Sunday, December 7, 2014

Flash Report (and an Editorial)! Getupandout at The Oregon Theater in Portland on 12/6/14

Doc here, a man who some say likes his doughnuts with a little Voodoo in them, with a first time report from new contributor Getupandoput

Getupandout has filed a report about the first Saturday of the month party at The Oregon Theater in Portland.   

He has also written an editorial concerning his observations in Portland that are on point.

OK kids, sit back, pop open that Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this report from Getupandout.

December 6th, 2014
As usual the OT was in full swing last night for "First Saturday".
I just wanted to write a little report highlighting the fun but also offering some opinions about the crowds we have here in Portland.

The Oregon Theater
Portland, OR

The good, great and fantastic!
First off let me say thank you to the Hispanic couple that are fairly regular there. I wish Jessica had a nickname for them because I'd love to know when they show up. I've played with her there once before, she is a lovely petite lady who usually plays with her man for quite a while before they screen the crowd and select someone to come in and fuck her. Last night was no different. By the time I left they had only invited in three guys, two of which were me. They usually start off making out followed by him going down on her for quite a while.

I was the lucky winner last night if you ask me and round two was even hotter as she hopped up on all fours and took my thick cock so well, moaning and making out with her man. The first round she had her legs up over my shoulders and was taking my cock deep as well. I've never seen her give anyone (including her man) oral but I really get off thinking about having her mouth on me.

Just before round one with this lovely lady's legs in the air, a sexy dark haired brunette came in with a tall, stout guy and they proceeded to trade off giving and receiving oral, he bent her over one of the couches multiple times and she was very vocal. She was a stunner, wearing no panties, thigh high stockings and a skirt. So fun to watch them but they didn't play with anyone else. I watched them while I worked up for round two. 

Before round two another couple came in, a very cute young lady with dyed hair and a nose ring with her man. They worked their way through so many positions: 69, doggy, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary and even her stretched out across two couches getting pounded while she moaned with every thrust. At the end he walked her over to the rail and let a few guys spank and fondle her ass. They dressed and headed toward the lobby. 

All along there were all sorts of TS/CD ladies playing throughout the theater. One couple had moved to the general area so the wife/girlfriend could take cock after cock, anyone that walked up seemed to get a turn and the occasional guy managed to get her to suck him while getting fucked, if she wasn't sucking her man while taking it from behind.

The Oregon Theater - Interior
Portland, OR
When I moved into the couples section for round two with the Hispanic couple she had finished with another guy doggy style and I was really excited when she put her ass up in the air again for me. 

As I fucked her, the younger couple returned and I think the young lady with dyed hair watched a bit while her man when to do something. I was hoping she's come closer but no luck. As I came close to coming this petite lady started to wiggle and grind her ass into my cock and it sent me over the top and I came hard for a second time leaving my cock inside her (always with a condom) as she continued to wiggle her ass. It was by far the best fun I've had at OT yet. 

All in all a fun night, there were other couples coming and going, I missed the three couple that were there early, they were packing up as I arrived. The rest just played, put on a bit of a show and left. 

My Oregon Theater Wish List: To play with the Asian Blowbang Girl !!!

On to the bad, annoying and frustrating
Let me just say this, I'm not the best looking guy in the world but I have two things going for me in an environment like the OT. I'm well hung and most importantly I'm a gentleman who knows when and how to act toward women and couples. I have had really great luck and I've played at the Paris, OT, 15th Ave in Chicago and Power Exchange in San Francisco—always safely and courteously. 

The packs of guys at the OT may not be as aggressive as the ones at the Paris, but they are 1000% more annoying and clueless. 

Here's why and how:

1. Leaning over the railing to touch someone that you don't have permission to touch
2. Entering the couples area without permission (I don't care if it's one foot in or walking all the way up to a couch 10 feet in)
3. Waving and signally to a couple that have already waved you off and said "No"; this can also be referred to as "pestering"
4. Asking/demanding a woman do something or show you something when they aren't engaged with you in any way. 
5. Making incessant comments while couples are playing with a guy: about the guy, about the couple, complaining about how you weren't asked to play
6. Thinking that because a woman in the general open area wants to play with one guy that means she wants to play with 20 guys. I can't tell you how many times I've started talking to a lady who's standing around and as soon as we start touching 15 guys swarm her ... this is intimidating, selfish, desperate and just plain too aggressive.
7. Climbing over other guys to grope a lady who is asking to be touched

If you can't tell when a woman wants to be surround and played with and when she doesn't you simply should assume she doesn't. 

As for the peanut gallery that surround the railing at the OT ... you all say some of the stupidest, least sexy, and just plain obnoxious things to couples that are having sex that I've ever heard. The next time you feel down and complain openly about how no one invites you to play with them think about the way you act and the things you say because chances are you're sabotaging yourself. In short: stop acting desperate and pathetic.

Be respectful, play it cool and have patience. 


Doc here again... Many thanks to Getupandout for his observations and report.  As someone who has visited many of the top theaters in the country, your perspective is accurate as I have also walked in those same arenas of debauchery.

Keep the solid work coming, sir.