Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Friend of The Journal! SpicyWife on the Upcoming Valentines Party at The Art Cinema on 2/7/15 @ 7pm

Doc here, a man who some say likes his dishes spicy, with a very cool "Friend of The Journal" report for you, the good readers of this thing of ours. 

My good friend SpicyWife writes an excellent blog along with her beau, SpicyHubby, at .  In her blog, she covers various topics on how to keep things fresh and spicy in a marriage/relationship from a couples perspective.

And guess what area SpicyWife enjoys among those other spices?  Yes, adult theaters!

SpicyWife and SpicyHubby plan on attending the big Valentines party at The Art Cinema in Hartford this Saturday evening, starting at 7pm. If you'd like to know a little bit more about their interest in this thing of ours, and the Art Cinema party this weekend, check out her latest blog HERE.

This Saturday come join SpicyWife, SpicyHubby, and you old friend in the white suit and aviators for Cupid is Calling at The Art Cinema, 255 Franklin Ave., Hartford, CT. We can't wait to see you!