Wednesday, December 17, 2014

International Couple's Flash Report! Katie X at Fantasy Video in London, England - Part 2 (w/ 10 HOT PICS)

Doc here, a man who some say enjoys bangers and mash more than he should, with Part II of Katie X's trip to Fantasy Video in London, England. 

In Part 1 HERE, Katie found herself in the beginning of a very hot scene...In Part II, the intensity ramps up, and Katie get covered know what. 

Along with this report at 10 smoking hot images of Katie in the theater, and she is not behaving herself in the least. 

I suggest kicking back, popping open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoying this incredible report and pics of the real Katie X during this actual event.

Take it away, Katie!


Part II - Fantasy Video

In the darkened hallway between the two screen rooms, Anton reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a collar and leash. On the collar, silver studs spelled the word 'WHORE'. He reached around my neck and clipped the collar to me. Holding the leash he said, 'whoever holds this this leash, owns your holes tonight'. Once again there was a small crowd starting to gather around us in the hall. 

Anton turned to one of the spectators and said, 'take it's dress off'. I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders. Before pulling the straps of my dress down, the hands roamed down across my breasts, my hips, my arse and then reached around the front to rub the front on my knickers. I was so wet, they were soaked. 

The hands returned to the top of my shoulders and pulled my dress down my body. I was standing in the corridor of a porn cinema in nothing but black panties and high heels, with a WHORE collar and leash, surrounded by strangers rubbing their cocks. I was trembling at the knees. Anton tugged at the leash and lead me into the smaller screen room on the left. 
The Real Katie X

The room is about six rows of five seats and there were about 10 guys already seated in the cinema. Another five or six followed me in. Anton sat in the front row and tugged at the leash to bring me to my knees. He unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down his pants to reveal his big, beautiful cock. It was half-hard, hanging forwards like a palm tree branch straining with the weight of coconuts. I looked, transfixed. One sharp yank of the leash brought my face up to that engorged head. I could feel the heat coming of it as it bobbed in front of my mouth. 
The Real Katie X

He then grabbed the back of my head and pushed my forward. He started to fuck my mouth and I felt his cock getting harder and harder. There's something about Anton's presence that guys don't fuck with. Usually I am swamped by guys as soon as I sit down in a porn theatre, but Anton is pure alpha and no-one wants to upset him. All these guys were sitting and standing around watching him fuck my face, making me gag, forcing me down onto him. He pulled his rock hard dick out of my mouth and proceeded to beat me with it. I mean, really hit me with it. It was humiliating and unbelievably erotic. 

He told me to take off my knickers. I shuffled them off and gave them to him. Still no-one else touched me. Amazing. He fucked my mouth again for a short while longer and then abruptly stopped, pushed my face back up, stood up and adjusted his trousers. He then handed the leash to some guy standing around and said, 'it's yours for a while. Condoms for fucking.' Anton vacated the chair and I was now under the ownership of a guy in his mid-20s in jeans, a sweatshirt and a baseball cap. He sat in the chair that Anton had left, and pretty much proceeded to do the same as him. Anton watched as I sucked this strangers' cock. My new guy simply said, 'have a go boys!' and then it was on. 
The Real Katie X

I was groped and grabbed. Had my arse slapped and my cunt fingered. It wasn't long before someone stuffed a rock-hard cock into me and I was spit-roasted on the floor of the cinema. My current cock then said, 'don't waste your cum in a condom boys. I want it on her face and in her hair'.  It was too late for my first fuck though. He grunted into the condom as he squeezed my hips, hard. 'Sorry mate. Couldn't help it'. 'No worries mate. It's not wasted yet.' replied my owner with a laugh. 

As another guy maneuvered behind me and shoved his cock into my cunt, the first one emptied his full condom over my head. I felt it ooze through my hair and across my scalp. As I was sucking cock and getting fucked, cum dribbled out of my hairline and down my forehead. It was too much for the keeper of the leash, and he came into my mouth. 

I gurgled and swallowed as much as I could, but his enormous load was too much and it leaked out the side of my mouth and down my face. 'Fucking amazing', I heard from the back. 'Who wants a turn next?' as the leash was handed over. 

Part III to cum!  

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Doc here again... Wow! There is something about Katie X and her reports that drives me crazy. And, by the way, I know exactly what "something" is.   

Keep the reports coming Katie!  We are waiting with baited breath for Part III