Friday, March 20, 2015

Flash Report! I-Man at a great Midwestern Adult Theater on 2/28/15

Doc here, a man who some say has forgotten more about cannoli than most people know, with a terrific Flash Report from a reporter we have not heard from recently, I-Man.

I-Man visited a great Midwestern theater on 2/28, and he has filed this detail-rich report.  It sounds like it was a great night, and here is his report.

Take it away, I-Man!


Hello Good Doctor, 

I-Man here. Its been a long time since I wrote into your blog but I went to my favorite adult theater last night and I have quite the story to tell......

I haven't been to the this theater since before they added the VIP section for couples only. The theater was having a special couples party and since I had the night free I decided to check it out. I arrived a little after 9pm and paid my $$$ and went into the theater. In the main theater there where several guys but no couples in the lower section. However I did here voices in the VIP section. Shorty after I sat down a few couples came in and headed directly to the VIP. My initial fear was that with the new private couples section that the main level would have a complete lack of couples.
However a little while later, 2 couples came and sat in the main level. The one couple was late 40's early 50's and only played with each other. The other couple had a female that was late 20's and male that was 40ish. She was a small BBW, red hair and cute. This second couple played with each other, but while she was getting fucked by her man she motioned for one of the single male patrons to come over. She immediately started sucking him. Of course this prompted a few other guys to whip out their members as she sucked a few but not to completion. They took a small smoke brake after this and came back for some more fun. 

As they where playing one guy asked if he could get a BJ, and she laid on the couch and sucked him. She made it clear however that he was not to cum in her mouth. She sucked him for a few minutes and then he came on her tits.

Although there where several guys around, no one else stepped up to the plate after she was cleaned up from the first guy. I politely asked her male have if I could come over. He said yes and I stood in front over her wiped it out and she went to town. I face fucked her for awhile but I could feel as she kept sucking that I wasn't going too last long. 

As this was going on another couple came in and sat directly behind us. That was the moment I made eye contact with a GORGEOUS blonde woman. She was small, maybe 5'1, little tits and a rockin body. Very firm tight backside, beautiful blue eyes, and toned stomach. Shortly after they sat down a blew my load all over the red heads chest. I helped her clean up and they left. Although I had just been drained very nicely there was no way I was about to leave without seeing what the blonde and her man (who was about 50) would be getting into.

Now my very first impression was that this would be a couple that would show over her body to all they guys, her man would probably get oral from her and that would be all the further it would go. But I was completely wrong. She was wearing a sexy little school girl outfit that was quickly on the floor, the only thing she left on was the thigh high stockings. This couple loved showing this girls body off, which was completely justified, I'm not exaggerating when I say she was gorgeous. I have a huge thing for blondes and she was exactly my type. 

Her and he boyfriend played a lot, as she sucked him and fucked him and enjoyed ever minute, everyone knew how much she enjoyed it because this girl was a screaming. This went on for awhile and then another couple who had come into the main level sat on the opposite side of the couples section. Not long after they arrived the female half who was mid 40's pretty, Mexican, and stacked came over to get a close up view of the blonde working that cock. From what I gathered this two couples had met before at the theater but never played together...

That changed as it wasn't long before the other female had her clothes off and licked the blonde into blissful orgasm. And if the scenario couldn't get any hotter, this was the first time she had ever went down on a woman! But from the way the blonde was screaming I would say she did a great job. 

After this the Mexican couple left and things calmed down a bit. I was still not very hopeful that this girl would actually play with any of the other males. But that all changed when one of the male patrons was talking with the male half of the blonde couple. I heard him say that the most this girl had ever fucked at this theater was 6 guys in one night! This got me very hopeful! Again they fucked for awhile and then the boyfriend invited one of the guys to join them. This guy was mid 30's and had played with them before.

Now I did do something slightly foolish that night. On my way to the theater I did not stop and get any condoms.... So once the couple invited the single male over I quickly left, found a gas station, and purchased a few love gloves. By the time I got back the couple had finished with their male friend and went out for a break. When they came back they played some more with each other. By this time is was getting late and the crowd was starting to die down i'd say it was close to 2am and there where only 5 guys still standing near this couple and 3 where just the type that where not going to get any play.  

So that left just the guy who had already fucked her and I. So we all chatted for a bit and this girl played with herself got licked by her man a few more times. They then said they where gonna take a quick break and then she would fuck someone else.

When they came back they informed us that the management said they where going to close in 20min. They are suppose to be open later, however the mid 30's-gentleman informed me that they've been doing this a lot lately. 

The couple was disappointed as they wanted to stay. I was disappointed as I had invested several hours into seeing if anything would pan out with this girl. Well her boyfriend said to her there not going to close if your in the middle of fucking...He then looked at me and said "Do you want to fuck her?" I in the calmest way I could said "Ya." I came into the couples section took of my pants and sat next to this girl wearing nothing but her stockings. She grabbed my cock and immediately started sucked. It was wonderful she just could not get enough cock, and since I had already been drained once i planed on fucking her good.

I put a condom on and she laid on her back on the couch, I got on top pf her, rubbed my cock on her pussy and then pushed into the tightest pussy I've ever felt. I went slow at first and then started to pound her, she screamed and screamed as i was putting everything I had into it. After awhile of that she sucked me for awhile. Her boyfriend then wanted her to bend over this sex chair in this area. She did and I stood behind her and entered that wonderful pussy. Now this was definitely a sport fuck. 

I wanted badly for someone to "take that pussy" and I pounded it with everything I had. We then sat in the chair and she got on top and started to ride my cock. She did not ride my cock sweet and sensual, this girl wanted to FUCK. And she did, she pounded that pussy up and down on me and I did the best I could to match her thrusts. We did this off and on for a bit until management told use we had to stop as it "was time to close." 

Although I could of fucked her for hours and whispered in her ear "If you suck me I'll cum. She got off me, took the condom off and went to work sucked the life out of me. It wasn't long until I was ready to cum "I said "I'm going to cum." Expecting her to take it out and jerk me off, but she didn't she, she just kept sucking and stroking. She took ever last drop into her mouth and swallowed with a smile! We got dressed I thanked them and we left.

This was buy far the hottest girl I have ever had the pleasure of being with and I can't wait to run into them again, this night at the theater was almost perfect.
Overall was a great experience and I hope to have more fun at this theater, as always I'll continue to share my experiences with you fellow theater goers and the Good Doctor.




Doc here again... Many thanks to I-Man for a great report.  Sounds like it was a sexually charged environment you ran into sir...And hopefully not the first of many more in 2015.