Saturday, January 9, 2016

Field Report! Joe the Cabdriver on the Grand Rapids, MI Adult Theater Scene

Doc here, a man who some say took Betsy to Charles Coffee Shop on Columbus Circle. I had black coffee and apple pie with a slice of melted yellow cheese. I think that was a good selection. Betsy had coffee and a fruit salad dish. She could have had anything she wanted.

A brand new reporter has checked in, filled out his paperwork, and is now a card carrying member of the Knights Lizardo, AKA a reporter for The Journal.  This new scribe is Joe the Cabdriver.  He will be focusing primarily on the Michigan scene, but will be on assignment in surrounding areas as well.

In this report, Joe the Cabdriver brings us up to speed on the scene in Grand Rapids, Michigan, an area I am familiar with but only within the last 5 years.  Joe has history and a good memory, so that is good for the rest of us.

So ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Joe the Cabdriver to The Journal of Adult Theaters.



Joe The Cabdriver here. I thought I'd give you a report on the sad state of affairs of the Grand Rapids, MI adult theater scene. 

Cina-Mini II
Grand Rapids, MI
Back in the 90's and early aughts, the GR scene was fantastic, centered on the Cina-Mini 2 on Bridge street, which was one of the most hardcore theaters I have ever frequented. I witnessed many, many wonderful debaucheries in that place over the years, but it sadly closed a few years ago, a victim of the restrictive city regulations enacted on adult businesses by the highly religious factions in this town. Police harassment has decreased, I am told, so there is hope for a resurgence. Grand Rapids does have a very active swinger and BDSM scene, such as Club 616, which centers around various motels in the area. There is hope for this town.

The Cina-Mini 1 at 1358 Plainfield is still open. That place attracted couples in the heyday, but not nearly as much as the other one. It has been completely remodeled to comply with city regulations, and is actually now much cleaner and nicer than it was, not nearly as grungy or smelly. 

Cina-Mini I
Grand Rapids, MI
The peep booths with gloryholes are gone at Cina-Mini 1, replaced by a few booths with no doors. The large bathroom is unique, as it is co-ed, and each toilet stall features a screen with porn, which I've never seen before (ed. note: !). There is also a section here with curtains, where most of the illicit action around occurs. This place has much potential for couples and 'this thing of ours', but the clientele is primarily gay, and the employees inform me that couples rarely ever come in. 

The Adult XXX Superstore at 2007 Division SW has been there for many years, adjacent to an equally long running massage parlor(one of the few featuring primarily local girls). A bare bones adult video and novelty store, formerly featuring a peep area; it was remodeled 10 years ago, and now features simply a grungy lounge where straight and gay adult videos are shown. The very helpful and nice employees, though, tell me that couples are starting to come back, though I myself have not seen any. The clientele is primarily gay. No gloryholes, though there is a smaller lounge in the back with more privacy. Again, there is potential for this place, if you don't mind the grunginess. 

There you have it. Hope my next report has more action.

Joe the Cabdriver


Doc here again... Many thanks to Joe the Cabdriver for a terrific first time report on the state of all things Grand Rapids. Hopefully the scene is on the rebound.  Fingers crossed.

Keep the cards and letters coming, Joe!