Thursday, March 19, 2015

Field Report: The Oral Reporter in Vegas, Baby! A Survey.

Doc here with a detailed survey of some of Las Vegas' adult theaters from senior reporter The Oral Reporter.

Here we go...



I went to 4 of the theaters on your directory, so actually I went to only 3, the reason for this is two of your locations are the same theater with 2 different addresses. 

Let me explain, as the Adult World at 3781 Meade Ave. & the Adult World at 3010 Valley View are the same theater, since it is on a corner, who ever reported the locations went by the street they were on, not the street where the entrance is. The Meade Ave is the correct location. (ed. note: Corrected in the dB)

I also went to Main Street Book & Video at 601 S. Main. The other location visited was the Adult Super Store at 3850 W. Tropicana.

Here is the account of what transpired at each location:
Adult World at 3781 Meade Ave.
I paid my 8 dollars entrance fee it is good for 8 hours with in and out privileges, which was nice since I was trying to do surveillance on 3 theaters in one night.

I was disappointed in the condition of the theater and the quality of patrons. The theaters both straight and Gay are adjoining. Both have concrete floors and only one row of plastic lawn chairs in each theater. During my first couple of hours all there were in both theaters were several guys pleasing guys, no single women or couples. I was on my way out and asked the guy at the counter since it was Saturday night could I expect to see any couples in the theater, he said maybe later, so I headed out to another theater. One not about this theater is couples are free all the time. They have booths, but there is only 1 glory hole.

Main St. Books & Video
On to my second theater, which was the Main St. Book & Video. My impression of this place is as follows: 
  • Bad section of town, small dirty theater, both the Gay and the Straight theaters. Admission is 8 dollars for 8 hours but in and out is discouraged.
  • There were just a few guys in both theaters, trying to get each other off.
  • During my almost 2 hour stay, no couples or single women came in.
  • I asked the clerk if they get much Couple traffic, he said it was very rare for a couple to come in and go to the theaters. I left and didn't go back there.

Adult Super Store
My third location was the Adult Super Store at 3850 W. Tropicana.
Here is my opinion on this theater and ABS: 
  • Very clean, they have actual rows of seats like most theaters have, all were in good working order. 
  • There is a Gay and Straight theater, both are attached, but separate. Each theater has two screens playing two different movies but sound on only one of them.
  • The fee here is also 8 dollars with in and out being dependent on the clerks liking you and letting you back in. These theaters are upstairs. 
  • The ABS has a very nice selection of movies, toys, and sexy clothes for the ladies.
  • This is in my opinion the very best theater for couples to play in, except the clerk makes trips through checking on any activity they or the city frowns on. So with that bring said, the couples may not want to play there, even though it is very clean.
At this location, one couple did come in, but only stayed a few minutes and there was no playing going on.

I stayed for about 2 hours and then went back to Adult World on Meade Ave. I talked to a couple of the guys in the theater about couples and single women, I was told even though the place is a wreck, some couples do come in, because no one like when the clerk walks through trying to scare the pants back on everyone. 

 One black couple did come in but left almost as soon as they got there. She looked a little scared, deer in the headlights look, so they left. That was the extent of the action on a Saturday night at 3 theaters. Not any fun.

Oral Reporter is out.


Doc here again... For a city like Las Vegas, Sin City if you will, the adult theater scene is very iffy at best.  Most of the scene is driven to clubs like The Green Door, The Red Rooster, and the former Power Exchange which is now called The Studios, and in a different location on S. Pecos Rd. in Vegas. 

Many thanks to The Oral Reporter for his insight!  Keep up the great work, sir!