Thursday, April 13, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Ray (& Friend) Hit 2004 Bookstore in Lexington, KY on 4/9/17

Doc here, a man who some say went toe-to-toe with General Tso this afternoon, and won decidedly.

Senior Journal scribe Ray is back, this time with a tail tale from the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, and the 2004 Bookstore in Lexington. KY that is...

In this visit, Ray had along a lovely female friend, and things went very well during their semi-short visit.

Take it away, Ray!


Hey Doc,

I was heading through Lexington, Kentucky a few days ago and had a chance to drop by the 2004 Bookstore on the east side of the city. This place is not exactly hidden, but they do their best not to draw any attention to themselves. The address is 2004 Family Circle Dr. (as noted in your database) but, as you will no doubt see, not even Google Street View.
 has been back there. It is tucked behind the McDonalds on E. New Circle Rd.
2004 Bookstore
Lexington, KY
The retail area is small, with a sampling of toys, lotions and the other usual goodies. Access to the booths and the theater is through locked doors, tended to by automatic bill feeders. I believe that $6 gets you to the booths (I didn't head back there), and $10 will get you (and a lady friend, if you have one) to the theater. I have read other reports that indicate that there are two theaters, and that you can move freely from the booths to the theaters. That wasn't the arrangement that we found. Once we went into the theater area, that's all there was.

The theater was smallish, but clean. There are a half dozen sofas, or so, and two large upholstered chairs. I was fortunate enough to be accompanied by an eager exhibitionist who is only dipping her toes into the theater scene, but we had fun on a weekday afternoon. 

She wore a tight skirt and a sweater, and immediately attracted the attention of the other 5-6 patrons whom we found lazily passing the time when we entered. After settling in for a bit, we eventually turned our attention to one another, and she wasted little time spreading her legs to give the guy in front of us a better view. By the time I was fingering her to her first orgasm, the boys had begun to circle. As she exposed her breasts, one guy copped a quick feel before she waved him off.

We knew our time was limited, so we didn't waste much time getting her panties off so that I could lick that pussy. Frankly, I was hoping to see her become a little more interactive, but the boys seemed very happy with the show she was putting on. Her lap was drenched by the time my tongue found her clit. As I licked and fingered, she played with her tits and watched the guys jerking off around her. 

After bringing her to an orgasm or two, I took my seat again, allowing her to bend over and suck my cock. She lifted her ass into the air, so I invited the boys to touch it, and only it. Boys will be boys, I suppose, and a couple of them just kept pushing her boundaries, so she asked them to back away a bit, which they did.

A few minutes later, she was masturbating for them, completely exposed on the couch. She wanted to stand and fuck, so she leaned over the couch in front of us, and let the guy sitting there suck her tits while I worked her from behind. We wound up back on the couch finishing up in an old-school missionary position while the boys urged her on.

All in all, a nice - albeit brief - visit to a new venue for me. The guys were respectful (if eager) and it was clear from both their reaction and the guy on duty that couples are a fairly normal occurrence here. Your mileage may vary, of course.