Saturday, June 24, 2017

TONIGHT! 6/24/17 at 7pm til Midnight! Beach Blanket Bango at the Mighty Art Cinema in Hartford!

Updated Saturday 6/24: The big day is here for The Art Cinema's Beach Blanket Bango Party in Hartford!  

My good friend Ashley (from Rick & Ashley) posted this morning that the swag bags are all done and looking great for tonight's party.  Remember M/F Couples, only the first 50 couples get one of these great swag bags, starting at 7pm with your paid admission!

Another surprise is that all couples venturing up to the Couples VIP Balcony with get their first look at brand new carpeting installed just this week. It's a huge job and almost completed (as you can imagine in a 98 year-old theater), and will be completed by this time next week. 

Beach Blanket Bango is one of the biggest events of the year at the mighty Art Cinema, and should not be missed!  Join New England's sexiest couples and singles for a night not soon to be forgotten!
First time couples... I strongly advise you to seek out Ashley when you come in this evening, and she will be more than happy to show you around and explain all the goodness that The Art Cinema can provide you during your evening.

Lastly, stay tuned later tonight as The Art Cinema announces it's next event in September, and you'll see it all here at The Journal of Adult Theaters as well as at

Enjoy yourselves this evening at The Art Cinema!



Doc here with the latest information and updates on this Saturday's HUGE Beach Blanket Bango Party at the mighty Art Cinema in Hartford, CT!

This party is always a great time, and if you ever attended an Art Cinema event, you know of what I speak!  And your host Ernie cannot wait to greet you!

Here is the promo video produced by the Lizardo Technologies Group (that would be my dog, Barky Lizardo, and myself) for Beach Blanket Bango:
The first 50 male/female couples will receive an Art Cinema Swag Bag, starting at 7pm!  Get to the Art Cinema early as to not miss out on them!

Questions?  Please feel free to e-mail The Good Doctor directly at