Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Flash Report! The Executive Nomad Hits Pleasure World in Phoenix, AZ on 3/14/17

Doc here, a man who some say came up through the Padres system, playing 2nd base alongside short stop Al O'Pecea, with a fantastic first-time report on the Phoenix adult theater scene.

The Executive Nomad filed the following report, and frankly hits it out of the park on his first at-bat at Pleasure World in Phoenix, AZ.  This is a page-turner folks, so I encourage you to double-down on your Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy this report. And for regular readers of The Journal, this report may also have a familiar ring to it.

Please welcome to The Journal, the mysterious Executive Nomad!


Hello Dr.,

Divine providence ... fortune's favor ... dumb luck ... ... ... I don't know what to call it, but I owe the Good Doctor, and the others who have shared on this Journal and made it popular a beer should we ever meet. I have been a long time lurker but this is my first report.

Tuesday - March 14, 2017

I was spending 3 days in Phoenix for work, landed around 10:30 at SkyHarbor International Airport on a Southwest flight, and had suffered through the rental car shuttle and the Hertz board directed me to my spot where are nondescript silver Hyundai was waiting for me. It was 11:15 by this time and my first meeting wasn't until dinner. I had known this for a couple days, and I had combed through the Good Doctor's Journal thinking I could prowl a place or two from lunch till about 3 or 4 ... or as long as my patience held out .

Swinging the car out of the rental facility, it was a sunny day, about 65 with a breeze, the kind of day that is perfect for driving with the windows down. I first drove by Adult Shoppe #1 on 24th which looked deserted ... only 2 cars and (in this hobbyist's opinion) that's never a good sign so I drove on. Working my way down Washington I headed next to Pleasure World (
4029 East Washington, Phoenix AZ)
Pleasure World
Phoenix, AZ
It's parking is in the rear, and I circled the block once to get a feel for the place. The rear lot, which is accessed from a side street and appeared to be about 1/2 full with a couple cars parked along the street, and even more cars parked in the spots just behind Pleasure Worlds spots ... all of which at least appeared promising so I circled the block and then pulled in.

Completing the circle, I now had a car pulling into the lot behind me ... a blue convertible Audi with the top up. I had backed into a space in the 2nd row facing the door and the blue Audi pulled past, with wouldn't you know it, a couple. Things were now appearing very promising. The Audi pulled into an empty spot against the building one space from the door.

The couple lingered in the car for a moment and I waited to see what would transpire. I could tell from my vantage point that after a minute they were rustling around to get out, so I exited the car to head toward the door trying to give myself a vantage point to evaluate them.

He was in a blue sports coat, a dark golf shirt, and khaki pants, bald, barrel chested, probably 5'11 and in his 50's. Kind like Evan Handler with a square jaw and big shoulders. He circled the car to helped her .. she was DEFINITELY dressed to play ... slender with pale skin and long dark permed hair worn loose. Maybe 5'4 or 5'5, much younger than him in her late 20's or early 30's, but near his height with the 5 inch black CFM heels. She had on this little cheap black halter style dress that tied behind her neck, left the back open, plunged WAY down in front, and was scandalously short.

He guided her with his hand on her back, probably helping her as the pavement was old and deteriorating and the little heels must have made walking difficult, but DAMN she looked good. The open back and plunging front meant no bra, and her nipples made obvious dents in the cheap glittery black fabric. These weren't big oversized fake breasts that rode too high on the chest ... hers had a natural sag and sway ... it was REALLY looking promising.

I got to the door first and held it to let them in ... She was blushing and didn't make eye contact with me, but with the sunlight I got a GREAT look down the front of the dress. The man and I exchanged a nod and a look and I followed them in. She went to the counter and he stayed back by the door.

I followed her to the counter where she was trying to pay, and it was explained that there was an automated bill changer by the theater entrance. I had never seen such an arrangement before, and obviously neither had she because the clerk had to explain it to her twice before she got it. All the while, her man was just watching intensely from the retail shelves near the door and punching in his phone.

She gave him a long unsure look, and then went to the turn style and fed in her money, and I did the same, following her into the theater portion. She's only got the folded bill in her hand and no purse ... no phone ... its just her. All dolled up and in this slutty dress and oozing sex.

So if you are a regular reader of this blog and a little bell is ringing in your mind, your not alone. On March 5th of this year, the Good Doctor published a review from February about an encounter at Adult Shoppe in Phoenix where an older man brought his younger gf/wife and sent her in first so he could watch. The whole time this is happening I am thinking to myself "holy crap, this is deja vu, just like the review from 2 days ago' Yea ... seriously. Now back to the review ...

The theater/arcade is like a circular maze. Past the turn style, the walls are painted black and there are video booths with no doors. Entry through the automated turn style was $10 and at this point the girl is RIGHT in front of me and she is HOT. Picture 
Milana Vayntrub, the AT&T girl (but a thinner version). To this point we haven't seen any other patrons ... but this ladies heels are making that sharp pock pock pock on the floor, and 5 guys have poked their head out to check out the sound.

She makes her way through the booths trying to find her way and its obvious its her first time here. One man says hello and she just gives him a shy nod and a thank you as she passes finding her way to the back first theater. I can hear the turn style and her man is following ... just keeping her in sight. Into the theater and there are 4 or 5 guys already there, plus about 4 that follow her in. Her man is messing with a booth and then comes in 30 seconds later and settles into the back row still messing with his phone.

The girl is in the front ... and she has the look of someone shy, nervous, and excited all at the same time. She hasn't said a word except to a clerk and to the one guy ... all the guys are all frozen like deer in headlights, so I step up and tell her she looks lovely and would she like some company. This really takes her aback and she looks back at her man and back at me. "Thank you but no ... we are ... i mean i am ... waiting ..." she mumbles something like that. Nothing ventured, nothing gained ... I find a spot on the wall about 15 feet from her. Everyone tries to pretend to watch the movie and all of us are really just looking at her.

It's only about 4 or 5 minutes, though it feels longer and the back door opens and this tall black guy comes through, looks around and makes eye contact with her man and goes right up to her and says "Rodeo Drive ... suck me".

We all start to gather in, but the black guy is gruff about telling us to stay back ... that this is just for him. The guy is about 6"3 maybe, bald and in his 40's ... not some Adonis or superhero, just big. After a few minutes of head he pulls her up and sits and makes her ride him, and he is bare.

During all this there is a tap on my shoulder. Her man has come up to my side and asks if I like her. There are a lot of ways to take this and your essentially trying to guess the reaction the person is looking for, but my approach is always to be the respectful gentleman first. I tell him that I indeed like her and that he has a beautiful young woman. He tells me that I can have her if I want when the black man is done. All I have to do is whisper "Rodeo Drive" Sure, show tunes are going off in my mind, but I whisper back asking what the limits are. He pauses and whispers that I can do whatever I want, whatever.

By this time, the big black man has turned her over with her kneeling against the chair taking her her from behind ... fast, rough, cupping and pulling at her nipples with the little dress pulled aside. Then sits again and has her suck him ... and finishes in her mouth which she swallows. He gets up, pulls his pants and leaves. No thank you no nothing ... just a nod as he passes.
I slip in beside and whisper "Rodeo Drive" and take a nipple between my finger, rolling it and looking between her man and her to make sure that this is this whole password thing is in fact what it appears.

She doesn't say a word, but I have to tell you, she is a moaner and a squealer ... but doesn't stop and reaches over and rubs me through my jeans. I ask her to open my jeans and she does ... i ask her to take me out and she does, I tell her to suck me and she does. I am looking at her man when I ask/say out loud that its OK for others to touch ... only touch ... and her man nods OK.

After a few moments I have her kneeling and get behind her, in full view of her man ... and I push in ... bare ... in full view of him and no comment. This seriously isn't like me, but something about the moment, about the limit and taboo of it ... it was a moment of delightful weakness. So I fuck her bare, and she is sopping wet. But I can't last the way the black guy did and after a few minutes I end by cumming in her. After I pull out and step back her man inserts himself and has her suck two more while I am just watching. After that he helps her up and they go to the bathroom. He is outside watching the door while she is in the bathroom and I take a moment to say 'Thank You' and ask about how similar this is to the blog entry.

Turns out that they are in fact avid readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters. They were from Los Angeles and he had come to Phoenix for work meetings and she had come along, he was an executive and she was a teacher ... they had been to a couple ABS's but he had read the blog entry on Monday and he had coaxed/seduced her into coming. We chatted quietly while she was freshening. The black man was from online, and they had been texting, coordinating when they first showed up ... They didn't know his name intentionally and he offered to let me have her again ... .. ... after all, it would have been simply impolite to say no.

She comes out and he introduces her as "L" ... I swear, the girl essentially hasn't spoken. We end up in a tiny booth and I fuck her again with a number of guys crowding around before cumming in her, again. Then another guy or two go after me. Shortly after they button up and leave, not before we shake hands and I give them my email and phone. I invited them to my hotel that night but they declined.


Pleasure World
4029 East Washington, Phoenix AZ
10am to 4am. (Not 24 hours)
Booths and Theaters - 4 Theaters connected by back hallways - No gloryholes that I found (but in my defense, I was preoccupied)

Dr ... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this blog! With a little luck they might see this post and contact you or me. If not, I will start my next 100 visits to 'this thing of ours' hoping it ends like this one.

The Executive Nomad


Doc here once again... OK, a show of hands. How many of you visualized yourselves in the shoes of The Executive Nomad or in L's heels?  

Thought so.

Many thanks to The Executive Nomad for a great first-time report for The Journal. This was one Hell of an afternoon scene he walked into, and one I am sure will remain burned into the insides of his eyelids. We look forward to more great reports from the front lines, sir!