Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Good Doctor's Mailbag: A Note from The PNW Kid In Seattle

Doc here, a man who some say once did 4 jazzercise classes in a row before his jazz hands locked up, with another edition of The Good Doctor's Mailbag.  

When a thought provoking e-mail hits The Good Doctor's in-box, I will get permission to publish it and add my two cents to the e-mail.

Today I received this note from senior West Coast reporter, The PNW Kid. This long-time contributor is always on point, and today is no different. This note is a good one, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving!

The E-Mail:

Hi Doc,

Greetings from the great State of Washington.  I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for taking the time to prepare and share your report about The Adventurous MD Couple's meeting with The Black Sox (Doc's GB Crew) at 15th Ave. in Chicago.  They seem like great folks and I wish I'd had an opportunity to actually meet them back when I lived in Maryland.  

It was great to hear that she ultimately had a great time, despite the knuckleheads who were trying to push their way in to get their moment in the sun.  Unfortunately, we still see that from time to time out here at Secrets (in Des Moines, WA), although the staff and seasoned theater aficionados such as yours truly do their best to maintain order while couples and single women are trying to enjoy themselves.

Thanks again for all that you do, and Happy Thanksgiving,

"The PNW Kid"

Doc's Response:

Happy Thanksgiving to you too, PNW Kid!  Thank you for the terrific e-mail!

Excellent points made, sir. One of the constants in this thing of ours (going back to my early days in the 1980's) would be seasoned vets on the scene self-policing the clueless/pushy guys. The variable unfortunately is how well the clueless/pushy listen. Sometimes they do, and all benefit. Sometimes they don't, and in the case of The Adventurous MD Couple, we took the GB into a private room. 

Guys: Be patient. Listen to the alpha(s) in the room. Do not get pushy. By doing these three simple things, you (and whatever couple/single you encounter) will have a great time.