Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Couple's Flash Report! The Adventurous MD Couple Hits Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL on Memorial Day Weekend 2017 with 5 New Pics!

Doc here, a man who some say performed in summer stock theater for three years, starring in a revival of the one-man play, "Call Me Provolone".  Critics called the performance "Hindenburg-esque" and "...a call for a career change".

Hands down, one of the most popular reporting teams on The Good Doctor's Journal of Adult Theaters are my good friends The Adventurous MD Couple.  As a couple that travels the country, and in their travels hit some of the brightest and biggest adult theaters in the US. Their visits are legendary, and always VERY hot!

In this brand new report from this past Memorial Day Weekend, The Adventurous MD Couple hit Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL.  Also included in this report are brand new pics of Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple!

So kids, break open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!) and enjoy this report from The Adventurous MD Couple!


Ms Adventurous MD Couple Celebrates Her Birthday at The Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood Florida

Hello Doc,

The Adventurous MD Couple made a birthday visit to the Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood Florida over Memorial Day weekend. We won’t exactly specify which birthday Ms AdvMDCpl was celebrating, but as the attached pictures can attest Ms AdvMDCpl is looking as hot as ever this year. (ed. note: Amen, brother!
Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple
(ed note:  As are the rest of the images in this report.)

For this theater visit, Ms AdvMDCpl decided that we would put on a show in the theater (if the crowd was right), and that might just be all for the evening. We arrived at Pleasure Emporium and found a very nice and fully outfitted adult novelty shop in a large and well lit space. Don’t let the last quarter mile of dark warehouse like buildings scare you away from going in! The two young ladies working the counter immediately asked if we needed help finding anything and promptly set us up to enter the theater. This is one of those theaters where couples still pay a high price ($24 per couple). (We are thinking that the theaters could start providing a discount when the couple goes into the theater and provides some highly erotic free entertainment for the patrons inside!!) Anyhow, we entered the theatre (with one little hiccup on our way in which we will come back to at the end of the report). 
The Pleasure Emporium had two theaters, one playing gay movies and the other playing straight movies. There were separate doors leading into both. We headed into the straight theater and found two nice leather seats in the second row to sit in. The theater had leather seats on both sides of the aisle – we guess about 20 people could sit in chairs and there was still plenty of space along the walls for folks to stand and watch. When we went into the theater there were about 8-10 guys inside and by the time we wrapped things up we’d say there were 20 watchers. Unfortunately, we did not see any other women or couples during the time we were there. Despite being in the straight theater, we sat in front of a row where a guy was noisily giving blow jobs, which Ms AdvMDCpl wishes would have been happening next door in the gay theater – not our thing but no problems with guys getting it on otherwise. 
We watched the movie for a bit and I started to rub Ms AdvMDCpl’s arm to help get her feeling relaxed and comfortable in the theater. AS we’ve mentioned before, its always nice to have some relaxed foreplay without having everyone crowd around her. It wasn’t long before my hand went to her breasts and shortly we pulled the top of her dress down to expose her beautiful breasts. This caught the attention of most of the guys in the room and they gradually found seats or moved to a position where they could see better. 

Soon, Ms AdvMDCpl was going down on me, using her warm mouth and tongue to make me hard – it obviously did not take long to firm up and then she spent 5-10 minutes sucking on my hard cock. As Doc’s regular readers may know, Ms AdvMDCpl is a big fan of having guys watch her play with herself so I sat her back in her seat, spread her legs wide to give a nice view of her crotch and Ms AdvMDCpl slid her panties aside and started rubbing her clit and pussy lips. The guys in the room immediately moved closer to take in the view and soon Ms AdvMDCpl was cumming loudly as she rubbed her clit. 
I stroked my cock to get it nice and hard again and Ms AdvMDCpl straddled my legs, climbing up on top of me to lower her pussy lips around my shaft and slide my cock deep inside her. I made sure to pull her dress up to her waist and reached behind to grab her ass and spread her cheeks so her cock-filled pussy was wide open for viewing by the admiring watchers. For the guys behind her I am sure all had a fantastic view of Ms AdvMDCPl’s tight pussy sliding up and down my shaft with her pussy lips wrapped tight around me. Her pussy was wet and hot and I slid deep inside her as she rode my cock. We fucked for a short while but in a position that was great for the watchers but difficult for either of us to cum. 

We re-positioned ourselves and I could tell that Ms AdvMDCpl found the groove – she started riding my cock hard and I could sense her breathing getting harder, her moans getting louder- and finally she had a nice deep orgasm. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock tightly and squeezing it. The sounds she made and the arch to her back left nothing to the imagination – everyone knew she had a great orgasm. 

At this point I would usually offer Ms ADvMDCpl’s mouth or face and chest up to the guys for some blow jobs and for the guys to cum all over her. The guys here had been very respectful – no one tried to touch Ms AdvMDCpl and they watched intently without anyone making her feel uncomfortable. Ms ADvMDCpl asked if she could just keep riding my cock until I shot my cum into her pussy and who was I to complain about that. Five minutes later my hot cum was shot deep into her pussy. I am not sure if the guys watching from behind could see it drip from her pussy as she slid off of me. 

Anyhow in lieu of our usual wrap up with guys cumming on her, MS and I decided to depart with fond memories of the theater and hopefully after leaving a lasting impression of Ms AdvMDCpl’s hot body on those that were there. Again, thanks to the guys for their respectful watching - next time Ms ADvMDCPl will need to leave with cum coverage!
Back to our one hiccup mentioned above. If you are a guy attending an adult theater and you are hoping for a sexy woman to play in the theater, using the women’s bathroom to take a smelly #2 is no way to get any woman highly excited. We almost left the theater after the guy coming out of the women’s room told her she might want to wait to go inside and get ready for some playtime and the smell almost ruined the entire evening. 

Just thought we’d throw that out there to all the guys that want to have theater fun and shocked we’d need to say it at all!! Use the Men’s bathroom please!! (ed. note: Jesus Christ Pleasure Emporium deuce-dropper. I hope someone informed the front desk of this brain surgeon's violation of the ladies room and had a word or ten with the offender. This guy's actions cost the gentlemen of Pleasure Emporium an active evening with one of the true legends of the current adult theater scene.)

Onto our next port of call in this thing of ours.

~The Adventurous MD Couple~


Doc here again... Many thanks for The Adventurous MD Couple for another terrific report from the highways and byways of this thing of ours. Even though the actions of one disrespectful patron almost totally ruined the whole evening, at least there was some fun to be had in Hollywood, FL.  I hope that a regular patron of Pleasure Emporium points out this report out to the two young ladies working the desk that night, and that corrections can be made to theater protocol.   

As you can see from the brand new pics of Mrs. Adventurous MD Couple, she is A) gorgeous, and B) a very naughty girl.  Trust The Good Doctor (and my GB crew, The Black Sox) on this.