Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dr. Lizardo's Journal of Cool Media: TONIGHT! 4/5/17! Keeping it "Brockmire" on IFC (or Below)

Doc here, a man who some say once appeared as Jay "Shirtless" Smallwood in ABC's "She's the Sheriff" in 1987, with Episode 2 of Dr. Lizardo's Journal of Cool Media.

Those of you (the good readers of The Journal) who have been following this blog for years/months/days/or minutes know there are two things I hold closest to my heart: 1) The National Pastime, and 2) The Sex. 

What if I told you that there is a new series on IFC ( with it's first two episodes airing back to back Wednesday night at 10pm EST), "Brockmire" (starring the awesome Hank Azaria), that combines both? A show is that is extremely well-written, quirky, absolutely filthy, and is set against the backdrop of minor league baseball team The Morristown Frackers. 

In my last "Dr. Lizardo's Journal of Cool Media" I saved you time and money by begging you to skip the Netflix/Marvel series "Iron Fist" and giving you a small clip of the best scene in the entire series. Now, I want you to invest some time and watch the first episode of "Brockmire" from IFC's Youtube channel.  

The first 5 minutes of this show are as good an opening 5 minutes of any TV series I have ever watched (right up there with "Breaking Bad"). I'm hooked.  Watching Brockmire simultaneously do play-by-play of a Kansas City Royals game while describing coming home early from the park to surprise his wife Lucy is all sorts of awesome.  A melt down of Biblical proportions unfolds...

Please enjoy the first episode of "Brockmire" below, and stay through right to the end... There is a nice payoff!
Episode 2 airs right after episode 1 Wednesday night (10:30pm EST) on IFC, and I'll be there watching as should you.

4 out of 4 Cannoli Rating

Keeping it Brockmire,