Monday, March 23, 2015

Flash Report! El Extranjero at the Barnett Ave. Superstore in San Diego on Friday 3/20/15

Doc here, a man who some say can get it out of a sand trap like nobody's business, with a terrific first-time Flash Report from long time reader El Extranjero.

EE happened to be visiting San Diego's awesome Barnett Ave. Superstore this past Friday night, and ran into an incredible scene with an incredible blonde.

This is a fantastic report from my favorite San Diego adult theater, the Barnett Ave. Superstore

Take it away, El Extranjero!


Hello, Good Doctor, 

I've been visiting your site for a couple of years now and never really had a story worth sharing until now...

I travel often to San Diego on the weekends and whenever I can, I drop by the theaters at the Barnett Adult Superstore, hoping to find and partake in a story worthy of your notice (and my enjoyment).
So it was last Friday March 20th, arriving at Barnett around 9:30. All guys (15-20) when I arrived, with a young good looking couple coming in quick and leaving, soon after a crossdresser and his (hers?) elderly escort start playing in the back, followed by an elderly couple sitting in the front row.

At 10 pm a woman enters the theater: pretty, black dress, blonde, fair-skinned, mid to late 30s, dolled up. She walked alone to the end of the theater and one of the many guys standing around approached her, said something, and just as quickly as she got to the back of the theater, as naturally as can be, she turns around, puts her arms on the wall, phone in hand, and the stranger raises her dress and enters her doggystyle. This set off the feeding frenzy and in moments she had 10-15 guys all around her.

Soon her beautiful natural breasts (C-cup, maybe) were out and her nipples were getting groped and sucked. Unfazed by the throng she tells us that she's here for cock and boy did she prove it: she must have gotten fucked by at least 7 guys (yours truly included), all the time with her arms against the back wall, not even turning to see who it was inside of her. Amid all the hands and cocks around her (it was packed, one middle-aged Asian guy tried to grab me twice) a young guy in a plaid shirt even knelt between her and the wall and gave her oral as she got fucked.

"No fingers", though, was one of her rules and among the other things she kept saying in a deliciously lustful voice was: "I came here to fuck" and "I wanna fuck the whole room". And let me tell you, if you were hard you got to. I was curious as to why she kept the phone in her hand and right before I entered her I asked her who it was on the line: with a shameless giggle she told me it was her husband.

The thought of her husband hearing his wife get ravaged by a whole room full of horny guys was an extra turn on and she was sopping wet and wide open when I slid into her. I even said some things to him on the speaker phone, mentioning how wet "his" woman was, how many guys she had fucked, and how good his wife's pussy felt (I fancy myself a bit of a bull and love humiliating husbands when given the chance).

Anyways, the call with hubby kept breaking up, and she dutifully stopped whenever this happened to call him back :P, so she took a break and told us she'd be back.

10 Minutes later, as promised, she was again on the back wall of the theater. On this second round she got 3-4 guys to cum inside her and let the room know that: "You don't have to fuck me, you can cum on me, just don't waste the sperm". She also knelt this time and blew at least 3 guys: at one point had 4 loads on her body (I hear it's good for the skin...), including my second shot, and one in her mouth. She smeared the cum all over her chest and then took a longer break, about 20 minutes, for a smoke and chat with hubby in the car.

I passed on a note with the link to your most illustrious journal and told her to send you an email if she wants a filled to capacity room. She kept saying she was coming back next week, now with her hubby. Sadly, it was around 11:30 pm by then and I had family waiting for me to arrive, so I watched her eagerly go back inside for a 3rd round as I left, no doubt in my mind that she could take all that the room gave to her. In hindsight I now regret that I did not stay, I should have reported the whole story for you and your readers. Maybe someone else who was there can fill in on what happened next.

Hopefully she'll visit the Journal and confirm with an email next Friday's visit. I can pretty much guarantee that if she does, any hard cock in the room will get fucked and/or blown and, most importantly, drained and satisfied.

Signing off, you can call me El Extranjero


Doc here again... I hope the hot blonde lady who visited last Friday does indeed reach out to The Good Doctor.  I would welcome posting a Visit Announcement for you!

Many thanks goes out to El Extranjero for his excellent report...And hopefully the first of many more!