Friday, April 14, 2017

Flash Reports! Anaconda Hits The Art Cinema, Berlin News, & Cinema 309 with 48 Hours!

Doc here, a man who some say played the role of "Once a Week Chet" on the 70's comedy "Love American Style" in episode 14 "The Snake & the Mongoose."  Reviews were uneven.

Senior Journal reporter Anaconda is back with a whirlwind of 3 visits in one report, covering The Art Cinema in Hartford,  Berlin News in NJ, and Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre PA. 

Here we go...


Well Doc, 

I am back with another report from some theater visits I made this last week during my travels. Usually, I don't document my visits which are uneventful, because frankly, they'd be really boring. "Dear Doc, I went to the theater last night, but no women were there. The end." But since I had even the most minor of successes this time around, I had been tweeting about it and chatting with some fellow reporters about my trip, and because I wanted to give the initial first-hand account of Monday Madness at the Art Cinema, I submit this week's events.

I was slated to be in NJ on Monday and decided to take an extra day to hit 2 theaters I hadn't been to in a while in 1 trip. I've been dying to get to Art Cinema on a Monday since Monday Madness started and you've told me the couples traffic has been high. Action also seems to be picking up at BNA according to their Yahoo group, including a lot of daytime visits from couples.

Day 1
I drove up to Art Cinema from NJ on Monday afternoon, and arrived right at 5 PM. I had been hoping to have either a single lady or a couple (or both) meet me there that I had contacted through various social media sites. Unfortunately, neither of those worked out. 
The Art Cinema
I walked into the theater and let my eyes adjust and took a little stroll around to see what I could see. There was 1 couple on the floor in the wide aisle, and only 2-3 guys there besides me. The couple was not my cup of tea, but was happy to sit a comfortable distance away and watch what would happen. Eventually as more guys showed up, some of them politely asked if they could sit next to her, which was allowed. There was some pussy fingering, titty fondling, and handjob giving, but that was it. Didn't seem like she was ready to do anything more than handle the men, and there was a little bit of head for her man. 

I sat for a while being patient, as I know it almost always pays off. Eventually 2 more couples showed up, but they were up in the balcony and not even playing with each other (from what I could see from below). At one point I walked out and chatted with Ernie for a few minutes about how Mondays had been going, when it's busiest, etc, etc. He said there had been 7 couples so far that day, so if that was an accurate count, I had missed 4 that came and went before 5 PM. 

I continued to wait, although my patience was waning...Art Cinema is only open until 9 PM on Mondays after all. Around 7:30pm or so, a couple more couples came in, and went upstairs. They played up there and all of us below watched and waited. One of those couples in particular showed promise as they came directly to the rail and she began giving him a loud BJ. He came loudly, and then they took a seat in the front row. They kissed and fondled each other, and whispered a lot. Maybe it was just wishful thinking, but at least I imagined they were talking about coming down and putting on a show and taking on the crowd. 

About 8ish, they did come down and took a pair of seats in the wide aisle. She started stroking her man and after a couple minutes began selecting guys to step up for a handjob. She gave her man another BJ while she stroked another guy with her hand. Handies only from this lady too. It was all I was to get this night, which was a little disappointing, but better than nothing. After she finished the first guy, I stepped up to get mine, and after a few minutes of her stroking, my mission was accomplished and walked out around 8:30 and drove back to NJ. 

So, while the couples traffic was good, about 10 or so throughout the day, it wasn't exactly an epic night.

Day 2
I made it a point to arrive at BNA by 10 AM on Tuesday since I had seen a lot of chatter on the Yahoo group that couples show up at all times of the morning, day and night, and I really needed to start making my way home by mid afternoon. I fed the machine and entered the theater and waited and watched. 
Berlin News Agency
A surge of single guys arrived between 11:15 and 11:45 AM. I thought something good might be in store. Maybe the locals/regulars knew something about the lunch hour. Nada until a FMF 3-some arrived at 1:15 PM. But, since I was taught to not say anything at all if I didn't have something nice to say, I'll just say they were there. Again, not my cup of tea, (oh well). There were a few guys who sampled the ladies talents and they seemed happy, so I was happy for them. I stayed until 3 PM and called it a loss, and headed out. 

Pondering the wonderful possibilities of what could have been over the past 2 days vs. what actually was, it always rings true...the theater gods are fickle, and you never know on any given day/visit if you'll be rewarded or punished. With that thought in mind, driving through NJ and PA, I figured, "What the hell, what else have I got to lose?" 
Cinema 309
Wilkes-Barre, PA
I made an unplanned, very minor detour up Rte 81 to Cinema 309 in Wilkes-Barre, arriving at about 5:30 PM. It's difficult to be lucky here and I've only ever seen couples on weekends. This was basically like playing the lottery. You know you're not going to win. You know you could use that $1 to buy a pack of gum instead. But what if...just WHAT IF... you got a huge payout for minimum investment? Well, needless to say, I went in, half a dozen guys, stayed about an hour, headed home.

My travels take me to Ohio next week. I hope I have a better tale to tell.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Anaconda for putting in the work on these three visits. Mid-week visits can be spotty at best, even at some of the top venues for this thing of ours

Keep grinding, sir!