Saturday, November 12, 2016

House Call Report by Doc! Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party in Chicago on 10/22/16

Doc here, a man who some say played the role of "Stevie 6 Panels" in the ABC Afterschool Special "My Dad, The Don", sometime in the late 1980's. 

October's Nightmare on 15th Ave. Halloween Party in Chicago was a night for the ages, kids. On top of the 102 Couples and dozens & dozens of sexy singles (girls, guys, and T's), the playful vibe of the night made it something special for your old friend in the white suit and aviators.

I am going to highlight some of the memorable images and scenes of the night for you, the good readers of The Journal. They were:

The Costumes! 
The party-goers took it up a big notch for this year's Halloween event! The hot costumes from the girls were amazing, and the guy's costumes were impressive. Some of note were:
  • Master Chief and Cortana: Wow...Super authentic. I still don't know how Master Chief could see out from his visor. Cortana, a super sexy spinner in her skin tight blue costume, was incredible. More on this HOT couple later...
  • Wednesday Adams: Holy crap, this sexy outfit was my personal dream come true. Everything was perfect, right down to her braids, her knee socks, and her attitude! 5 out of 5 Lizardo Stars!
  • The Luscious Laura as Freddie Krueger! My good friend LL was HOT in her torn up stripped sweater and knife gloves. She was so naughty I had to pull her aside and tell her personally. 
  • The Wolfman: This was no off-the-shelf number from Dollar Tree. "D" had a fur outfit, and clothes on outside the fur, and a scary mask. More on him later too!
  • Officer Anita Bribe: "Anita" is a super hot blonde smokeshow of a peace officer, and she was rocking mirrored aviators, a set of handcuffs, and some incredibly tight and short hot pants. More on her later too!
  • Betelgeuse from Vegas:  Our furthest traveling guest from Betelgeuse, who came in from Las Vegas just for this event!  He entered the funniest outfit contest and from all appearances, had a great night. Thanks again for coming in, sir!
  • "CC": In her naughty schoolgirl outfit and pig tails, she looked great!
  • "R" from C&R in Ohio: My good friends C&R came in for the event from Ohio, and R was ravishing in her winged vampiress costume. She always looks incredible, and tonight was no exception!
  • Mrs. Big O Couple: The incredible A is the living version of Jessica Rabbit! And for this party she brought in penis-shaped jello shots with a mysterious white filling that squirted into many a mouth this night. 
  • The Slaneeshes: Nobody, and I mean nobody rocks a loofah and bar of soap costumes like this sexy duo! (ed. note: I asked Mrs. Slaneesh for an exfoliation, and she complied in a way only she could. Thank you!)
  • The Sexy Scotties: You could not tell this was a first time couple, as their authentic Scottish kilts were great!  And Mrs. Sexy Scottie?  Oh my... ;o)
  • Amber & Jamie - Sex Kittens: These two 20-somes were purring all night long. And their two-girl penis jello-shot show was hot and messy! 
  • Sister Kitty: The devilish nun was up to no-good all night long, and word has it she went right to confession after the party. (ed. note: No she didn't). 
  • Magic Wanda: When I first greeted Magic Wanda and her crew on their arrival, I knew they would be a lot of fun.  I had no idea HOW MUCH fun she would be. I even added her to my Christmas Card mailing list. True.
  • Adaya: I could I leave out my good friend Adaya. She is a true blonde bombshell, a 50's pin-up girl in 2016 Chicago. She had two big surprises for the sexy outfit contest.
  • Naughty Nurse Stacy: What can I say about Stacy... She's a very bad girl, and put on a squirting exhibition (with target practice) that prompted The Bellagio in Vegas to call her right after the party to recruit her for their water show. Strong rumor.
  • My Good Friend Terri: She was bedazzled in a sexy black top in her "Instigator" outfit, and she is awesome (and very flexible). 
There were tons of great costumes, and I could on and on, but in the effort to keep this from turning to a "Tale of Two Titties", onto the rest of the report...

The Contest Results! (Judged by Applause Meter)

Sexy Female Costume
  1. Adaya: When she whipped off her tight top and launched her two gorgeous nuclear options, the crowd went crazy. 
  2. Wednesday Adams: Not only was the outfit perfect, her very naughty pole dance sent tongues a-wagging. Bravo!
  3. Jamie the Sex Kitten: The fact she was dry humping my leg during the dance section didn't hurt her chances! This kitty has claws! Love this girl!
Best Couples Costume: 
  1. The Slaneesh's Loofah and Soap: Rub a dub dub, a hot Mrs. Slaneesh in a tub! And on a table with a bunch of friends. 
  • Runners Up: The Sexy Scotties, Master Chief and Cortana, and Amber & Jamie the Sex Kittens.
Open Category:
  1. "D" the Wolfman: His pole dance and howling brought the vistory home.
  2. Betelgeuse from Vegas
Doc's Memorable Moments
  • Wednesday Adams squirming on the stripper pole during the contest. 
  • In full costume, in the darkened theater, Master Chief (still in his visor) looking down on the sexy Cortana has she pleasured him intensely. Bravo!
  • Officer Anita Bribe, reverse cowgirl on her hubby in the back row of the theater, leaning forward and making out with (I believe with "CC", the naughty schoolgirl) while she was being banged doggie style.
  • "Z", one of the legendary ladies of 15th Ave., in the front row of the theater. She wearing a sexy short dress, a very cool Mardi Gras Mask, and the baby batter of about 20 guys on her face. 
  • Mrs. Slaneesh, Vickie the Vixen, & StuntSlut Simone, plus a cast of dozens forming a human Lincoln Log cabin behind the screen. 
and my favorite is last...

My good friend StuntSlut Simone, emerging from the theater with her hubby Mr. S. StuntSlut Simone is PLASTERED with baby batter to the point she cannot see anything. Being a health professional, I had her put her hands on my shoulders to guide her through the facility and into the locker room to power wash off the 21 penis gun salute she just received. She's a trooper, highly moisturized, and she is awesome! 

I am sure I missed 90% of what was happening elsewhere at Nightmare on 15th Ave. I was giving tours of the facility for the first 90 minutes of the party, and then the contests, and then it was a whirlwind of activity. 

If you were there and want to contribute your report, e-mail me directly at . You get your report in lights, and you get the byline. I do the heavy lifting for you (editing, spelling/grammar, formatting). 

And tonight (11/12/16) is Gobblefest at 15th Ave. Adult Theater, our first giving of thanks for thighs, legs, and breasts. I wonder how much gobbling StuntSlut Simone will be doing tonight?

A lot.