Monday, March 28, 2016

Field Report: Pure Pleasure Mega Center, Orange Heights, FL by Tommy Salami

Doc here with a first time Field report from new contributor, Tommy Salami.

Tommy has submitted a Field Report from Pure Pleasure Mega Center near Gainesville, FL. In the past, one of my original reporters, JaxBchBum posted several reports on this place. However, new reports are important, and this brings us up to date:

Take it away, Tommy Salami.


Hi Doc,

This is my first Field Report. 

Pure Pleasure Mega Center
(formerly Theater X)
Orange Heights, FL

I've been visiting this place three or four times a year for a decade or so. Like just about anyplace, you never know what you're gonna find. Some nights it's just a bunch of guys sitting around nervously. But on other nights, anything might happen. 

Pure Pleasure Mega Center
Near Gainesville, FL
Over the years I've probably seen a hundred naked women, played with more tits than I can remember, gotten dozens of blowjobs, fucked a dozen or so complete strangers, watched a woman get fist-fucked,  took a way-too-pretty-to-be-in-a-place-like-this blonde up her butt and diddled a rather mature lady until she squirted four times.

Fun place, if your timing is right.

This theater/bookstore is in a fairly small building at a fairly remote crossroads, about 10 miles east of Gainesville. You might find it listed in some places under its old name, Theater X, or find it listed in Hawthorne, Fla., which is the nearest real town. 

There used to be doors and gloryholes in the 10 or so booths, but the holes have been boarded up and the doors removed. You can still find a lot of action there, though -- generally speaking, if a couple is in the booths, somebody's gonna have some fun. Staff doesn't seem to mind if you join a couple in a booth, as long as there's money in the slot.

The theater has a large-screen TV and 8 black leather loveseats, plus a half dozen or so single seats. Here's where the majority of the couples action takes place. 

Crowd tends to be over 40, but not exclusively. Sometimes you'll get students from the University of Florida coming by (some of the best nights are following a Gators game). Some of the couples I recognize as regulars and it's not unusual to see several couples in the theater at the same time.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Tommy Salami on his first submission to The Journal. Well done, sir.  Keep them coming.