Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Twistingly's Twisted Tales: Chapter 1: "Who was that Plaid Man?" A Visit to the Chelsea Adult Superstore in Quincy, IL

Doc here, a man who some say used to raise bees, not because he wanted to harvest it's delicious honey, but for the beekeeper's outfit alone. 

Hands down, one of the most intriguing people contributing to The Journal of Adult Theaters is my good friend Twistingly. Not only does she take some of the best selfies I have ever seen, she is insatiably curious about the adult theater scene. She works The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database like a boss, planning and plotting her next appearance in this thing of ours

I have several reports in the hopper from her, but I wanted to lead off with this recent visit to Quincy, IL's Chelsea Adult Superstore.   You see, Twistingly, along with her sidekick Raygun, hit the highways and byways recently for several visits. And Twistingly has been nice enough to let your old friend in the white suit and aviators publish her reports and findings, along with some pretty cool pics as well.

Take it away, good looking!


Hi Doc,

A Saturday night in Quincy, IL. Dr. Emilio Lizardo didn't have any reports on this location, so Raygun and I arrived at the Chelsea Adult Superstore not quite sure of what to expect. Its red and white sign stood out on a simple beige building nestled under massive power lines. We entered the bright store and took a look around. In addition to the usual DVDs, toys, and lingerie, there was a theater, two preview rooms, and a video arcade with eight booths at the back of the store.
The Lovely Twistingly

There were other customers in the store, but we didn't know whether anyone was in back by the booths or in the theater. We decided to take a look. 
Chelsea Adult Superstore
Quincy, IL
Admission to the theater was $9 for RG and free for me. Even if we paid for RG, I felt I was still technically achieving my goal of checking out our destinations for free. RG went back to the front to pay and the clerk buzzed us in.

The theater was empty, but I was surprised by how large it seemed in comparison to some others we had visited. The room was a long rectangle, maybe twice as long as wide. The flat-screen TV was mounted on one of the long sides, making the theater wider than it was deep. Although the room was plain, the seats were relatively fancy — three rows of real, upholstered theater seats with built-in cup holders, 25 seats in all. (Yes, RG actually counted.) Since we were alone, we decided to sneak a few pictures before moving on to the booths. 
Chelsea Superstore Theater
Quincy, IL
Again, in the arcade, it seemed we were the only ones there, so we quickly checked the booths for "amenities." The first four were private, but the two pairs at the back had gloryholes. Sweet! I happily ducked into the next-to-last booth, while my sidekick followed behind.
Chelsea Superstore
Booth Area
I waited impatiently for RG to put something fun through the hole, but reached through to get his attention instead. I grabbed his arm and playfully tugged at his sleeve and it began to dawn on me that the fabric in my hand wasn't the soft corduroy he was wearing. Quickly letting go, I pulled my hand back and looked through the hole. A plaid shirt? RG wasn’t wearing plaid!

Slowly, the tapping sound in the background began to register. I exited the booth to find RG standing there, tapping on the door of the adjoining booth. He thought I was in there and I thought he was. We looked at each other and laughed. Mortified, I realized I had grabbed some random guy. At least I had only grabbed his arm! 

We decided that maybe it was time to leave before I molested anyone else.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Twistingly for a great road report on the Chelsea Adult Superstore in Quincy, IL (address in Doc's Adult Theater Database). Well done Miss! 

(Well, except for that case of mistaken gloryhole identity...)

Keep the cards and letters coming, Twistingly!