Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Dvrbob & Cherri at The Paris Theater in Portland on 1/30/2015

Doc here, a man who some say was the "left shark" during Katy Perry's halftime show at the Super Bowl, with a very cool Couple's Flash Report from first time contributors Dvrbob and his wife, the very sexy Cherri.

In Cherri's first visit to an adult theater, she lost her cherry in a few amazing ways this past Friday night in Portland's Paris Theatre. Cherri has been nice enough to write up a report to take us on her inaugural journey into this thing of ours, and it's very hot.

Please welcome to The Journal Cherri and her hubby (who I have met in person, and is as nice a guy as you'd ever meet), Dvrbob.

Take it away, kids!


Cherri’s Theater Cherry
Boldly stepping out into a fantasy of playing at an adult theater was exciting and scary at the same time, but having my hubby by my side gave me the courage to move forward. 

I dressed to excite him and play into his fantasy. I wore stilettos, a short, black skirt with white polka dots and a sheer blouse without a bra. We chose the Paris and I was not disappointed.  As we toured the theater, I noticed that everyone, especially the men were all very respectful and courteous, which made me feel comfortable. 

After relaxing in the couple’s oasis for a moment, it took no time at all to see and decide where I wanted to play with my hubby without reservation. Like I said, I felt very comfortable even though this was a first for me. We went into the bedroom, where we were quickly surrounded by a gallery of onlookers as we began to undress each other with great anticipation. 

 Hubby wasted no time in taking my top off, exposing my tits and sensitive, erect nipples. I quickly took off his shirt and took off his pants, wanting to enjoy his nice hard cock. He laid on the bed as I stood next to it and bent over to take his cock in my mouth. He soon lifted my skirt to play with my ass, exposing the lack of any panties and the tops of my white stockings and garter. 

I suddenly became aware that the nice chants and comments coming from the gallery of onlookers were intended for me! I felt like I had a team of cheerleaders encouraging me! Occasionally, throughout the night, I heard the moans and cries of other ladies in the theater, but I was so much into my own play, it was more like music that moved over me.

My husband then removed my skirt, and had me lie down on my back on the bed as he wanted to devour my wet pussy. I got lost in the pleasure of my first orgasms of the night and the feeling of it all. I didn’t get a chance to regroup as he came up and slid his beautiful cock into my puss. It felt so great, it was an immediate climax that didn’t stop. Writing this all down just gets my puss buzzing thinking about it all!

After he came, we needed a towel to wipe off his sweet sweat that was dripping on me, which a nice gentleman in the gallery retrieved for us. We then fondled and played with each other for a while as he was regrouping. I started sucking his cock again but I think I wore him out! 

I then invited a couple into the bedroom to join us, hoping to add to the excitement and stimulate my hubby to re-energize. It was another first time gal and her date, who took turns performing oral on each other next to us on the bed. What’s a girl to do when she wears out her partner after a couple hours in a place where she can shop?? We took a short break for me to go to the restroom, and hubby to get us some more water. 

When I came out of the restroom, hubby introduced me to a nice gentleman (The Mechanic) who touched me with sweet compliments. His eyes lit up, (and mine too, hubby tells me) when my hubby invited him to join us back in the bedroom. Once back in the bedroom, The Mechanic had a soft touch as he fondled my tits. We started out doggie style so I could suck my husband’s cock, but The Mechanic was thrusting into me so hard and fast, I couldn’t focus on the cock in my mouth! 

 Fearing I might bite my hubby’s nice cock, I withdrew to focus on the pleasure my pussy was receiving. After a while, he rolled me onto my back while he stood at the edge of the bed. That was lots of fun as he drove me across the mattress and pulling me back to the edge. From there, we exchanged positions as I rode him reverse cowgirl….lots of pleasure on that ride!

With his cock still hard, I turned around to ride him regular cowgirl, where I could take his cock to savor a slow ride and feel him sliding in and out along the inner wall of my pussy, all the while passionately kissing my husband. Wow, was that good! I came very hard and it took me a moment to regroup. As we started again, I saw his eyes roll back and felt him come with moans of pleasure. It was an exciting experience to have a new and different cock in my puss after so many years. My husband seemed to enjoy the experience as much as I did, which allowed me to really feel wonderful about the experience…of the whole night of physical pleasures!! 

I found it very flattering to have so many “thank yous” and “how good you are” comments from the guys in the gallery. It sure helps a girl feel good about herself doing something she really enjoys and yet, something that most of society would put a taboo on. I sure enjoyed this new thing of ours

 I look forward to our return, & I just can’t decide what I’m going to wear next time. Another fantasy to develop and live out, I suppose!


Doc here again...Many thanks to Cherri and Dvrbob for a terrific first time Couple's Flash Report!  I cannot wait to see where this journey takes them!