Friday, June 30, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! Ginger Squirts Celebrates Father's Day in Wet & Wild Fashion at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 6/18/17

Doc here, a man who some say once finished in top 10 of an Upstate NY cat-juggling competition.  He would have finished higher if not for the neck wound. 

Well kids, you are in for a tasty Couple's Flash Report... My good friend Ginger Squirts has submitted the following report, and it's nothing short of amazing!  I can vouch for Ginger's intensity and gifts, and what you are about to read may surprise some of you, but not The Good Doctor. 

Ginger, almong with her Master Thom hit Chicago's 15th Avenue Theatre on Father's Day, June 18th, 2017, for a memorable evening.  This report, written by Ginger herself, offers her POV for a first-time adult theater experience of this magnitude. 

Please welcome to The Journal of Adult Theaters, my good friend and first-time contributor, Ginger Squirts!


Dear Doc:

We made a last minute decision to fulfill a fantasy of mine, and there was no better place to do it than in the 15th Avenue Theatre in Chicago.

We celebrated Father's Day early in the morning with a lavish blow job to my Master, Thom. After all, the focus of my day was on pleasing my Master, who happens to be a wonderful father as well!

Later that day, I confessed to my Master that I had a naughty fantasy of a couple of guys cumming on my tits, and I had a suggestion of how to play it out. I showed him the school girl outfit that I wanted to wear with my gold sparkly heals, and fishnet stockings and red lace camisole. I would be dressed in red and black with sparkly gold heals ready for whatever my Master deemed fit for me that night.

We arrived in the parking lot of 15th Avenue around 7 p.m. on Sunday, June 18th. There was a transgender party going on in the back party room. As we sat in the car and my Master began to instruct me of what was expected of me, I watched all the beautiful men transform into gorgeous women. High heels, wigs, killer dresses and hand bags! I thought to myself that was going to be one great night. "Little" (as my Master likes to call me), "little" did I know, but Master would be providing me with a bang-tastic party.

We finally walked into the main door, entering in thru the bookstore, paid our $10 couples charge, and an extra $20 for private room number 1.

I took my Master's hand, and he lead to me our private room. I quickly looked around as we were walking, trying to get another glimpse of those beautiful T-Girls, but they were in the party room, closed off by another door. It was in our private room, there, that I started to see my fantasy unfold. 

I started by stripping out of my pretty dress, and into my school girl uniform. With the nod of my Master's head, I pulled his cock out and started to worship it with my lips, sharing with him what I hoped to share with lots of male suitors in the theater. After much satisfaction, my Master lifted me up from my knees, deeply drew me into him, and kissed me sucking most of the cum out of my mouth and then spit it back into my mouth and told me to swallow. My Master put on my collar, and my handcuffs, (my guilty favorite apparel) and asked me if I was ready for one hell of a memory! I eagerly said, "Yes, Master" and with my eyes lowered, he led me out of the room, pulling me with my leash, and down the hallway to the arcade.

My Master looked into all the rooms, and picked the last room on the right. Master whispered into my ear to look behind us, and as I did, I could not believe the line that was forming and how many of the men had their cocks out. Master Thom said to me, "You are one hot little fuck, Ginger. Are you sure you are ready? Say you are one hot fucking cunt..." I lowered my eyes once again, and forced out the words, "Yes, Sir, I'm one hot fucking cunt. I'm your cunt, Sir." 

With that, Master pushed me up against the wall, and offered my mouth to the first gentleman in line. I dropped to my knees, and I took his willing cock into both my hands, handled it as if it was precious gold, and looked up at him, and then wrapped my lips around his cock, sliding up and down, and licking him as if I had never had such a glorious cock in my mouth like his before. When Master saw me getting lost in his crotch, he pulled me from him, and said, "You, next...", and the next gentleman moved in between my lips. I do mean that these men were all gentlemen. Obviously, they have been to the theater before, and knew the rules to respect the object before them, and that no means no, and the rules, if broken, remove the gentleman from the scene.

After servicing the first 3 in line, my Master stood me up, placed his hand around my neck, and asked me if I was ready for the next part of my journey. With eyes filled with desire and lust for cock, I nodded yes, and he announced to the gentlemen that they were more than welcome to join us, in the theatre. Master Thom shared with all of them that I had a fantasy to fulfill if having men cum on me, and all of them were to become a part of the historic night! Master then instructed these hungry men to join us in the theatre.

As the doors opened to the theater, I felt all eyes in the room turn to look at me. The hungry, rage of male testosterone filled my head as I saw them devour me with their eyes. I felt incredible as my Master led me down the left isle right to the front of the theatre. My school girl skirt encased my crotchless fishnet stockings. My tits strained against the red lace camisole, and I felt the juices starting to flow in between in legs.

Master sat me down in the first row, on the far end on the right-hand side, and the gentlemen gathered around me, many men deep one in back of each other, with about 8 men in the front followed by another row of men behind them. Where they all came from at once I will never know. 

With my hands still cuffed in front of me, he forced my legs open with his hands, and the gentlemen took one step forward. I felt hands on my shoulders, back of my head and a few finding my aching tits. I looked up and behind and a group had formed behind me. There must have been at least 20 throbbing cocks around me, and Master addressed the crowd that each would be allowed to cum on my tits. I felt a cock rub across my lips and I leaned forward and began sucking him and he got stiff in my mouth and at a point, I thought what if I gag? What if I'm not good at this? I heard a consensus of agreement that "She's got a nice mouth and sucks cock so good." Well, thank you Sirs, I was a bit concerned that you may not have liked (licked) my technique! Ginger thanks you all sincerely for the compliment.

Master told them that they were about to become a part of the biggest gang bang that Ginger had ever experienced. I was so into what was happening around me, I hardly noticed the adult movies playing in front of me. Who needed them when I had the real "thing of ours" in front of me. 

More and more gentlemen gathered as my Master announced it was time to take me into the mystery room behind the screen. But before we left our seats, Master asked a show of hands how many men have never been squirted on before by a slave such as myself. Several hands went up, and Master adjusted the crowd of men so that the newbies were close up front nearer to me. Then my Master spread my legs open, raised my legs up in the air, and hands reached out to hold my legs up and open wide, and my Master easily found my G-Spot and massaged it. Within seconds, I sprayed cum so far into the crowd, that there were comments of disbelief of what just happened from the crowd.

The time drew nearer, and my legs were released, and my Master pulled me out of the chair by my collar, and said, "Little, it's time to see what's behind this screen." As I walked, I left puddles of my cum behind me. Everything was slippery, but mostly I had soaked my little school girl uniform with my own cum. 

As we walked toward that back room the sea of horny men parted. It seemed like every man in the theater followed us into the room. Master was very pleased to see the leather-covered table but was a little bit disappointed that there was nothing hanging from the ceiling to suspend me from.

Master placed me on the table, on my back, and I was told that at least, by a quick count, there were over 20 gentlemen in the room waiting to enjoy me. I did catch a glimpse of a few trans-couples standing back against the wall by the entrance of the room. Master demonstrated to the crowd how I was to be handled by them period my master tugged on my nipples and gave them a little twist just how I like it as he pulled my hair at the back of my neck, he stretched out my arms and my legs and after a few moments invited the men nearest to join in.

I was being handled and fondled by many many hands there was one gentleman who jacked off and came on my pussy which was clean-shaven and another gentleman came in my mouth (which tasted delicious and thick), another came on my tits, and then one was brave enough to ask can I fuck her instead of just coming on her?

Master turn to me and asked if I was ready to take some cock deep inside me and I closed my eyes and made a yummy sound in my throat and said "Yes sir I am." I had more cocks entering and exiting my mouth, that I just closed my eyes and let my Master's words take control of every inch of me. When my Master commanded me to cum, I came. And when My Master told me to not cum, I tried my very best to hold back. 

Someone removed my soaked skirt, and pulled me towards the end of the table. The wave of gentlemen moved with me. It was amazing! I felt like I was inside my own dream. Then I heard my Master say, "Would you like to be the first one to fuck my little slut?" The first gentleman nodded yes, and Master quickly said, "Then, show me your rubber. You do have a condom, don't you? If anyone here wants to fuck my little, and does not have a condom, then take a step back and watch only. If your cock is of the minimum size my little requires, then I will ask you to step forward and assume the position between my beautiful little's legs." 

Someone that my Master couldn't see had slipped his cock inside me and Master stopped the scene and asked him to show him his condom. Once my Master saw that condom was in place, he allowed that gentleman to continue to fuck me. A scramble took place for a split second, and I swear almost everyone had a condom ready to go. I wondered how the hell I was going to stay slick and wet enough to accommodate all these delicious cocks. The guys knew the rules, and followed them to the letter! (Thank you Doc, for setting the high standards at 15th Avenue with your rules.) (ed. note: You are welcome Ginger!)

My first cock was about a 7 1/2 incher. I usually like them bigger and thicker, but the first one was pretty darn impressive. He thrusted a few times, and he came. The second and third gentlemen were a bit bigger, and by that time, I needed to be filled. I deeply desired to be filled with a throbbing, thick, long cock, and my fantasy was coming true. 

By the time the forth gentleman approached the edge of the table, I was getting exhausted. You see, my mouth remained active while my cunt was being filled. My tits were being sucked, kissed, and lavishly desired. Every piece of me was interactive. My Master lost count of the number of gentlemen in the room, but he said he thinks I had almost 20 cocks that night. Far beyond the number I could have ever imagined. 

My Master took out my brand new wand, and commanded that I give a cum-filled showing of what Ginger is known for..........her magnificent G-Spot squirting. So, in true form, I obeyed my Master. I was to empty myself of my cum all over the room behind the screen at the 15th Avenue Theatre! 

As the forth cock was about to enter me, I looked down, and it was the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. Guessing it had to have been at least 10 inches long and at least as thick as my arm. I was blown away, and before I could say a word or process what my eyes had just seen, he rammed his cock deep inside of me as my Master laid the wand on top of my clit. I exploded in a deep, gripping spasm of orgasms. The cock inside me was being sprayed so hard, that I felt my cum back up inside of me! I was screaming louder and louder, and men were stroking their cocks in anticipation anticipation of getting their turn and they did, every one of them. Their jizz was coming hard on my tits, my stomach, in my mouth and all over my face. I was glazed with cum, yet my beautiful smile (so my Master told me this) still shone brightly thru all of the delicious juices.

As the room started to clear, and a wave of "Thank you, Ginger" was heard about the room, I sat up and I thanked the gentlemen in return who made my fantasy come true. When I thought I was done, my Master had other ideas and flipped me onto my knees, ass sticking high up in the air, and pulling the flogger out of the toy bag. Began working my ass, my back and my pussy. The trans couple said the wish they had the nerve to do what was being done to me. 

I left more puddles of cum on the leather table and put my soaking wet school girl skirt back on and my Master led my cum lathered face and body back to our private room one. There my Master told me how proud he was of me. While I was cleaning up, I asked my Master to drain me of the last spot of G-Spot juice I had yet to spray. He roughly pushed me down on the mattress and started working my pussy. Sure enough, one last glory spray let loose and it soaked both of us. As we were laughing about it, someone opened our door that we thought was locked and you can imagine the sight that he saw of a cum covered red head.

Now dressed, and released from my bondage cuffs and collar, we walked thru the hallway back thru the bookstore store front. I was greeted with smiles and waves and my name echoed thru the building. A gentleman asked when I would be returning to the theatre. Master said that this was only the beginning, that we would be back, but at an unannounced date in the future.

Ginger and her Master, Thom, will return, soon, with a new naughty fantasy.

Ginger will be launching a Twitter page from which to follow her future adventures at: Ginger @gingersquirts50 . (ed. note: The Twitter page is up as of this writing.)

Until next time, Gentlemen. Thank you for completing fantasy #1.



You may have meet us at Doc's launch party of the Secret Room 2125 in February. Ginger won the sexiest outfit contest that night. Unexpected honor and great memories! 

We hope the story we just shared with you of Ginger's fantasy inspires all of you to create your own and fulfill it soon at the 15th Avenue Theatre!!! We look forward to reading it here on this blog.


Doc here again... I'll give you a few moments to compose yourself and grab a Fresca (Hi Gemini!)...

What a first-time report from Ginger, don't you agree?  And while The Good Doctor was not there on Father's Day, I can totally imagine in my minds eye this happening in front of me.  Don't let Ginger's innocent looks and schoolgirl charm fool you. Ginger is a bad girl...

Kudos Miss for an exceptional report!  And I hope all the readers (male and female alike) follow you on your Twitter @gingersquirts50.  Let her know what you think of her amazing report!

And for The Good Doctor, I look forward to the next chapter with Ginger & Thom in this thing of ours.