Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flash Report! Steve Dallas Hits The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas, TX

Doc here with a brand new Flash Report from senior reporter Steve Dallas, and his recent trip to The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas, TX.

Take it away, Steve!


Update from the Lido in Dallas

On a recent Monday night, I returned to the Lido Cinema in Dallas, which has been like a second-home to me for over 25 years. Located in the same location about 10 minutes from downtown Dallas, I have returned to this adult landmark whenever I felt that familiar itch that needs to be scratched. And just like all my previous trips, an evening at the Lido doesn’t disappoint.

The layout is the same for over 10 years now – the upstairs straight theater is reached by walking down a long hallway of private viewing rooms, a frequent destination after a couple have selected their bad boy-toys to party with that night. This is not really a “theater” in the classic sense, but a large room with theater-style seats showing porn on a large wall – it’s good enough. On weekends, the entire upstairs area is reserved for couples only, although some single guys have been able to access the upstairs area if their verbal game (and wallet) are up to it – YMMV.

There is also a downstairs theater that shows gay porn, except on Friday and Saturday nights (when it shows straight porn) during this couples-only time.
The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX

But it’s on Monday nights at the Lido sometimes I have enjoyed meeting and playing with couples that like to party then due to their normal weekend work schedule. Many times these are people who work in the service industry (restaurants, bars, etc.) and are looking to enjoy ‘this thing of ours’ on an evening that fits their schedule.

So, after a long absence due to my travel schedule, I strolled into the Lido and made my way immediately to the large upstairs theater. Walking in, and allowing a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the low lighting, I immediately hear the familiar passionate sounds of a woman building to her orgasm. And it wasn’t the movie. It seems that a couple and two friends were engaged in some heated play in the middle of the theater. Other than this threesome the room was almost empty,

The give-a-way sign that this couple was in serious play-mode was the placement of both her feet on the seats in front of her, legs spread high and wide-open, allowing plenty of access while keeping her viewing lane open to the anal MFM porn showing in front. Fact was, this scene was better than any XXX movie could capture.

I sat down across the aisle from the trio and watched while the hot little MILF with blonde hair and lots of freckles was enjoying having both men work with their hands and lips to bring her pleasure. One was obviously her man, keeping his arm wrapped around her shoulders in a protective manner. The other, a younger guy who was being allowed to enjoy her body to his and her complete satisfaction. After a few minutes of finger-play he then moved to his knees and settled between her open legs. Slowly his head disappeared below the seats, while her breathing became even louder and rymthmatic.

Her head was tilted back on the chair, eyes closed, mouth ajar, without a fucking care in the world. It was a masterpiece of image that belongs in any museum of art. Several minutes later, her breathing slowed and she was finished with this dude.

“Thanks, babe.” And with that, her boyfriend for all of the last 10 minutes was dismissed. As he walked away, I walked over and slipped into my turn in her passenger’s seat. “Has she cum yet?” I asked the husband just to break the ice, and who seemed to like the fact that I had not hesitated to join in. “Yeah, but she’s good for more.” I had guessed right. This was her party night, meaning it was planned to give her some focused loving with new guys and get her off several times as it suited her fancy. This was all about her.

“Does she squirt?” This is a line that I sometimes use while talking to the husband in any porn theater, but saying it loud enough so that the slut-wife knows what I’m thinking. That crooked little smile telegraphed her answer to both of us. I then placed two fingers in her mouth to get them moist and to get her used to the fact that a new guy was in charge of her pussy. We played for over 30 minutes, slowing building and then releasing her tensions several times.

And then, my cue that our little party was over and that I needed to exit stage left was delivered with the same sincerity as for the last guy. 

“Thanks, babe”.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Steve Dallas for yet another top shelf report.  Keep grinding, sir!

The Lido is one of my favorite adult theaters in the country.  Super clean, huge private rooms, and plenty of space in their theater. Plus it's a 24/7 facility, which is always a plus.