Thursday, October 4, 2012

Flash Report! NCGuy on CVE in Gastonia, NC

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from first time reporter, NCGuy.

The focus of NCGuy's report is CVE, once one of the countries finest adult theater complexes, but recent changes made it future uncertain.

Well kids, with this report, I think it's safe to say that CVE is back in the game.

Here is NCGuy and his solid Flash Report.



Thought I would give you an update on CVE in Gastonia NC. I have gone there for years, and at one time it was one of the best places in the country for this thing of ours. At one point they had a booth area, two theaters along with a couples only theater and another VIP theater where couples could invite a single guy in with them, but otherwise it was off limits to guys. It had everything to make it inviting to couples and they came from all over to play. Some came just to play with other couples while others were all about playing in the main theaters or in the booths. Some of the hottest times I had we're in the VIP theater. Once you were in there you could play with any of the women who were interested.
Gastonia, NC
Like everything else, all good things can't last, and gradually the owner made the place less appealing to couples. First the VIP theater was closed, then the couples theater was shut down. Finally, after some zoning and LE issues, the booths were taken out. It got to the point where you hardly ever saw couples there, even on the days when couples got in free.

A few months ago I read a report on here from Playful Carolina Couple detailing an adventure they had with a lucky guy in the theater one afternoon. I thought it was time to check things out again. I went by on a Sunday afternoon when couples get in free. In place of the booths they added two small theaters to go with the original larger theater. There were the usual collection of guys milling around when you walked in, many of them mostly interested in other guys.

I walked into the first theater on the left and it was fairly crowded. As my eyes adjusted to the light, I saw a couple sitting on the left hand side of the theater. She was a BBW and her man had her tits out and was playing with them while she jerked his tool. Guys in the theater did not seem to be paying much attention to them, so I assumed they were not playing with anyone else.  I sat down in the row in front of them, and then, for the first time, I noticed another couple on the right side of the theater in the front row. From behind she looked hot, with long blonde hair. She was sitting against the wall with her man on her left, usually a sign that they are not looking to play. The guys seemed to be leaving them alone, so I assumed there was no possibility there.

After a few minutes, the blonde and her guy go up and walked out. She was even hotter when she turned around, short skirt, big tits and long tan legs with very high heels. What a waste, I thought. Thinking they were leaving, I turned around to watch the couple behind me. Not much new happening there, so I got up to check on the blonde. She was not in the lobby, so I assumed they had left.

I went into the other new small theater and was surprised to see the blonde and her man sitting on the right hand side. This time the guy was against the wall and the blonde was on the aisle side with an empty seat next to her, usually a good sign. I was shocked there was not a crowd around them, so I sat right behind them. I saw that her leg was across his, and he had his hand under her short skirt. I was afraid that someone else would move to the empty seat if I didn't move fast, so I leaned over and asked her if she minded if I joined them. I have always found that couples appreciate if you ask first, and she quickly nodded her head and I moved to the seat next to her. Her legs were apart, and I quickly started rubbing her left leg and her husband moved his hand away to give me access to her pussy.

I stared playing with her and she was already very wet. Her man and I took turns playing with her while the other played with her thighs and legs. I started playing with her tits and she quickly pulled up her blouse to reveal two beauties with long hard nipples. I started sucking on them, and kept playing with her pussy. The blonde was jerking her man's cock, so I pulled mine out and started jerking it as well. It took her a minute or two to notice it, but as soon as she did, she grabbed it and started giving me a hand job. She seemed to enjoy having a cock in each hand, and we took turns playing with her pussy while she jerked us both. A crowd of onlookers had gathered, but the guys were just watching.

 The blonde then leaned over and took me in her mouth and I leaned back and enjoyed how good she was. She then got on her knees facing us and had her husband move into her seat so she could alternate sucking each of us. You could tell she loved being watched as she moved back and forth.

After a while she said she wanted to get up and walk around so I zipped up and followed them to the lobby. We talked and she told me they had not been there for a while and had decided to see if things were better than they used to be. She patted my crotch and said they definitely were. They decided they had to leave, but we exchanged contact information and have met privately for some hot times.

I think CVE is back in the rotation.


Doc here again... A big thank you to NCGuy for his terrific report from CVE.  It's great to see things picking back up for CVE, and with positive reports like this one, and from senior reporters Alex and Lauren (Playful Carolina Couple), things are going in the right direction.