Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Flash Report! Dry Clean Only Visits 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 4/5/17

Doc here, a man who some say can deadlift 4x his bodyweight in capicola, back with a Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Dry Clean Only

DCO hit the Windy City on Wednesday April 5, and ventured to 15th Ave. Adult Theater for a little mid-week R&R.  What did he find? What did he observe? How was his driving?

Let's find out...Take it away, Dry Clean Only...



A quick report this week as I Uber to O'Hare. I had the good fortune to visit 15th Ave last week, albeit on both a rainy, cold Wednesday evening and also just a few days away from a major blowout in the Lizardo fashion this coming weekend. Still, I was utterly surprised that there was only one car in the lot upon my 730pm arrival. However, being the theater optimist I am, I ventured in ... and intended to double down by selecting the spa package. Hey, I'm only in Chicago so often. However, Gentle Reader, don't be this guy: I forgot my lock for the locker room and forgot the policy had changed from "towels supplied" to "towels extra"...

I strolled through the arcade, which always has "free" porn on in the booths (note: no glory holes) and then settled into the theater with an early copy of Doc's latest manifesto: "Good Doctoring: Tales for Passing Time In The Back Row". I look forward to attending he book signing tour someday.

The Back Row is a familiar place in this thing of ours to us dateless-viewers. Today, the Back Row afforded nothing more than a view of the other other guest's noggin a few rows up and some fairly soft studio porn on the main screen. But not more than 30 minutes later, that familiar sound of heels on concrete rang through the echoes of grunts and moans from the movie. No one entered the theater after a few minutes ... Could this have been an audible version of a mirage? I decided to leave my seat and head toward the arcade or spa to find out for myself.

In the arcade hallway, I exchanged a friendly hello and nod with a guy ... in sneakers. I nonchalantly venture into an arcade booth and closed the door to listen some more. Mirage?? But, he seemed to be carrying a lightweight sleeping bag all rolled up. Chapter Two of "Good Doctoring" called for a double dose of it when suffering from mirage syndrome I recalled.

Nothing more came of this for a bit then I realized there indeed was a companion this guy had been waiting for ... she had been in the restroom.

I heard the heels click click their way down the hall, and into the theater, I imagined, so I patiently gave them some space and delayed my return trip to the Back Row a bit. Regular and longtime readers already know I operate under the mantra that couples should not be preyed upon (unless they ask for it!!).

I took my spot in the back row and was delighted to see this attractive couple seated in the couples section. Both trim, about 45-48 years old. The other head in the room had moved up a few rows in my absence and really couldn't see the couple. I figured this was going to take a while to unfold based upon their rather calm demeanor. About ten minutes pass, and the couple gets up and gathers their things. Wait, what!? No wolf pack, non-offensive movie selection... why would they be leaving so soon?

But they weren't. She stood up in a very short and thin white, revealing piece of lingerie, sexy high heels with matching lacy socks and garter. Long blonde hair. He stood up and walked with their belongings, behind her, as they headed toward the "red room" behind the screen!

Again, rather than leap up and follow them in there, I maintained my Back Row position. To his credit, so did the other guy. I decided to hit the restroom and then venture back to the red room. Upon arrival, the other guy was standing in the room, watching this beautiful couple make love on the padded massage table. She was on all fours, facing away from me, giving me a view of her husband penetrating her from behind. What a sight. Their style was tender in spirit but firm in motion. The pace and volume increased until both orgasamed. She rolled to her back, and he placed himself sitting upright between her outstretched, long and slender legs, and massaged her clit and nipples. She orgasamed again.

One has to assimilate into these situations and appreciate that each is different despite the familiarity of the venue and the act. It was clear to me, without a word having been spoken, that this couple was not looking for engagement with the crowd. The moment would have been ruined had either the other guy or I moved in for a cheap grope.

The couple efficiently started dressing ... he in pants and shirt, and she in black trench coat, and gathered their things. The other fellow left quite hastily, but I lingered to say thank you. And, as I've said before, it only takes a kind word to put folks at ease, and simple act that led to a very delightful conversation with this happy couple just outside the red room door for 15-20 minutes.

Towards the end of our conversation, he began to open her trench coat up more, and playing with her nipples and placing his hand high up her thigh. Erotic. Casual. Friendly. She thought nothing of it, it seemed, but then said that he was getting horny again and would want to go back in for another round. And so they did.

I had learned, among many other things, that they simply like to do all kinds of sexy things in view of others but never want others to touch or exchange fluids. I asked if they minded if I followed them back into the red room and was told by him, "that's why we're here".

They undressed quickly and began with her on her back at the head of the table (far side of the room) so he could position himself at the side of the table to insert himself into her mouth while she worked his balls, as well. They moved to a few other positions and another guy came into the room "hot", as in a near miss landing on a windy approach at O'Hare. I think this startled the couple and they quickly declared "change of venue", collected their stuff, and moved to setup shop in the couples area of the main theater. The "pilot" looked at me as if to say "Hey, what gives?!" Ugh

I took a spot on the opposite side of the aisle and watched both the movie and the couple. She worked his dick with hands and mouth for 15-20 minutes before he loudly came in her mouth and they exchanged a laugh, smile, and kiss. The lighting of the projection system, along with dimmed rope lighting, contributed to a remarkably sexy view I had of her sexy body, great outfit, heels, and skills. As they headed out, I approached them and thanked them both for both great conversation and a great show. We shared a brief conversation again.

There's nothing good to tell about the rest of the night. All the good juju had apparently been used up at that moment and, on the previous day, when 5 couples, I'm told, enjoyed 15th on a Tuesday evening between 6pm and 9pm! But this couple was great to "get to know and watch", and that's what is so fun in this thing of ours... the couples are just great people which has a significance in my mind far greater than their exciting sexy public performances.



Doc here again... Dry Clean Only is absolutely right, that the adult theater juju the night before was outstanding. 5 Couples entered 15th Ave. Adult Theater on Tuesday night and good times were had. 24 Hours later, the fun was measured and modest. 

These are the reasons we keep going back to an adult theater. One night it's Plato's Retreat; the next Montezuma's Revenge. DCO knows this. I sure as Hell know this. 

Many thanks to Dry Clean Only for his report from the front lines... There are more battles to cover, sir. As you were...