Saturday, March 21, 2015

Couple's Flash Report! Meathead and NawtNurse at Fantasyland 1 in Tampa, FL + 15th Ave. Visit Announcement for TONIGHT! With Pics Too!

Doc here, a man who some say is the Ayatollah of Rocknrolla, with an exceptional Couple's Flash Report AND Visit Announcement from my good friends Meathead and NawtNurse

The Good Doctor had the pleasure of meeting Meathead and NawtNurse at a private gathering of naked bodies and bad intentions last year, and folks, NawtNurse is not to be missed. 

Tonight, March 21st, Meathead and NawtNurse will be visiting 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago to take in a couple movies and maybe grab a steam in the spa. They would enjoy meeting some of the good readers of The Journal, so if you meet them tonight, please make sure to tell them that "Doc sent me". 

Here we go...



It was a Thursday, a hot steamy night in the real city by the bay (Tampa not SF) and Meathead and NawtNurse had visions of some kinky fun in mind.

Meathead had gone to a party at an unnamed establishment before and it had gotten into some very hot late night action. NawtNurse had been on a continuing education seminar for how to bring life back to the dead--skills which she in my opinion already has-at least if you are a man or woman thoroughly aroused by the most magnificent 36 NATURAL DD breasts this side of (pick your fave large breasted hottie!). So having heard the stories was ready to see what was going on (and participate in what was going on)..

Pfffftttttt... there was zero action, and so we left about midnight. At this point we consulted the kink-o-meter and it pointed to Fantasyland!

FL2 was quiet as a church mouse, so onto Fantasyland 1,- a very different story!
We went in and of course the assembled gentlemen took due notice of NawtNurse as she had on a dress where the top portion barely contains her breasts...well we picked a sofa and one guy came over and sat down beside and we told him give us some room and a little bit of "get comfortable" time. 

About 10 minutes, later NawtNurse began to unzip me and start to use those magnificent skills on me. Always fun to have your girl sucking you off and knowing everyone else wants in on the action...again, the guys came up but NawtNurse wanted to "work" on me, so again I said, give us some room guys, and after more of that I really wanted to fuck her, so I spread her legs on the sofa and began to fuck her. 

NOW it was okay for her to be consumed by the assembled guys. One was in her mouth while I was fucking her, multiple hands were on her breasts, other guys were slipping on condoms and her legs and clit were being rubbed while I was fucking her......I shot my load in her (bareback of course) and then the next guy went in her--all wearing condoms.

By this time a guy was saying to NawtNurse as she was giving him a blowjob, "Where do you want it?", and she said 3 of the most exciting words you can ever hear "In my mouth" she said, and he shot his cum right down her throat. Well multiple fuckings and multiple blow jobs continued as I enjoyed the scene.

NawtNurse & Meathead
The last 2 guys to cum via her "lip love", one shot it all over her breasts and the other one on her face!! So f-ing hot!....

That was the finale as NawtNurse had multiple orgasms during her multiple fuckings--it was actually 5 total guys and at the end she looked up at me and said "CAN YOU SAY BUKKAKE?" I said yes baby..oh yea...So we took to the washroom to get ready for our return to the outdoors and the guys all politely and warmly thanked us on the way out. 

Then it was on the to home, hearth and fireplace with an adult beverage to relive the nights festivities....

Which brings us to Saturday night, March 21st...NawtNurse and I will be at 15th Ave. Adult Theater tonight, hoping to get there between 8 and 10pm. Would love to see some of Doc's readers there tonight. 

Meathead & NawtNurse 


Doc here again... Many thanks to Meathead and the amazing NawtNurse for a terrific Couples Flash Report!  And tonight ladies and gentlemen, I hope you can meet them at 15th Ave. Adult Theater while they enjoy what I assume will be an exciting double-bill in the theater. Remember...Tell them "Doc sent me!"