Wednesday, March 18, 2015

EXCLUSIVE! Couple's Flash Report! MS. PIPY's First Visit to an Adult Theater (Fantasy Zone in Memphis) on 3/7/15 w/16 PICS!!!

Doc here, a man who some say competed in the 1971 Lake Placid Barrel Jumping Championships, finishing a distant 9th to a bunch of drunk Swedes, with a very special Couple's Flash Report.

Do you remember your first time? Your first kiss? Your first guy or girl? Your first time having sex in public?

Well, Saturday the 7th marked the first trip to an adult theater for the amazing MS. PIPY. She, along with TheEscort and Mr. Trainer visited Fantasy Zone in Memphis, TN for MS. PIPY's first adult theater adventure. And ladies and gentlemen, what an adventure it was! (For MS. PIPY's debut report where she details her desires and fantasies, click HERE.

This report comes complete with 16 brand new and exclusive images of MS. PIPY's first adult theater experience from this night. And as always, click the thumbnails to ENLARGE them

Here we go...This is a good one folks. Pop open a can of Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy the next chapter of The Awakening of MS. PIPY!


Hey Doc, 

The Escort here. In those ever so famous words of Herodotus ( as modified by yours truly); “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, stays Ms Pipy from the sensual and erotic completion of her appointed rounds.” 

Fantasy Zone
Memphis, TN
Never so evident was this case than over Ms Pipy’s 24 hour, 749 mile turnaround journey through the frozen zone to the Fantasy Zone in Memphis, TN. It was her first foray into the world of adult theaters and it was, as she is, AMAZING!

The Escort’s View:

You know our history Doc, as brief as it is into this world that we now share. We found your blog, received your counsel, and from your list found the Fantasy Zone in Memphis. I assumed the role you suggested from our “Mailbag” questions and began to plan. I made several calls to the Fantasy Zone, a locally owned business, each time having the opportunity to speak with the owner, Ken. We struck accord immediately and found this gentleman gracious, charming, and helpful in every respect.

The Real MS. PIPY
Arriving in Memphis, we hooked up with a friend of ours from Swinglifestyle and the Mid-South Gang Bang Club, Mr. Trainer. He has similar interests and fantasies as Ms Pipy and I and joined in the fun with us. I do believe that his experience was just as amazing as ours and ours was certainly enhanced by sharing this with such a sexy sex charged companion as Mr. Trainer!

We arrived on location at approximately 10:00 AM Saturday the 7th. Walking in we received the warmest of welcomes and were made to feel easy and right at home. It’s like we were among friends from the start. We were buzzed in from the outside and entered into the store with a nice selection of adult novelties and toys. Upon introductions we were given a brief tour. 

Leaving the novelty section we made our way into an area with several booths, two of which were connected and contained the ever so popular glory hole! We scoped that out, then were shown into the main theater area. It was roomy with chairs placed around for sitting. I am guessing there were around 8 guys in there at the time and there was plenty of room. 

From there we found a passageway to the left of the screen which led back through what I will call a mini-maze to a small room with a “Fuck Table” in it. It all flowed very well from section to section and the entire place was CLEAN! It was clean and it smelled clean. Very Impressive. The Fantasy Zone was also very easy access from a major highway. Right off and right on! 

Ms Pipy was a bit nervous, very nervous, but being the trooper that she is it was mouth open, pants down and passed around! She was on the fuck table with a cock in her mouth and another digging into her wet cunt, the sweet grunts and moans of pleasure making their way around the meat that was packed into her mouth and over the slapping of flesh to the pounding of a wet pussy with a hard cock. One of the gentlemen leaning in to watch said; “she is liking that”, and the immediate response of another onlooker was; “if she isn’t she sure is acting like she does.” Let me tell you Doc, she was!!

Four key observations in closing; 1) The owner is straight up and accommodating. A great guy! 2) The place was clean, neat, well kept, well arranged and maintained 3) The guys in attendance were respectful to the point of being kind and helpful in every sense. 4) How lucky am I to have a wife like this?

Ms PIPY’s View:

Oh Dr., this thing we now share, how do I say….Yummy! I must confess that I was somewhat nervous about this visit, if not scared a bit as well. Having never been inside of an adult theater before; each step, sound, and even emotion was new to me. I do not believe that I could have done it without The Escort and our Friend, Mr. Trainer. I never doubted that I was in good hands with those two!

The preliminaries are a blur to me. However, getting on my knees before the hole, things slowed down when the first cock popped up…giggle! I went at them with all I had Good Dr., and was quite amused at the results. You know it makes a girl feel kind of special when her sucking a guy’s cock makes the wall and room shake and rattle from the sensual response of a well sucked cock. Oh yes, I said well sucked. Wall rattling my Good Dr. 

A girl appreciates a positive response to her efforts, makes her feel wanted and special. It’s nice to be appreciated Dr. and makes a girl feel all warm inside. Mmmmmm, warm inside, that does sound yummy! I did hear The Escort talking to some gentlemen from behind me as I nursed at the hole before me. He was telling them this was my first time and I heard a voice that said I was doing a good job! I wanted to do good.

After some glory hole sucking,The Escort and Mr. Trainer took me into the theater. The Escort had me sit in chair that was placed between two others beside the wall. It was a location where all in the theatre would be able to see me in the light of the porn on the screen. I know The Escort wanted to fuck me in there and have me fucking and sucking but my nerves began to flair again and I asked to be taken to the fuck table, as it seemed as though it may be more private. I am a little shy,Dr.

Honoring my wishes, The Escort took me back and a small group watched as I removed my jeans in preparation for the offerings I was about to receive. It was only a matter of seconds before I was flat on my back with a cock in my mouth and one plowing frantically into my pussy. My legs were pulled apart and spread wide as I received what was being offered. I must say, I felt kind of fancy, like the song; “just be nice to the gentlemen Fancy and they will be nice to you.” 

They were all so so nice Dr, and I was too, being the sweet little girl that I am.

I must say it was fun and all of the guys in The Fantasy Zone were so nice, patient and understanding. Knowing the Escort as I do, I know that it won’t be long till I am back in that Zone once again, and let me tell you Good Dr., I will be ready. 

Did I say yummy?

MS.PIPY (& TheEscort)

MS. PIPY's Gallery
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Doc here again... Many, many thanks to the AMAZING MS. PIPY and her hubby, TheEscort for an incredible, sex drenched first time at an adult theater. They followed The Good Doctor's suggestions to a "T", and they had a blast. 

I wonder how they will top this visit?  Hmmm...

Great job guys!