Thursday, November 5, 2015

Flash Report! The Black Hat Squeezes in a Visit to Berlin News Agency and Grabs a Slice in August 2015

Doc here, a man who some say knows the best slice in Jersey is at the Ooh-Fa in Patterson, with a terrific Flash Report from former high school muff high diver, senior reporter The Black Hat.

The Black Hat, along with his young ward, Porn Buddy, hit my friends at the Berlin News Agency for some shore leave, and have a good tale to tell.

So ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy the song stylings of The Black Hat and his report.


August in NJ

During the waning days of August I found myself on an unplanned visit to Atlantic City, New Jersey to settle some business. It was a mid-week trip and I was traveling up from my lair down South with a buddy who is often my sidekick in this thing of ours. (Everybody should have a porn buddy.) We met with our contact in AC at about 11AM, took care of some details and then surveyed the scene further.

Now I’ll be the first to admit that AC is not what it used to be, but there’s just something about a Jersey boardwalk in summer that gets my motor running. Women of all shapes and sizes strolling the boards and many more on the beach baking in the sun. We took in the sights for a about an hour, bypassed the casino’s and moved out.

We took our contact out for a quick lunch, said our good byes and began driving west on the AC Expressway. We were both feeling the pulse of our short visit to the oceanfront and I could see the possibilities on my buddy’s face. He was plotting. He was calculating. He was a man with many ideas.

The discussion went like this. A few early afternoon cocktails at NJ strip club? Perhaps a good hotel bar and a chance encounter with a lonely maiden? Maybe we head north and make a rendezvous with some known talent in Central NJ? All good ideas and then……a question. “Berlin?” Now, this question was delivered with a certain casualness, as if he were asking if I wanted a slice of pizza. “Slice?” The truth is I wanted both.

We were in the general vicinity of Berlin News Agency and Red Barn in Berlin, NJ, it was 2PM and we thought “ why not”? We cruised past Red Barn first and saw that the lot was packed. This was a Thursday afternoon. Time for some recon. We stopped, paid our fee’s and began our sweep of the establishment. All dudes. We left.

Back in the rig, a quick U-turn and a short drive to BNA. We parked and were warmly greeted by the manager, Frank. Frank is one of the consummate professionals in this hobby. He runs a tight ship, provides guided tours to couples on their first visits and always lets the patrons know where there might be action within the establishment. As we were getting change for the theaters’ bill fed payment machine, Frank informed us that there was a couple in the theater. Things were looking up.

We entered the BNA theater and did a full assessment. The first enclave showing gay porn was empty sans one senior who was taking a nap. Approaching the four corner quadrants we could make out some activity in the main theater on the left. We pressed on and checked each corner quadrant. A couple of guys making their rounds but no action of any kind. We moved to the theater.

Here we found three guys toward the rear of the theater and a nude curvy brunette woman whom I’ll call Jade. Jade was naked and laying on her side. She was gorgeous and sexy as hell resembling a full figured nude by Michelangelo. She was sucking one guy (Latino guy) like a champ. While a large guy, whom I’ll call Clueless, was standing next to Latino Guy and leering at the proceedings. The third guy was older (Old Guy), I’d put him between 65 and 70, who was sitting in the bleachers taking it all in.

Porn Buddy took a seat in the bleachers while I stepped closer to Jade and asked Clueless if he was with the lady. He replied “no” and I then asked Jade if I could touch. She said, “of course” and I began gently rubbing her back as she continued to suck the life out of Latino Guy. I then moved on to sucking on her massive tits which were delightful.

After a few minutes of this, Latino guy was arching his back and stepping up on his tip toes, in an instant he unloaded and Jade kept going. Latino guy grabbed my shoulder for support. (Which was fine, I thought the dude was going to faint!). Jade came up for air and Latino guy stepped out of the batters box.

Clueless made no move so I began to ignore the fact that he was there. I had by now worked my fingers down to Jade’s pussy and was finger banging her with two fingers. She was sopping wet. Then I began gently massaging her clit while her hands found my cock coming to attention beneath my shorts. She began stroking me through my shorts and after a little bit it became a little comical, like I was Vince Vaaghn in Wedding Crashers getting jerked off at the dinner table by the crazy sister! At that point, I unbuttoned and Jade was readying herself for a feast. I asked her if she wanted to suck me, she replied, “that’s what I’m here for, we drove from Maryland today just so I could suck a lot of strange dick.” With that she pointed to Old Guy who was apparently her guardian angel but not participating, at least not to our knowledge.

Jade began working her tongue over my cock deliberately. Tongue tip to cock tip to shaft to balls and then she took all of me. I got in a good rhythm and began head fucking hard and fast. From time to time she would look up at me with her killer brown eyes as if to say, “You fucking love this don’t you, you dirty fucking boy?” It was just beautiful. 

I held her hair, gave it a tug periodically and rubbed her back to her know how much I appreciated her talents. After a few minutes, I could feel my load building and I steadied my own legs to fire. I asked Jade where she wanted it and she just increased the ferocity of her work. I took that as the go sign to explode in her mouth and I did letting out a sudden gasp and a stern “fuck yeah!”

I thanked Jade, stepped back to compose myself and then retreated to the wash room to clean up. When I returned, Clueless was back up against the wall. Old Guy was now on his feet. And Porn Buddy was now at bat. And when I say “at bat” I mean he was presenting 9 full inches of wood and ready to take in all of the heat that would be given. Jade got to work and repeated the same technique she began with me. She was a woman on a mission. Porn Buddy later reported that he had a massive load saved up from over a week of abstinence and fired a massive projectile of protein that landed half on Jades tongue and lips and half on the floor. Then, he was surprised that after just a little more coaxing, he fired off a second round. Guys, you know when that happens you are in the presence of a woman with special talents.

We said our goodbyes to Jade and made our way out of the theater. We thanked Frank for the serious Jersey hospitality and made our way back to the rig. As we pulled out of the parking lot Porn Buddy turned to me and asked, “slice?” “Why not?”

Just another day living the dream as The Black Hat and Porn Buddy. 

Until next time, be cool and I remain, The Black Hat.


Doc here again...Many thanks to senior Journal scribe The Black Hat for another great report from the front lines and beach heads in this thing of ours.   Keep the reports and pics coming in, sir!