Friday, February 27, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! A-Z Couple at The Valentines Event at The Art Cinema in Hartford, CT on 2/7/15 w/14 Pics!

Hi Doc,

A to Z here with more about the Valentine’s Party at the Art Cinema.

So much went on that night, and forgot to mention some things and good thing we got pics of them as things got hotter as the night went on!

At one point two guys picked A up on each side cradling her while a third rammed her and came all over her ample tits and one of our non camera shy friends decided to show off a bit by picking her up for a shoulder ride and of course with a face full of pussy!

Also, as H-Man mentioned, she had two cocks in her mouth at once tried to get pics of that but the quarters were tight. Sorry about the quality, and will try to work on that next time

Here are the additional pics from that crazy night!


A-Z Couple Valentine's Gallery


Doc here again… Many, many thanks to the A-Z Couple for a great follow-up report and the HOT pics. And kids, these pics, as good as they are, don’t do her justice… She is adorable, and very, very bad.

Trust me. ;o)