Monday, January 2, 2017

UPDATED 1/2/17! A Quick Note from The Good Doctor: Page View #10,000,000 Has Been Reached!

Updated Tuesday 1/2/17 at 3:30pm: The Journal hit page view number 10 million at a tad after 4pm CT on New Year's Day!  Thank you for your continued readership of The Journal!



Doc here, a man who some say appeared as Prosciutto the Clown in the 1982 CBC docu-drama, "The Clown and The Toque".  Audience reactions were reportedly "mixed". 

The Journal of Adult Theaters is about to hit it's most impressive milestone to date, most likely on New Year's Eve. And what milestone is this, you may ask?

Page View #10 Million! 

Since launching in August of 2009, The Journal has earned it's reputation of being the #1 go-to destination for all things adult theater-related, and gets several thousand page views per day. I hope that catching up on the latest adult theater reports, reviews, and related pictorials has become part of your daily routine.

And as we sprint towards the end of 2016, hopefully we can pop the cork on both a new year, and page view 10,000,000. 

Thank you for your loyal readership, your contributions, your reports, and even your pics of your hot wives and girlfriends. All of those, combined with a nice marinara sauce make The Journal what it is today. 

Your one stop shop for this thing of ours.  And, I'm just getting warmed up.

Thank you, and on to 20 million!