Monday, December 8, 2014

Flash Report! Ray at CVE in Gastonia, NC on 11/5/14

Doc here with a report from November that I thought I had published already, but discovered differently.  My apologies.

Senior reporter Ray found himself near CVE in Gastonia, NC in early November, and has filed this report to the news desk here at The Journal. 

CVE is back on the rise, and it's always good to hear what is shaking at this adult emporium.

Take it away, Ray!



I was going to be near Charlotte last Wednesday, so I checked Craigslist to see if anything might be up. This is what I found:

We are a married couple heading to Cve tonight around 630pm. We will be in the main theater playing.
I enjoy having a bunch of men stroking while I do my husband. If your polite and not pushy I just may help you stroke it.
If you see me up walking around say Hi you never know what my come if it.
I would also like a lady or couple to play with us.
Of course, you never know if a CL add is for real, or just somebody fishing, hoping they might be able to draw a couple out. With my expectations in low gear, I pulled into the lot around 7 and made my way to the main theater. Sure enough, there was a couple seated over on the left side, with a few guys cautiously, optimistically, hanging close. 

Gastonia, NC
By the time I got there she was wearing nothing but a white camisole top and a black micro-mini skirt that looked like it was made out of lycra. She was tall, brunette, slim and nice looking. She reminded me a bit of Molly Parker. He was a sturdy looking guy, balding, and eager for the action to start. His cock was already out and hard, but “Molly” was hot. Literally. With the fall weather in Charlotte, CVE hasn’t figured out exactly how to set their thermostat. SLG left the theater to see if he could get them to improve the atmosphere, leaving Molly alone for a bit. That’s always a sign that a couple is fairly comfortable in the theater, of course.

Still unable to find any cool air, they headed to another theater for a few minutes, but soon returned and took up their position on the same couch. The crowd was polite, but clearly eager. The nearby seats were taken and a few guys were standing a respectful distance away. After all, if this WAS the CL couple, she had already let us know that she liked an appreciative audience. 

Suddenly, they began. She laid back on the couch and he moved to the floor, sliding her nearly non-existent skirt out of the way, revealing her naked pussy, which he immediately began to eat. The boys, of course, moved in. She exposed her C-cups and a few guys tried to touch, but she moved them away. That was a line she really didn’t seem to maintain very firmly. Sometimes a little tittie touching was fine. Other times it was not. The pussy was definitely off limits (for the most part).

After hubby got her off orally, he sat on the couch and she lowered herself onto his dick, facing forward, giving us a great show. In fact, the whole time they were there they seemed intent on making sure we could see. And we took advantage of it. The ten of us, or so, that were in the room gathered around as she had requested in their ad. As she bounced on his cock, she reached out a stroked a few, though her orgasms – or discomfort in a particular position – made it difficult for her to find any real rhythm with that.

On a couple of occasions, it was clear that hubby was hoping she might do more than just touch a stranger’s cock. But that wasn’t to be that night. As it was, we were content to watch her move from position to position, grinding her pussy on his dick, riding one wave to the next, until he finally put her on her knees and fucked her hard from behind. When he was ready, he spun her around, finishing on her face, which was nicely illuminated by a cell phone. As hubby cleaned up, she was kind enough to let a couple of the boys drop their loads on her tits. 

With that, she slid a long skirt over her short one, arranged herself, and disappeared with her man into the cool Carolina night. I tried to drop them a thank you note via CL, but the system rejected it. Perhaps I will have the good fortune of catching another performance in the future. Until then, I’ll keep an eye on those online ads.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Ray and his latest report, this time from CVE in Gastonia, NC. CVE is another adult theater that is making a nice comeback after some bumps in the road the last couple of years.

Ray, keep the reports coming!