Monday, March 28, 2016

Couples Flash Report! His and Her Report! Ms. PIPPY and The Escort Hit Fantasy Zone in Memphis

Doc here, a man who some say won several local trampoline competitions with his patented move, the Shy Tuna, with a GREAT report and set of pics from the very sexy Ms. PIPPY (along with her guy, The Escort).

This is a "Her's and His " report, and I think you'll enjoy it.

Take it away, kids...


Hi Sweet Doctor! It's been a while but The Escort has taken me out once again and oh what an outing it was. He had planned to take me back to see our friends at The Fantasy Zone in Memphis. We love Ken and the Fantasy Zone along with all the guys there but we got a bit sidetracked on this outing. We made it to Memphis okay and wound up getting made by Memphis. Let me just say this, ohhhhhh I do so love Memphis!

Upon our arrival in The M we stopped to see our friend Mr Trainer. He is a trusted friend who works at the Genesis Club. You may remember he has accompanied us to the Fantasy Zone in the past. Anyway, it just so happened that Mr Trainer had a few friends in town, we will say 9 or 10 but who's counting? The Escort and Mr Trainer decided: "ten cocks in my bush would be better than a few in the hand," so we found a place to spend a couple of hours with our new friends. 

Doc, you of all people should know that a girl can't have too many friends, though having them all at one time can leave a girl somewhat......I'll just leave that to your imagination. You know I loved it! I just can't get enough of Memphis but I sure do like trying! I've already put in my request to The Escort to take me back soon. You know the song, "Maybe it was Memphis?" I can tell you from experience that it was!!

The Escort

Hey Doc, The Escort here. As our dear Ms PIPPY has shared, she had quite a visit to Memphis! What can I say about this dear girl, what a trooper. She squared off against ten big cocks and gave them her best. They loved her as much as she loved them and Doc, that's a whole lot of love right there.

Ms. PIPPY entertained, and was entertained, for a sex crazed hour and 45 minutes. There was not one whole minute of that time that our girl was not packed full of hard cock. Rock hard swollen cock pumping furiously into her sweet dainty pussy, cock choking her as one right after another was shoved between her soft sweet lips and down her hungry throat. Cocks in each hand as she skillfully stroked them time and time again while her pussy and mouth were being ravaged. Wow what a precious treasure our girl is.

This group of guys destroyed her sweet pussy as the before and after pictures I sent indicate. After the last cock was pulled from her swollen pussy as it was clinging to the huge hunk of man meat, after the last load of cum was dumped, her pussy was literally swollen shut! She was beautiful. 

You know good Doctor, the most amazing thing here is when I got her home she was ready for more. I was happy to oblige our sweet Ms PIPPY. As I forced my cock into her battered cunt, her grunts and moans created a most sensual symphony of pain and pleasure, the likes of which I am certain to hear again in the very near future. 

Our sweet Ms. PIPPY would not have it any other way!


Ms. PIPPY's Gallery of Pics Starts Here!
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