Friday, February 27, 2015

UPDATED 2/27/15 AT 11:30am w/Link - The Good Doctor Lives To Fight Another Day Both On Blogger and Tumblr!

Doc here with an update on The Journal’s migration from Blogger to Tumblr. 
Google threw yet another curveball  early this morning by reversing their stand and backing off the XXX blogger policy change. As it stands right now, it will be business as usual back at The Journal of Adult Theaters,  and back at The Journal on Blogger due to this change!
So what happens to the Tumblr version of The Journal? Nothing. It will remain as a micro-blog, and a separate stand-alone platform for The Journal. The Good Doctor has picked up a ton of new readers on Tumblr in the past 5 days, and there is no reason to abandon them as a result of Google’s policy reversal. 
Plus… I put a butt-load of time and energy into the Tumblr site.  So The Good Doctor will be present on 4 social media platforms to follow The Journal: BloggerTumblrTwitter, and Facebook
New reports will hit Blogger first, and be recapped on Tumblr… 
Are we clear? Good.  
As you were…


Updated 2/24/15 @ 12:30am: Would you like a sneak peak at the new and improved Journal of Adult Theaters?

Hi kids...The new home is nowhere near complete yet, but the bones have been assembled and it shaping up nicely.

You are really going to love the new archive section. You have been asking for a better one for a long time, and now we have it!

Check out the new Tumblr site for The Journal:

More updates tomorrow.




Doc here, a man who some say can't have enough curveballs thrown his way in 2015, with the biggest curve ball of all.

Today, two Bloody Mary's into my afternoon of editing tomorrow's reports for The Journal, I got an e-mail from Google.  Glancing at the preview I thought it was yet another privacy policy update, which happens every couple of months. 

I was dead wrong. 

Here is a screen cap of the dope slap Google just laid down on your old friend in the white suite and aviators:


OK, what does this mean to you, the good readers of The Journal?  

For starters, The Journal isn't disappearing. I need to find a new home for The Journal, and in the 4 hours since I got that kick in the nuts from Google, I have already begun the process of migrating 5 years and almost 2,200 reports to that new home (which may be temporary, or may be permanent).  It's going to take almost two weeks to migrate, due to daily import limits at the new home.

I will keep you up to date on new developments, and where we go from here.  The Journal of Adult Theaters on Blogger will remain, and may end up being a referring link blog to the new home. Maybe a text only version. 

The Adult Theater Database is safe. Even at the new home, I will provide a link that will take you to the Database.  That one is easy.  

Remain calm. The Good Doctor will figure this out. 

Questions?  E-mail me at