Sunday, December 13, 2015

Flash Report! Club Tabu in Lansing, Michigan by Jamming Jackie!

Doc here, a man who some say owns a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range, with a brand new Flash Report from regular contributor, Jamming Jackie.

JJ hit Club Tabu in Lansing, MI, and has filed this report.

What find you, sir?


Hello there Doc, 

Jamming Jackie here and checking in from Lansing, Michigan. It had been a long day and by about 10pm or so I'm figuring its time to get some shut eye but I might as well check the Journal and see what's going on in this middle of the mitten area of Michigan. 

Seconds later a quick scroll in the database yields Club Tabu only 4 miles away! A gift from the heavens for sure and while tired and ready for bed I take this as a sign from the theater gods and decide I had better at least go check it out and at least send in a report to update the excellent upbeat, optimistic (and accurate) review of the establishment by Flynn from a little over a year ago.

Friday night 11:16pm arrival, just about prime time Yelp report says (they really Yelp about adult theaters? LOL). Parking lot looks packed! Good to see so I scope out for a few minutes while checking last minute texts and emails before playing my $10 entry fee for unlimited in and out all night till 4am. Only one old black guy on a bike asked me for a quarter on the way through the off street parking lot. Other than that smooth sailing from the car through the well lit safe feeling lot to the building.

Desk clerk seems friendly and said there was one couple in earlier, but not sure if they are still there. I told him I'm on a undercover reconnaissance mission for the Dr. Emilio Lizardo's Journal of Adult Theaters as an undocumented, unauthorized, unassociated but appreciated traveling dirty detective investigating for the cause. His unfazed look gave him away as a newbie to this thing of ours. Face piercings and all he was very helpful.

First room upon entry is about 40' x 20' with a few couches, chairs, small stage and tables. Two flat screens, one straight porn and the other gay. 4 guys watching in silence. I took a walk around, looking like fresh meat I'm sure, but paid no heed as I took in the lay of the land so they say. Quite a big space further back with black walls and curtains breaking it up into small nooks good for a Lil privacy if needed. All the TVs in the further back were playing gay or tranny porn. Lots of random guys milling around. No action seen by me during the walk through. This reporter doesn't see any rules or couples area posted. I feel a few simple rules outlining this thing of ours would be a good start at any establishment as a little reminder to the participants to keep it fun and positive.

I take a seat near the one (of eight) screen showing straight porn. I'm trying to be patient since we all know that is the key ingredient in this thing of ours and patience is rewarded! Just before midnight in walks a young blonde lady about 10 feet behind a biker looking dude, they are not together and this is a single lady looking for adventure. She looks young with big wide open eyes, a beautiful smile and knockout body! Standing about 5' 2" she walks with a purpose straight through the main room into the more divided up dark area. After a couple minutes I follow her path and find her chatting with a few guys in a fairly open area by the opposite end of the place. She seems shy and fidgeting around a bit, nervous horny energy I'm sure. 

Feeling that she might be getting creeped out by the two chatting her up I politely introduce myself and ask her name, she introduces herself as H. I'm trying to get her more comfortable and open for some fun (ok 100% in my self interest). She says she's been here a couple times before so thats a very good sign to this reporter! She knows exactly what she's getting herself into and likes it apparently! My kind of girl for sure! Within a couple minutes one guy asks if he can touch her and she agrees, the guys are polite in touching her super hot breasts and nice smooth ass over her cloths. She is writhing on her feet and so turned on she can't stand still while 6-8 hands explore her sexy young wanting body. 

Next that shirt and bra are pushed up and the nicest pair of pert fresh boobies are out on display and the target of my (and a few others) touch and tongue lashing for sure. During this time I take the time to make sure she's not the only one getting cloths ripped off and open up my pants like a gentleman would in this case to make the lady more comfortable! Guiding her hand down she takes hold and does not let go for sure with a beautiful soft even tempo until I'm fully erect.

After an appropriate time (theater foreplay, about 4 minutes) some clever participant says "I think she likes to be naked in front of a crowd of guys". In her shy school girl manner she gives a little shrug of the shoulder and a lil head turn as if to say "you're on to me!" , well game on, the boys were very helpful in unrobing this beauty one piece at a time and placing her cloths in a neat pile off to the side. Before long she was completely naked and still standing getting touched all over. She resisted getting her pussy licked but was still comfortable. Taking a clue that she didn't want to just get naked I asked the guys to give her room to get down on her knees so she could enjoy some hard cock! The guys all took one step back like Simon Says and she, in a very sexy and comfortable way, made her way to her knees. 

Being the gentleman reporter I offered up what she came for and she swallowed the bait right away. Let me report right now fellas, H made love to my offering right there and it was an unbelievable feeling and sight to be part of. Between H's oral skill and me knowing that she came to enjoy a reward I decided to let loose without holding back so the others can enjoy this and more importantly H can enjoy the many cocks she came to experience. I tell H she's getting me close and ask if she wants it on her face (shake head side to side without stopping) , OK on those sexy tits? (still without stopping nods up and down) OK, no problem! Feeling the point of no return, I announce to H and she had her own idea and continued the oral attack until I was 100% drained without spilling a drop! My kind of lady, what a charming princess!

I backed up and left the other 3 guys to have some fun. A couple got head and one suited up for some awkward standing and bent over fucking. This guy was taking too long and is kinda inappropriate in this setting in my opinion. I don't think the ladies want a marathon session in this case! Anyways, that dude never reached his happy place and I think I might have been the only one to give her the treasure she ventured out to discover. Guys, you have to stop in and spend some time her to make sure H is kept happy and keeps cumming back for more!

Monday – Thursday — 10:00am – 2:00am
Friday – Saturday — 10:00am – 4:00am
Sunday — 11:00am – 2:00am

website: Club Tabu

Doc here again... Many thanks to Jamming Jackie for another excellent report on a location we don't hear much about.  Keep up the great work, sir!