitty is just getting warmed up for the big event coming soon.  As we get closer, I will provide you, the good readers of The Journal, with all the nitty gritty. Promise.

Thanks again to Kitty for being the naughty cum slut she is... And for providing the pics and reports to keep her fans primed for more.