Saturday, December 13, 2014

Updated 12/13/14 at 10:30am! TONIGHT!!! The Holiday Ball @ 15th Ave Adult Theater on December 13th @ 8pm in Chicago

UPDATED SATURDAY MORNING 10:30AM: Doc here... The wait is over. There is no excuse for you to miss tonight's big Holiday Ball at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago. None. Nada. The weather is great, and the buzz is high for tonight's bash.

Many of the out of town guests for the Holiday Ball are already in Chicago, and they are ready to party! We have over 40 SLS members who have committed to attending tonight's event, and that number goes up hourly. 

A few helpful hints to the lucky guests coming tonight:

  1. Get to 15th Ave. early. Don't miss out on the Holiday Swag Bags (we start distribution at 8pm of the bags). 
  2. The earlier you get to 15th Ave, the better a parking spot you will get. We will have staff out front helping with parking directions.
  3. This is a BYOB event. I suggest putting your first names on your bottles/6 pack cartons.  We have refrigerators for your tasty beverages, but having your names on your stuff helps our staff find your happy juice.
  4. Look for the fliers in your Swag Bags for information on the next big Couples/Singles Party in January. 
  5. Cell phone/Smart phone/Camera use is not allowed anywhere in the facility. This is enforced
  6. Single guys: Be respectful of all of our guests, and please read the signs and follow the rules.
Lastly, I want to thank all the good readers of The Journal. The response to this event has been dynamite, and it promises to be a night for the ages. I am looking forward to meeting as many people as I can tonight to express my gratitude. 

The final update for the event will be on my Twitter feed, @LizardoJournal

Let's make this a record setting night... The Holiday Ball is just a kiss away.



Updated 12/12 @2pm:  Doc here... Tomorrow night at 8pm! Santa will come sailing in the front door of 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago and right into The Party Room to start the last couples/singles event of 2014. 

Chicago's best adult lifestyle value is hands down at 15th Ave!  Don't take The Good Doctor's word for it... Ask any of the 80 hot couples or dozens of sexy singles that attended the Halloween Party at 15th Ave. and you'll hear why. 

The Party Room is now fully decorated for the holidays. Mike, Shannon, Bob, Natalie, and their band of merry elves did a great job getting the room ready for tomorrow night. 

Lastly, we have had over 35 members of SLS confirm for the event tomorrow night as of this afternoon, which is TERRIFIC!  If you are an SLS member and are thinking about attending the Holiday Ball, you will be in good company. We are looking forward to you joining us. 

The Good Doctor will be up front at the very beginning of the evening greeting people and giving tours to new guests...

Last update tomorrow morning...



Updated at 12/11/14 at 8:30am: Doc here again... 2 DAYS TO GO! I have some important updates for you on the big Holiday Ball at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on Saturday night at 8pm.

Let's start off with the Holiday Swag Bags for the first 40 male/female couples (with their paid party admission), shall we?

The Holiday Ball Swag Bags
(for the first 40 M/F couples
with their paid admission)
The Good Doctor, along with two of his favorite elves put together the awesome Holiday Swag Bags for the event Wednesday night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater. Each bag has a $50 retail value, and includes fun things for all your senses. Those items, plus a lot more, are included in each Swag Bag.  

Today the decorating begins inside the Party Room, and trust me folks, it will look great!  Shannon, Mike, Bob, and their whole crew do a great job, and it will set the mood perfectly. 

The weather looks like it will be unseasonably warm on Saturday in Chicago, so no worries about road conditions for those traveling a good distance to join us.  

As with every party at 15th Ave, The Good Doctor will be up front at the beginning of the event to greet our guests and meet readers of The Journal. If you are a SLS Member, please let me know so I can thank you personally for attending. If I am not up front, ask one of the security or event staff if they can point me out. Or, follow the scent of my meatball scented cologne. 

We look forward to seeing you Saturday night at 8pm for 15th Ave's last big couples/singles event of the year and best value in a lifestyle party in Chicagoland: The Holiday Ball!



Updated 12/10 at 8am: Doc here... 3 days to go!  In what is the busiest day of prep work for the Holiday Ball, The Good Doctor and a team of frisky elves will be putting together all of the awesome 15th Ave. Holiday Ball Swag Bags later this evening. 

If you'd like a sneak peak at the festive swag bags, check out The Good Doctor's Twitter @LizardoJournal for a pic or two. Remember, only the first 40 male/female couples (starting at 8pm with their paid admission) will get one of them, so please do your best to get to 15th Ave. Adult Theater close to the start of the event. 

See you Saturday December 13th at 8pm!