Friday, February 5, 2016

Flash Report! Viking Hits Fantasyland I and II in Tampa in 2015

Doc here, a man who some say the Norse Gods referred to as "The Great Bear Shirt", even though I am allergic to fur.

As part as the big report catch-up, this outstanding report from first time contributor Viking slipped through the cracks.  I am happy to say this has been rectified, and is now here for your reading pleasure. 

Viking hit the always great Fantasyland I and II in Tampa, FL, and has this report to tell his Nordic tale. 

Take it away, Viking!


I recently had the chance to spend some time in the center of adult fun, Tampa! Unlike many of my trips to these emporiums of "this thing of ours", this time I had a chance to spend several evenings at Fantasyland I and II in Tampa.

Fantasyland I
Tampa, FL
Both places have changed from what you might expect of most adult theaters. First they are pretty upscale, I'd be willing to take the wife (I was alone on this trip) to either one. FantasyLand is a bit more like a theater, with gloryholes in the back, theater up front and a lounge of the main "store". Fantasyland II is more club like, with an outdoor area as well as a lounge and two theater rooms. 

What's different about both places, and I suspect this is with a nod to the local law enforcement, is that there's very little public display of affection (or lust). For the most part couple dress up in there sexy, revealing best and look to pick up a willing subject and then they retreat to the private rooms. A great deal for those able to join the sexy players, not so much for those who'd like to watch. However the week was not without it's highlights!
I arrived on a Monday night to a mostly empty parking lot. Thinking that I'd just check the place out I went inside and paid the theater fee, I was just there a moment when a gorgeous young lady and her husband walked in, paid their fee and went in the theater with me discreetly in trail. They were only seated for a few moments when he lifted her leg over his and began to play with the lovely pink parts. Much to my surprise he invited me over and I immediately dove in to taste the lovely lady. As I busied myself, two or three others came over to watch. 

Hubby explained that they often came (no pun intended) early in the week and sometimes at lunchtime for a stress reliever. Mind you Doc, I was doing my best to provide stress relief during this conversation. Hubby then asked us to retire to a private room which we all immediately agreed to do. 

Fantasyland II
Tampa, FL
As we entered the private room (a large and comfortable room) another couple arrived with a very attractive blonde MILF and asked to join us. Well now, this was hitting the jackpot! Both couples were wonderful and happily participated with all in the room. I was immensely gratified (pun intended) and thinking I had hit the lottery. Turns out that was the highlight of the week for me. The lesson here is that you might be better off on off nights and afternoons than the traditional Fri-Sat nights here.

Tuesday night was also lightly attended, however there was almost always a couple or two in attendance. Tuesday nights' feature was a pregnant brunette who delighted in teasing both her husband and everybody in attendance with quickie, non-complete blow jobs for her husband. I don't believe they ever hooked up with anybody, but there was plenty of show!

Wednesday night was busy, but mostly locals on date night and some very attractive CD's (tempting, but not for me). Ladies and couples are always admitted free! A further word here about the two theaters, apparently they're owned jointly and they do offer a discounted ticket if you go from one to the other. I did make use of that once I discovered this deal and there is also pretty steady traffic over the few blocks that separate the two theaters.

Thursday night was completely void of any female/couple traffic, those present swore that Thursday night was normally huge and very busy. How many times have we heard that in the hobby: "You shoulda been here an hour/day/week ago". At any rate Thursday was a bust. I did have a chance to talk with a couple of the Doctor's fans and we commiserated of the paltry display that night.

Friday and Saturday night were both very busy, but these were exclusively hotwife pickup nights. Couples of all types and ages were present and the atmosphere was pretty electric. Both theaters provided ample opportunity to be "picked up" but the competition was stiff (yep I meant it) and there were way more volunteers than opportunities. None the less fun was had by all, if nothing less than the incredible optimism that we have each time we hear the sexy click of high heels coming down the hallway.

Great place, friendly staff and I'd definitely go back, but I might try afternoons or the off nights more!


Doc here again... Many thanks to Viking for his terrific report on one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters anywhere: Fantasyland I and II in Tampa.  Make sure you check out Fantasyland's updated website HERE and their Twitter feed HERE, and tell them Doc sent you!