Saturday, March 21, 2015

Field Report! The Oral Reporter Visits a Few of Albuquerque, NM's Theaters and ABS on 3/14/15

Doc here with another Field Report from senior reporter The Oral Reporter.  

In this edition, his port of call in Albuquerque, NM, and he was able to hit a few different spots.  

Here we go...


Hi Doc, 

Well I have been getting out there more lately than I have been for awhile, some of my trips have been better than others, but with this thing of ours it's a hit and miss affair especially for us single guys.

Back to my last visit on Saturday the 14th in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I wish I could have been there for both Friday and Saturday nights to be able to check out more than one Adult Theater. I decided to check out the 98th Street Theater listed in your directory of adult theaters. This theater is directly across from a Flying J truck stop so it gets a lot of truckers, they can park at the truck stop and walk across the street. 
More about the theater, as soon as you walk in the door you are asked for your ID, then you have your choice of browsing the ABS, visiting the booths (most with Glory Holes and privacy doors) or going to the theater. The theater costs $6 dollars the ticket is good for 4 hours, or three in and outs in the same time frame. The clerk will punch your ticket every time you want to go back in the theater. The booths have a $1 dollar cover charge, then you feed the machines, and hope that some lovely lady comes in to sample what's being offered in the glory holes.

The $1 dollar is covered if you buy a theater ticket, so this place is an inexpensive evenings entertainment.

The clerks are friendly and informative of any notice of up coming couples visits that are listed on Craig's list or other sites. I was in contact with one couple on CL, and they had been to the 98th St. theater, but said in their experience the traffic was mostly guys.
I thought well I would give this theater a chance, with it being a Saturday night I had a better than 50-50 chance of either a brave single female (unicorn) might come in or a fun couple could grace the Theater or the glory hole booths. I asked the clerk if any couples or unicorns had been in, he and one of the other guys who was hanging around the counter said one couple was in the theater earlier. It was 9pm when I arrived, they said usually if there are any couples the action usually starts after 10:30pm.

I purchased my theater ticket and checked the place out. I found a very clean theater, and the booths were clean with no shortage of glory holes. Some quite large.

The theater does not have soft seating, but the metal mesh type of benches like good park benches. This allows for clean seating with back rests and foot rests.

While I was there, several couples came in the ABS, a couple of them were very good looking and we wished would be visiting the theater or the booths. My unlucky streak was holding true to form, and none of them entered the theater or the booths. One CD did come in and went to one of the booths with one of the guys who was into that thing. 

The previous night I was told that a wild and crazy couple was in the theater and she was pleasing all the guys and some of them getting sloppy second trips. She was doing all 3 holes and some of the guys were able to try all 3 of the holes. She stayed I was told until there were no more guys able to get it up. Naturally I was a day late to be a part of it. 

I stayed until 2am and finally departed. I had to catch a plane in the late morning, so some sleep was needed. On my way back to my Hotel I stopped by another theater listed in your directory, called the Pussycat. It was closed, so I could not check out the interior. The 98th street theater is open 24/7.

If I go back to Albuquerque I will check out the Pussycat Theater and another one I heard about called the Big Eye Theater.

Well Doc, I wish this would have been a more fun filled report instead of a fact finding report, but this thing of ours is not a guaranteed thing, we are at the mercy of the fun and adventuresome couples and the rare Unicorns.

I may be trying out the Phoenix adult theater scene this next weekend the 21st of March. One of the truckers who was in the 98th St theater said Phoenix has some good theater action. I'll let you know how it goes if I go there. If any of your readers can tell me what Phoenix theaters are the best, maybe I can have a more exciting report for your blog.

Oral Reporter signing out!!!


Doc here again... Many thanks as always to The Oral Reporter for another insightful report. Keep up the fine work, sir!