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Updated 12/2014: Blast From The Past: ORichard Revisits The Edgewater West Resort in Oakland, CA

UPDATED 12/17/2014: Doc here... I have dropped in a brand new Google Earth image of the former Edgewater West Location as it looks today.  It's now an Econo Lodge, but you can still get a feel for what it once was.

Here is the original report from 2011.



Doc here with a little twist on the Blast From The Past Series, courtesy of ORicHard, a regular contributor to Brent's Theater Tails Yahoo Group. I think it's pretty self-explanatory, and I like how he brings it to present day and the correct adult theater scene in Portland.

ORicHard's report focuses on The Edgewater West Adult Resort in Oakland, CA. The Edgewater West Adult Resort was also featured in Episode 21 of HBO's Real Sex series.  You may want to check your HBO OnDemand menu and see if it is showing anytime soon.

Here is ORicHard and his Blast From The Past...


Blast From The Past:
Edgewater West Adult Resort,
Hegenberger Road, Oakland, CA

The Edgewater was a semi-circular motel near the Oakland Airport that catered to the local Bay Area swingers in the 80’s. It appeared to be just a typical motel, but because of its closed, solid circular shape there was only one entrance which brought everyone past the front desk where they were informed of its “adult” nature. Once a room key was obtained, all the rooms were accessible from outside as well as from the spacious inside pool area. Naturally, X-rated movies were available free on several channels in each room.

Old Postcard of the Edgewater West
Oakland, CA
Typically it attracted couples who would stay overnight during the week and all day and night on weekends. Besides the pool, it had a large spa in a room by the office.

I was fortunate to have had an ongoing consulting gig in Oakland in the mid-seventies, and stayed there mostly during the week for a few months. Occasionally I got to experience a weekend.

The codes were simple. Indoor doors facing the pool were left ajar when company was desired. The spa, which held about eight as I recall, was the best place to hang out to make arrangements with the others staying there. The pool, where naturally most neglected suits, was also a good place to meet others.

Being a party of one, I would generally arrive after dinner as it was getting dark, and check the doors. During the week, open doors were kind of hit or miss, with many couples preferring privacy. When I’d find an open door, I’d look in and ask the couple if they wanted company. The answer was always yes. Generally I would just stay long enough to have sex, and then leave to let them hook up with others. I have fond memories of the first woman I experienced who squirted while having sex. Her partner had warned me, but I was  still amazed at my first woman who needed a couple of towels on the bed to catch her warm blasts. Another hubby filmed me with his wife, promising not to shoot my face.

Edgewater West Location Today (2014)
Econo Lodge Inn, Oakland, CA
My absolute favorites were the occasional swinger groups who would take several rooms, but then assemble in just a couple for sweet orgies. They were always looking for a few more cocks to help out, and I always left their parties completely drained.

On the slow evenings when there were no open doors, I’d wait until about 11, and then hang out in the spa, sometimes until 2. Couples would make it there after private sex in their rooms, and it was easy to strike up asexually-oriented conversation that almost always led to at least a blow job on the edge of the hot tub.

The few weekends I stayed over, the Edgewater was like a nudist resort, with couples gathering at the pool, where there was always plenty of playing. I remember fondly the couple who was screwing on their sturdy air mattress in the pool, with the woman on top. After asking, I gave her ass a thorough tonguing as her partner screwed her from below- all as those gathered around hardly glanced our way.

For a couple of years after my extended consulting job ended, I didn’t get back down there from Portland, but learned that the venue changed under new ownership who were remodeling for more standard faire. The AIDs scare during the late 80’s probably contributed to a decline in business, and the decision to sell.

A regular patron of the Jefferson Theatre, and now the Paris Theatre in Portland, I was not surprised to learn that the woman affectionately referred to as “The Librarian” had also enjoyed the Edgewater. I often wonder where motels like this, not just motels with hourly rates and hookers, exist today. 

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Thanks to ORicHard for an excellent Blast From The Past report on the Edgewater West.  I looked on Google Streetview, and couldn't find anything that looked like what ORicHard described.  If anyone has a pic or two of the Edgewater West, send it along to The Good Doctor.

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