Saturday, December 12, 2015

UPDATED 12/12 at 9AM: TONIGHT!!! The Big 15th Ave. Adult Theater Party: Bad Santa on Saturday December 12th at 8pm! Hosted by Doc!

UPDATED 12/12 at 9AM: The big day is here folks!  Bad Santa Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater !  

The jet black & falcon-winged Lizardo 4000 is gassed and waxed and The Good Doctor is having a good hair day. Early this afternoon I will be picking up my sexy physician's assistant, The Lovely Jen, and we will be driving into Chicago to set up shop at our luxury hotel and prepare for tonight's festivities. Look for a pic of The Lovely Jen's sexy outfit on my Twitter later this afternoon.

The Good Doctor will be available to give tours to couples and single females at 15th Ave. Adult Theater starting at 7:30 tonight.  Just look for the handsome devil in the white lab coat and clipboard, introduce yourself, and off we will go!  

And I spoke with Bad Santa this morning as he was trying to sober up after an all-night bender. He is truly excited to meet all the ladies who might be on his naughty list, and you'll have the chance to sit on his lap and tell him all about it!  His sleigh stops by 15th Ave. around 10:15pm after the sexy outfit contest!

I also spoke with StuntSlutSimone, and she is all charged up for her visit to 15th Ave. tonight for the party!  Her outfit is a head(s) turner...Wowza!

Now it's up to you... Do you want to attend Chicago's best value in a lifestyle event, join 70-85 couples and dozens of sexy singles in a nightclub environment at Bad Santa?  If so, 15th Ave. Adult Theater is the place for you!  The party runs fro 8pm to 1am, and the theater is open until 2am!

See you tonight...Doctor's orders!


*** Updated 12/11 at Noon:   Doc here again...RSVPs are coming in via SLS at a rapid rate, and the weather looks warm for tomorrow night's Bad Santa Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater !  

My sexy physician's assistant, The Lovely Jen, has her sexy green Santa's Mistress outfit ready to go, and it looks GREAT!  If time allows, I will Tweet out a pic of her in the outfit before the event on my Twitter feed @LizardoJournal

As mentioned last night, my good friend StuntSlutSimone will be at the party to spread some Christmas cheer. Stop by and say hi to her, and tell Simone that "Doc sent me!" You're welcome. 

The schedule for events at Bad Santa  looks like this:  
The Sexy Outfit Contest will take place at 9:30 inside The Party Room. Sign up early with Doc since the # of entrants are limited. Great sexy toy prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!

Bad Santa arrives 15 minutes after the Sexy Outfit Contest wraps up. Target time is 10:15pm. Rumors of gifts to the naughty girls who sit on Bad Santa's lap have been substantiated. 

Be ready and be sexy for the Bad Santa Party Saturday night at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, 2125 N.15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL.

Update 12/10 at 6PM: The finishing touches were put on The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater yesterday, and we are locked and loaded for a very fun night of dicking decking the halls and jiggling the boobs jingling the bells.
StuntSlutSimone's New
Christmas Outfit!
The Good Doctor spoke with Bad Santa today, and he was busy filling his sack with items all girls like for the holidays.  So ladies, if you like older guys with beards or have unresolved daddy issues, Bad Santa has a lap for you to sit on. 

Saturday night will have two events within the party: First, our Sexy Outfit Contest at 9:30, and hosted by Doc himself.  Great sex toy prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place!  Sign up with Doc prior to the start of the contest! And 15 minutes after that ends, Bad Santa will arrive with his sack, ready to hear what the ladies have on their Xmas lists. 

Lastly, one of The Good Doctor's naughtiest friends confirmed this afternoon she will attend the party:  The awesome StuntSlutSimone!  She and Mr. S will be on hand, and if you were on hand for her last party she attended, you know she (and you) had a blast!

Remember, this is a BYOB event.  Bring your own libations and check them in with Natalie behind the bar.  She will keep your stuff cold until you want to refill. 

The Good Doctor's next update is Friday morning...And look for a special StuntSlutSimone Freeze Frame Report later tonight.


Updated 12/9 at 4PM: The Bad Santa Swag Bags for Saturday's HUGE party are complete!  We wrapped them up around 1PM today, and here is your first look at them!  ENJOY! (remember only the first 50 M/F couples get one with their paid admission to the event!)

8AM Update:

We are 3 days away from our 3rd Annual Hoilday Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, Bad Santa, on Saturday December 12th at 8pm in Chicago.

This morning 12/9, The Good Doctor along with the lovely Natalie and Officer Bob, will be putting together the Bad Santa Swag Bags for Saturday night's HUGE Bad Santa Party. We have some special things for these bags, so get here early so you do not miss out. Remember, each bag holds a $50 retail value of fun things for all your senses.

As always, I will Tweet out a pic of the Swag Bags sometime tomorrow around noon after we finish them up at 15th Ave.

In other updates...

We have a lot of very cool things planned for you, the attendees of this Saturday's Bad Santa Holiday Party at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago.  Let me rattle off a few...

  • The Bad Santa Swag Bags for the first 50 male/female couples are going to be very cool. Festive and with items for all your senses (including a XXX DVD), each bag has a retail value of $50.  Arrive early to make sure you do not miss out!
  • Our sexy outfit contest returns, with prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places! MC'd by Doc.
  • An appearance by Bad Santa, who will bring a sack of treats to give out to those who sit on his crotch knee and tell him how bad they have been this year. 
Do not miss this huge party, the last of year hosted by Doc!  

Our next update is Tuesday...Girls, get your outfits ready for this party!  


PS.  Here is the new promo video for the party!  Enjoy!